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There’s More to the Storms
June 29, 2018

Storms can produce more than debris. Storms can generate peace even the thunderous storms. There are some afraid of what the storms can produce but storms are apart of nature. There are plenty of storms here in Miami. The storming seemed to last quite long. Oh did I obtain plenty of rest. So the storms were appreciated. The sounds are so relaxing and soothing so there was rest and the rest was needed. “I’m so grateful when there are relaxing sounds how many truly appreciate solitude?” by: Tanikka Paulk

There’s also plenty of pondering occurring when the storms reign in. Gosh, I really enjoyed the thunderous sounds, and the sounds seemed to be so near. It’s hurricane season and boy the storms have been coming perhaps there will be some more rain. It’s also “peaceful” when there’s just rain when the rain hits the window panes oh my goodness what sounds appear here and perhaps there. I would write poetry when the storms roll in and when the rain comes there is more to think about. Thinking and there is a lot to think about.

There can be movements when the storms occur and even when the power goes out there is still ways to be productive. Plenty of rain comes though here in Miami. Yes there is lots of sun but when the rainy season comes boy does it rain. Sometimes the dogs will start to bark when the sounds of thunder rolls in. It appeared as if they were cooperating with the storms. The was peaceful and quietness and what a wonderful thing.

It seemed as if the stormy weather went on for hours certainly was a time to obtain the much needed rest. I’m so filled with gladness No matter what’s occurring it seems as though rain and the thunderous sounds seem to calm situations down. How many think about what storms can offer? There’s more to storms than damages. There is peace generated when the storms come through. Imagine hearing the storms and listening to musical sounds. Oh wow! There are so many sounds “to listen” to and there are many gracious sounds.

I’m so appreciative that storms arrived here because there was silence and soothing embraces of my bed. “What will tomorrow hold. Will there be more storms will the rain come.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’m a music lover so I certainly appreciate listening to the sounds of weather and to music. Oh what joyfulness occurs when the weather changes. Miami will incur plenty of rain. For the beach goers raining and storms could disappoint the beach goers but eventually the rain and storms will pass over.

It would be great if the rain came back again. If there was more rain hitting the window panes and producing the angelic sounds. Wonderful! I’m sure there will be more storming occurring because the season that we’re in. Yes it’s that time, it’s hurricane season, and there could be brewing of the storms. The pitting patting sounds could be like creating a list of songs. “There was no rain yesterday but today there was plenty and yes the rain was needed and greatly appreciated.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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