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MS Dhoni should stay on until World Cup
October 26, 2017

Yes, does not matter dhoni performs in champions trophy or not. He should be in the playing eleven in the 2019 world cup. Just having him purely as player can boost the whole team to perform. Only as player, he has done the most impossible things, bailed the team out of precarious so many times, finished the matches when the team need him badly and shifted his gear at a right time in every innings he played. And add to that, the leadership skills he brings to the team is invaluable. He is the best captain india has ever produced. I can even go on to say, arguably he is best captain world has ever seen. Virat kohli may be the captain of this team, but he needs the services of MS badly in the crunch situations. As we saw the matches with New Zealand and England, whenever the finishing over nears, virat kohli almost crumbles and that’s just when dhoni takes over and leads the team. The coolness and his innovative thinking is a huge boon to this young indian team. And last but not the least, the experience he brings to the team is as worth as diamond. There is no one in the team as experienced as MS. He has seen everything from lows to highs and exactly how to and what do in different types of situations. Regarding the batting, he may be the old finisher, but he is still the backbone of this indian team middle order. Whole middle and lower order will revolve around him. Whatever role he is going to play, a anchor or a swashbuckler its a win win situation for indian team. If Dhoni leaves this indian team, i feel it will be quite tough for this indian team to win the World Cup. At the end of the day players of calibre like dhoni are born once in a century and they should be utitlized to full potential.

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