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What is better: freelancer at home or employed at office?
March 10, 2017

Years ago when freelancer working at home was very unusual, many looked with a terrified glance at such people. Common questions were “how you live, when there is no steady income?”, the others could ask how to force yourself to work at home? In my understanding, such people do not work under an employment contract, they have no paid holidays, they do not need to take the sick-list when feeling ill, because there is nobody to whom they could show it, they do not need every morning to get out of the home to go to the office and even do not have co-workers. They have no boss too, only customers.

And, you know, I think this basically change everything in freelancer’s life. This is a different work habits, the other work culture. It is quite a different perception of the world, other issues weary them than working in offices and with colleagues. They have different challenges and difficulties. What are the difficulties?

For example, you work at home for days and then go to an event and it feels like you are wild in the wild forest. It seems to me that in the following days without communication with anyone they easily can lose part of the social skills, the ability to present themselves in the society, and with that also get some confidence evaporates. Women who every day go to work, apparently, have painted their nails for a whole week, have planned clothing, have the right shoes to the skirt, to the trousers, for the evening presentations, meeting in the morning, afternoon. If you spend even longer time at home, the risk of losing a larger amount of socialization skills increases even more. After a little bit of your life evaporates intellectual discussions with co-workers.

Messengers streamlined communication, so now you can write a message to the customer, and to the interviewer, and even to the doctor. You do not need to call and talk live!

So, working in the home office there is such a problem: you lose social skills,the ability to show yourself in the society, your confidence evaporates,
communication skills get weaker.

Of course, working in the office of ..to … is at least as difficult. I understand that there’s other troubles, but humanity this way have been living a long time, there are already well-established rules, problems and possible solutions.

Some people work at home very idealize, others do not realize how it is possible at all. It requires a lot of self-discipline, as there  always can come wish to do something other than work. Himself need to create the rules: when you work, when you eat, when you play with kids, clean home and so on. But when there are no rules of the contract, then it’s easy to break them. When boss is not staying behind you, it is easy to drink coffee all day long, listen music from Youtube, talk in Facebook and similar, instead of having constructive work. In such case only a self discipline can help. In other words, at this period of life, I am convinced, freelancing is not for me still, but maybe in the future… who knows…

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    1. It is better for younger people to work outside the home; in an office, or elsewhere because she/might get bored for the usual activities done daily; but as we age, we do not need to jostle with the daily traffic going to the office; the morning rush, etc. but we can set our own rules, our own time-frame.

      I had experienced all of these, and in the past I accepted home-based writing jobs, one has a deadline, and and I found it tiring; so I stopped and just chose the writing sites that has less stress like Literacybase.com.

    2. Freelancer at home is better because it is more creative profession. You are your own boss. The time is yours. At office you are dependent on many things: boss, rules, requirements.

    3. Freelancer is bette if you have a good resource for income but if you don’t and offline job is always the best to guaranteed a stable income for you to live on. There are some people that gain alot on the internet doing so many things but they were lucky that people launched them off and that is why they get so much money.


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