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Respected Affiliate Marketing Programs for Making Money Online

Many members in this community also have stand alone blogs or websites, where they publish their content.  Some are newbies or beginning bloggers / writers and are trying to establish a profitable money-making home business endeavor.  Some may have questions about how to monetize their blog or make money from their websites.


  1. Google Ad Sense
  2. Amazon
  3. eBay
  4. Zazzle
  5. AllPosters
  6. Commission Junction
  7. VigLink


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I recommend all of these affiliate programs as trusted and reliable means of income generation. There is no fee or charge to sign up.


(This post is just a brief info. You will need to do further research on your own to learn more.  This is based on my experience and sometimes things change.)


Ad Sense, Amazon and eBay? Anybody who tries monetizing their sites and blogs knows these names. They’re all good. However, for my personal experience, only time I use eBay is at a writing site called Wizzley because there is a module for it.


I believe I could earn more from Zazzle, if I advertised more!  You can earn a sweet commission from sales.  Currently working on a way to display more products via my social media accounts.  I said “I believe!”  🙂


AllPosters at one time had a stand alone affiliate program and then they switched to having their program managed by Commission Junction.  Then both CJ and AP switched to VigLink. Nevertheless, a person can still earn from them.  Amazon and eBay are also under the VigLink umbrella.  The cool thing about VigLink is that you can take an ordinary merchant or vendor product link, convert it using a code with your affiliate referral tag in it, and then share it anywhere – at a website or a blog, via Twitter, etc.  If somebody clicks and a purchase is made through that link, you earn.  The not so cool thing about VigLink is the payout is $100.


If you are a newbie or beginner, try these affiliate marketing programs first. If they don’t work out for you, look for alternatives. There are all kinds of affiliate programs out there.  Believe me.  🙂  Find what works for you. Don’t get frustrated and give up! Persistence pays. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing this. I am happy to find your blog post as I just started to work on affiliate marketing and my blog too. I used to put Amazon affiliate links on my blog long time ago, but it did not work. I guess it is how I put the links. Instead of just placing it as an ad, I think I should also include it in my blog post whenever necessarily. I have also joined Ultimate Bundles lately, as I found their bundles are really good deals and I hope many people will benefit from the bundles, and I will also get to earn some commissions too. I have recently come across Zazzle and Society6, and those look good opportunities to me too.

      I will check out the rest you mentioned, and I hope I will spend more time on my blog, setting up these affiliate programs, and able to earn some commissions from them too. Hope you are doing good too!

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