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Transitioning From one Stage to Another
July 10, 2017

There’s plenty of unexpected moments in life. One may never know when there will be a turn of events. There will be times when there are decisions to be made in order to develop further or to be apart of “better living.” The decision to leave one area and navigate to another may not be an easy decision to make but necessary. There will be changes no matter what one does. For some there will be drastic changes. Although some events are unexpected, there will be some which are welcomed and long overdo, perhaps there needed to be a push in order to move.

The choices made may not always be accepted and that’s alright. If others are unwilling to accept “the changes” made then that’s something they’ll have to deal with. There will come a time when a move needs to occur. For some the move could incur abundance because there could be more opportunities to grow in other locations. There be some nervousness when having to make a move elsewhere.

For some they’ve left and came back to their original state. Others will fit right into their new found home. Development is important and not all will know exactly when the right time to proceed to a new life. If being in one place isn’t producing the results one expects then considering leaving should occur. There will be many changes throughout one’s life. Not every person can just get up and go some may need sometime in order to make a move in any location.

There should be thoughts of living a more fulfilling life. some become accustom to their way of life and will refuse to make any moves at all. Of course it’s their choice but moving in a “different” direction may be necessary in order to incur advancement. Not everyone will advance properly by staying in the same setting. There are some who never take a risk due to fear. Some are afraid that they’ll fail if there is any movement at all. Not the best line of thinking.

There is nothing wrong with taking risks. For some there will be many risks taking throughout their lives. Some may be quite comfortable with their lifestyle and not want to make any changes. There are some who have no choice but to relocate elsewhere due to their careers. Career “advancement” may involve relocation and if any person wants to elevate in their career then they’ll make the move. There is a transitioning period. There should be sometime set aside to ponder of what it will take to make such a move.

When making changes in life there could be a lot of opinions floating about. Some may not be welcomed. The decision to navigate elsewhere certainly is up to the person or persons involved. Persons can choose to take in helpful advice but if there’s lots of disagreements about the change then perhaps the listening should cease. Making any move should be planned properly. Although there will be times when some will have to make a move which is unexpected, moves aren’t rash decisions, there should be thinking involved before any relocation.

We simply never know when such a change will arise. There is only one life to live and we should live our lives happily. If being in a place isn’t “generating” any joy and there’s other reasons why there should be a move then perhaps doing so would be best. Of course no person should stay in any location if there’s no joy. A lot have found that the move was the best decision they’ve made.

“There’s Lots of Choices and Decisions to be Made in Life and Some Will be Unexpected.” By:¬†Tanikka Paulk

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    1. Transitioning can be painful at times. It requires hope and courage that while we may transition from one phase of life to another, we may or may not altogether leave the fragments of the previous life behind. And if we can painlessly leave behind those fragments then we can say that that transition was a success. If you cannot move on with the little of what you have but constantly look behind, your past, I mean, then you’re in for a loss. You will never expect yourself to improve or change. You will never remain in your present but in your past.


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