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Vegans and cholesterol. Vegans. Is meeat of Saturated fat bad for you?
July 31, 2017

Cholesterol and Vegans. My first test blog.

Ok so in short, it is not a concern unless you have a medical issue. Eating saturated fats and being bad for you has no clinical data to say in the big picture it is bad for you. I can provide multiple studies done on this and no they are not just articles, but actual studies.

Yes eating meat gives you cholesterol but if you are within a healthy range it does not mater. In fact eating some animals products can lower your cholesterol.

Vegans bring up atheroclerosis. Which is a fancy name for blocking the arteries with eating animals products. It is only caused by eating animals products. But how many of us are dying from it right now? None or very few? People do get high blood preasure but its usually not due to the fat from the meat at all. More people eat fried foods whcih use vegetable oils which are much much worse for you than saturated fats. If saturated fats were so bad then Keto diets would be extremely bad.

Vegans often only provide observational data. Let me tell you the problem with this. Observational data is usually done with surveys. Then a follow up years later from those people. It is impossible to find the direct cause for something meanuing finding correlation vs causation “=/=”. 100% of people who drink fresh water die, does that mean water kills you? no. But this can be conducted in one of these studies. So they find all these people with health problems. They find that they all eat meat. They then say that meat is the cause. Well they all eat vegetables too, does this mean vegetables are the cause? I will also write about sugar next and why people are confused with sugar. But thats later, But it can be done with sugar. All obese people consume somke addedsugar, this means it makesyou fat which is completely false.

I have all the science to back myself here. But thought I give this blog a go.
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    1. The fact that many researches have been conducted does not mean 9ne can extravagantly consume cholesterol. Cholesterol is implicated in many disease conditions especially diseases that have to do with the cadiovascular.
      Fat is a risk factor for obesity and overweight and in most times, excess fat is not usually digested in our body and this gives room for diseases

    2. I was reading a book about diet some time ago.in the book i came across how Cholesterol is good for the body.but right now am confuse on which one to go for.please educated more on this.


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