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The worse the news about other sites the higher Literacy Base Goes
October 2, 2016
The worse the news about other sites the higher Literacy Base Goes

I just read about BlogB**** and their coin rate – $0.0006821257 per coin. One will need 4400 coins to reach their payout which is dollar 3. Who will want to redeem at such a low rate? And what can @3 bring? For Indians Paypal takes transaction charges and by the time the amount lands in our bank account one would not even want to look at it.

BlogB**** is depending on their transparency for users to continue to write there. Who is interested in knowing the name of the owner, his phone number and such details. Who is interested to know how they earn?   This we can get on the Net anyway. There are so many sites that have those details The main thing for users is  to earn comfortably without having to bend backwards and LiteracyBase has that kind of atmosphere.

At BlogB**** one has to struggle to the bone to get  those measly 3 dollars. And with all those rules and regulations – such as perfect English, perfect titles, taking care to see the Blogs get a place on the first page in google search – no thank you –  I will not go there.

I have 611 coins there and one can imagine what I need to do there to get those 3 dollars and that too going back and forth with the Editor threatening to delete my Blog if it does not conform to those uncalled for parameters.

Just a small comparison: LiteracyBase pays one cent for login while BlogB**** pays 5 coins that is  $0.0006821257 multiplied by 5 which is around.003 cent

With this news I wonder anyone would want to go there.

LiteracyBase insists on informative posts and rightly so. Their Terms are easy to follow.

I am staying to put here and hope to keep writing.  I also appreciate LiteracyBase reading through our blogs and then putting them up on the Net.

PayPal Screenshot Shared By A Member_LiteracyBase

There are sites that just pay without reading which will see their end with the same speed they created their site.

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    1. @bestwriter It takes 6-7 300+ words posts to make a dollar here so earning here is not a piece of cake either but Literacy Base has now established itself as one of the best around, no doubt about that.

      I love the fact we can earn by promoting articles and commenting and so far, I have had no delays in get approval for my posts. So I plan to stick around.

      • @Dawnwriter I have been paid thrice and have redeemed a fourth time here. Compared to sites I am on and used to be, I find this the best site. It is easy to work on 300 words. We have groups here where we can earn too.

      • Yes at least the rate is much better than BlogBourne and one can instead look for offline means rather than working for such low rates.

        • @PEEUSH TRIKHA LB is where you can write informative posts and in so doing you not only get paid you learn as writing informative posts needs research.

      • What is your method of promoting your prestigious posts? What benefits do you enjoy by doing so? I want you to write a post in this connection. Hope you consider my request.

    2. A good sign and relief for bloggers. Some sites do not want the sustenance. They care more for earning than for stable standing. Just recently I heard from one of our colleague how the Elance is behaving with the writers and bloggers. In spite of that some people are helpless and are preferring such sites just because of lack of patience to browse and lack of self-respect. Of course, poverty is the curse for an educated. It is only some unscrupulous elements that play with their education and do business stooping down to any level. They go on writing reviews on this site as if it is distributing money freely on the streets of U.s. Further, they name this site as one of the best paying sites. How worst are these people? They are doing injustice to the very blogger community.

      If the Literacy based does not fall into that category and take necessary steps as and when required I hope I will make its own mark on the Social Networking sites. Let us hope for the best.

      • This site reads our Blogs before they are aired or published. They encourage informative blogs and so far atleast they have paid. Hope this will continue.

    3. I was there are BlogBourne. I already earned $5 for my first payment. I have still sufficient coins probably could earn $3 soon. I would sustain that site though I have to struggle to earn a penny. It doesn’t matter for me. I am also in several writing sites to share what I have in mind.

      • @nakitakona 13 You have to write 400 words there and your reaching payment shows how hard you worked there. Do your Blogs get approved instantly or do you have to rework on them? Besides Blogs can one earn at other places like we have here at LiteracyBase?

    4. I’m glad that the site thrives and I hope it will last for a long time. it’s great to have a reliable source of online income. I haven;t been able to reach minimum so far but that’s the point where I’m heading

    5. Today I earn same in here and in Blogborne and I did not make posts in none.
      In Blogborne I make 7 cents and in here I make 6.
      This is only comments.
      The biggest today is myLot. I made 9 cents.

      I will not say anything about cents on any site. I see they all earn just cents.

    6. @Your Seldom It will take you a long time to reach payout if you do not post Blogs. Have you been paid at myLot before? I earn at myLot too. I have already reached payout there.

    7. I’m not in blogjourne so I cannot comment on that. But with you article but how its hard to earn on their blog, I won’t even think it now to register in that site. I’m good here in literacy base.

      I was also expecting from you other sites as you insinuated in your title, but I see only blogjourne. Or maybe, you are just making the part two or part three of this post. Its nice to know some reviews from the concerned members itself.

    8. Some of us, having experienced the various scams and rip offs in ‘writing’ on line, knew Blogbourne was a joke and did not participate. I was extremely lucky. My item was held back for an ‘image’ and when I came to view, saw how these idiots had rewritten my article. So I deleted my article and ran.

      They shouldn’t exist much longer.

      As to Blogjob, I don’t know why they stopped paying save that perhaps they weren’t earning the revenue.

      One must understand that unless the owners are publicising the items so that a wider audience is gained, the site will fail.

    9. There is an expression that we use about perserverance. “The race is not to the swift, but to the one who endures to the end.” The folk at BlogBourne are still online and building and growing, just like Literacy Base. Even though I am not active there, I know a few of the members and I wish them success. That may be the current rate as of now, but nobody knows what the future bold. At least they are not being dishonest and cheating people. They are telling you plainly what they are doing.

      Literacy Base is also honest and straight forward. I have contacted Admin and Support and always received courteous responses, I can always check my history and see how many coins are being and what they were earned for, and can see my redeemable amount clearly.

      Lbvs BB? I am more active at Literacy Base because the pay is better even though the pay out is higher. But I believe, because of my friends who are at the other site, that BlogBourne has potential to rise up. I have an account there. Now that I know some money can be earned, I may pop in from time to time to leave comments. I am still not ready to commit to supplying blog posts. Has nothing to do with their Site Admin. I’m just too lazy to write up 400 words. (O.o)

      Good points made by everybody else who commented before me. 🙂

      • @TreathylFOX
        I was at BB may be an hour ago and I noticed after that announcement which was made on lst October I saw just one blog on the main page. The highest coins that one has got there is around 8000 plus and that too after so many months which when translated to dollars it is less than 5. Any sense?

        There has to be some sense in the slowness of any site but this is too much.

        • The problem is very basic; originally writing sites had readers. Google and other Search Engines did not discriminate so that if you wrote an article here on Zika it would show up on a Google and people would click.

          As the only people on writing sites are other writers on writing sites there is little revenue.

    10. It seems good that the site enjoys good reputation. Hope it maintain this trend. Anyhow I am enjoying my stay here on this site.

    11. When I heard about the BB site I was like… hmmmm … I went there and posted and then got a message about the ‘image’. When I returned to fix the image which had to be X by Y or whatever I noticed they had changed up my item.

      I took it down and ran as if pursued.

      That site and the TC one turned me off at start.


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