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Is Virat kohli the batsman a loser due to Virat Kohli the captain
October 26, 2017
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I won’t say fully. But clearly virat does not look the same batsman he used to be when he was not a captain. He was one batsman who could take on any bowler of any stature on any wicket and more importantly on any situation. We hail Sachin for creating so many records, most runs, most centuries. But how many times we have seen him take on the best bowlers on a difficult situation, or how many he has taken the team over the line even when situation is dire and impossible. Can not say never, but he has done it only few times compared to Virat kohli who has time and again proved he is world’s best batsman. But clearly since he took over captaincy, there has been slight dip of form and dominance he used wield earlier. When he was only the test captain, he was able to manage it pretty well, but since taking over the indian team as the full time leader. There has been some problems in his batting form. The ease, dominance, confidence and impeccable technique has taken some beating. There is no doubt that as a captain, you have the additional responsibility of getting the best out of team and making decisions. But one should make sure that it does not affect one’s batting. And that’s just what Dhoni managed to do it so successfully over the years. Despite handling captaincy and pressure, he never got buckled down. In fact captaincy made him more reliable batsman than ever. He was more a swashbuckler before he took over the captaincy, he was someone who never merits a ball and tries to hit each one of them out of stadium. Many times that led to his downfall, but after becoming captain he changed his approach to the batting, becoming more patient and at the same time be explosive. Fortunately virat just does not change his approach or technique like dhoni did. He is World’s best batsman and he needs to just do what he has been doing before he was a captain. Its important for him and team to not to get pressurized by captaincy and play his natural game

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