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To Think of Elevating and Rising Beyond the Antics

There will be a lot of hoopla going on and for some they’re not sure how to stop being pest. No matter how many times a person is targeted, they’re able to continue moving along, what has been designed is so. So many become consumed with trying to make sure that certain individuals aren’t prospering. The more they try to sabotage a person the more rewards are being stored up! What God declared is so and that is so. “I’m able to smile and continue on because God allows the movements.”¬† What happened to Job so many wouldn’t be able to withstand. The key is to remain confident and believe that there are so many ways to arrive to the selected destination.

So many will try to discourage but there should be lots of focus on the areas in which there will be value and there will be abundance. Through the “abundance” a person or persons are able to supply what’s needed. There needs to be more growth taking place but unfortunately there are so many continuously trying to disconnect what can incur prosperity. Attacking a person certainly won’t add what they’re looking for. What some expect may be the total opposite. When they’re trying to cause a cease there could be a cease in their plans. “Projecting More Positivity Will Assist With Establishing Abundantly.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Avoiding the distractions can assist. What’s being said isn’t helpful unless there’s constructive criticism or valued opinions. Opinions do matter but the information an d data will produce what is needed. It’s necessary to take breaks from destructive areas. The ones who insist on being disruption aren’t displaying happiness. Some aren’t pleased with their own progress and may not want to witness others rising up! The words projected can either harm or increase motivation. “There’s a choice and I’m choosing to think about the abundance which will surely arrive.” By: Tanikka Paulk

No matter how many ways persons choose to try to stop a journey. It is up the God and the person whether to continue moving forward. Mankind is quite confused, they’re believing that they’re able to cause so much destruction that persons will just give up, too determined to do so. My experiences are continuing to offer lessons and the ability to gain more knowledge. What occurs hasn’t caused a meltdown and. Thanking God. I’ve searched and continue to search. I’ve heard¬† a lot of hateful words but still I’m rising. Some may be surprised when they’re witnessing the proceeding.

I’m so grateful to be allowed to even make steps. Some aren’t in positions to do so. The ones trying to destroy what I’ve worked for aren’t being sensible. I’m thinking on levels which can help so many. The giving continues to allow me=Tanikka Paulk to be joyful. My Father in Heaven has provided what mankind can never provide. I’m spiritually connected and what so many are saying hasn’t caused a backwards motion. “The Smiles Continue to be Placed on my Face.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

“Light, Life, My Life is What I’m Living.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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GOLD SMILING-Tanikka Paulk and Sons Named Cameron. By: Tanikka Paulk

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