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This bird is unique and we visits us often
April 18, 2017


Cats are always seen in the vicinity of our bird bath and each time we heard the sound of a cat we would run to chase it away but we could not see any cat.  Strangely our pet Preiti never came to chase as it never tolerated strange cats in our garden.  I found this behaviour of Preiti pretty strange.

I later realised that Preiti was smarter than us human beings as that sound did not come from a cat but from a bird.  Not only was there the sound of the cat there were chirps of several birds and on checking I could not find any birds.  Parrots never came anywhere near the birdbath nor did any whistling bird was found around.

It was a shock to me to see that all these sounds came from one bird – Drong – Greater Double Racket tailed.

I was now determined to capture those sounds in my camera.  I waited for this bird to arrive. Strangely it came alone and never had any company.  No other birds were seen around whenever this bird came for the swim

I got an opportunity one afternoon. I kept my camera in the zoom mode and waiting patient;y And the  Drongo arrived.  It did not see me and I was able to capture every sound it made in my camera – a precious gift I thought this bird gave me.


It is amazing what nature has in store for us.  In the limited sphere I am in I least expected that one day I will get this rare opportunity to spot a bird with such rare capabilities and that too visiting our garden and being a regular visitor.

We have many other birds including peacocks that roam around without fear.  Of late we see them on top of our roof and stay there for hours.



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