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No the Behaviors Aren’t Welcomed

Sometimes it’s better to just proceed as if the behaviors aren’t viewed. If all persons paid attention to every action then there would be less productivity. Ignoring can help lower the stress. When such behaviors occur online then the behaviors could be considered trolling. Oh gosh what are trolls after? Some are trying to get the attention of one person or more. Trolls usually stop after there’s no response. However there are some trolls so determined that tehy’ll continue to try and irritate their victim or victims. Time is so precious.

It’s certainly better to proceed. There’s a lot “to accomplish” and why should trolls receive the attention they’re looking for? There should be continuous progress occurring. Some are unable to function without causing problems. No need to become bent out of shape because some refuse to accept what has already been stated to occur. The behaviors could either cause distractions or the behaviors could offer more determination. To focus is what will offer better results. To think positively will help generate the rewards which are deserved.

Progressing further is a wonderful thing. The ability to block out the trolls is marvelous. “There are choices here, one could decide to give their attention to trolling behavior, or one could decide to proceed.” (Tanikka Paulk). There are so many who’ve chosen to invade on my journey and what will their actions incur? Perhaps they’ll have to wait and see. There are others who’ve faced the same issues I’m facing on my journey. Some aren’t satisfied witnessing the shine. There should be “joyfulness” when there’s elevation because more elevation will help generate more revenue.

There are some behaving properly somewhere. It may not appear as though there are many. There are ways to generate the peace even when the trolls are trying cause some distress. Perhaps they’re dissatisfied with their progress or just want to receive the attention. Whatever the reasons are there is no need to become stressed because some insist on acting as if they’re without sense. To have good, mindful thoughts is a blessing, proceeding is what I’d rather do.

I’ve r3ead where some have expressed how they’ve had to deal with the trolls. There are some visionaries stopping their dreams because of having to deal with the behaviors. There certainly has to be bravery when trying to live a dream or dreams. There are who continue to think that if they’re challenging enough then they’ll discourage the individual from living their dreams. “There’s more to be expected and when there’s confidence it will be difficult for the persons to tear apart the journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“I’m blessed even when they try to cause distuances.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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