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Uber Delhi Taxi is not good
April 17, 2017

Uber taxi worst service

This review about Uber taxi after I tried them for a month and tried them maybe 20 times, very rarely you find a taxi in that company who knows your area and where to go to, not sure if they have GPS or they are stranger to the city that is why they do not know the place or what?

I used evening shifts and lives out side the city and I did not like aht my brother has to stay awake let to pick me up, so a friends told me about uber service in delhi and I said why not. I downloaded the app and start using it, called a cab from the hospital where used to work to the hotel. after long time and i see him on the appl that he stops for long time not moving at all, though no crowed, finaly after 20 minutes he came. I went in and reached and after more 20 minutes we arrived at a mall and the driver said that this is the place I ordered to reach.

the driver had no idea how to drive around the two blocks to reach the hotel. so until he try here and there we reached the hotel and had to pay :20 dollars
averagely It took the drivers 50 minutes taxi to arrive. though the hospital is 10 minutes far away & they dont know the streets nor the distance, when you complain on the phone; no apology, and hang up the phone

I do not advice anyone to use uber taxi service at least not in delhi

the rating they get online is 6/10, not sure why the six, I stopped using them, I take any taxi in the street but not them no more uber, unless you want to waste your time and money and stand in the hot weather waiting for the taxi to come to you and the problem is that when they are lost they stop and wait for you to call them to tell him where are you

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