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We must never doubt. God will always feed us

Because of food, the people in the Bible rebel against God time and time again.
The first awareness that the Israelites had of the Spirit of God came to them through the prophet’s deeds. The prophets were those persons who knew something of God’s secrets, and with whom God had shared some of his wisdom, and who on certain occasions possessed an irresistible power. By the way the prophets acted, the Israelites came to understand that God communicated his Spirit like a violent and sudden wind.
It is one thing to say and do strange things, to speak in tongues, etc; quite another and more important to have received the responsibility to guide and teach God’s people. It is the Spirit of Moses, God’s representative who will produce in the seventy elders strange prophetic manifestations.
In the Bible, the story of Eldad and Medad shows that God does not always give his Spirit through official channels. Thus the authorities of the people of God should not be surprised when the Spirit is given where they are not: such will be the case in the story of Cornelius.
God provided food for his people just when they lacked everything. The phenomenon of requesting bread from heaven is to sustain us on our journey. Therefore, we must choose between serving and being served, sacrifice ourselves for others or taking advantage of them. Turning to Jesus must be a priority for us for he is our educator.
God has set on this earth all that humanity needs for food and development, but if we do not know how to listen to the word, we will not know how to solve the world’s most urgent problem, the distribution of the riches of the earth. Faith in God’s promises is the only force with which to fight against egoism and unequal privileges and it will eventually obtain food, peace, and freedom for all.
People struggle for adequate food, and their first preoccupation is to survive, because if they do not eat they will cease to live. God wants us to do work and believe. We must receive the sacraments for they help us to mature in our life with God. They affect the very core and being of our bodies. God multiplies the little we have so we can bring his blessing to others. This is how he makes believers out of us. That is why when we look at the world and reflect on life, we easily find signs of the presence of God.

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    1. After Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Eve, God said that man had now become judge of good and evil. God feared man will also eat of the Tree of Life which would make him live forever. Then Yahweh God said, “Man as now become like one of us, making himself judge of good and evil. Let him not stretch out his hand to take and eat from the Tree of Life as well, and live forever.” (Genesis 3:22)


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