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What being unemployed can do to you

There are many ways the unemployed phase can damage you. And it can be really hard to get back into the game. You may find that you are not suitable for any form of job. And you have to get back into the money making game. You’ll find that the more you remain unemployed the harder it is for you to balance things out. You’ll get more into the trouble. You will find yourself to be having the money issues. And also this will develop the phase where you are going to be having issues with people and the ego. In this article, I want to explain you how being unemployed can be damaging you. That being said, this is one phase that needs a lot of work and effort for you to manage the life.


If you look into the society outside. We get respect when we do job or business and make money. That is the biggest thing one has to understand. People who make money get respect. Anyone who does try to defy that is going to get affected with the unemployment. Another thing is that the less money you have the less people are going to co operate for you. And they are going to be something people need to learn about as well. You get respect when you make money. So the thing here one needs to know is that people respect money.


You may fall into love with someone. But that someone will respect you for money. Lack of money makes any person not getting respect. So that’s one thing that needs to be taken seriously. So do understand that relationship ups and down depends on the money. Know the flow of money. And understand where you stand. You have to take decisions based on the heart but also consider the limits of the money. Understand where our relationship is formed and then find your way among people. Know how to balance of money and relationship.

Getting Back

One of the hardest things that you will encounter is getting back. You’d find out that it’s not easy to get back the job. You’ll struggle to get back a simple job. And your experience and the resume is not going to work out well. That being said, getting back is one of the hardest part. You have to work harder. And focus on things that can make your life easier. You have to take at-least one simple job and then switch to something that pays more. And slowly you have to build on that part. If you can do that carefully then it can be a good end to the struggle that you have done.

That being said, you can see why being unemployed is a bad phase. And many of us go through this phase and never understand that part for sure. I suggest taking a hard look at your condition. And understand what part of your education and career needs changing. And then do whatever is necessary to get yourself out of the phase. Slow steps do help so work hard on that part.

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    1. @Mahesh, Very nice blog, so realistic, and it did happen to me having unemployed ex and it turned me off because every time we dined, it was my money spent for the payment of the foods.Then I told him if he can find a job considering that he was a graduate of an economics course in a university.He said that he cannot find a job I said how come you have a degree.So to make the story short, I made a final decision to break our relationship.It turned me off having a boyfriend like a leech. He cried but his tears cannot convince me.I said enough is enough, Thanks for letting me recall my ex and bad feelings for him being jobless through this blog.


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