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The Importance of Keeping Your Spirits Up

No one has a perfect life.

Some people hit wonderful patches when everything is going well.   Happiness is natural. There is nothing to be unhappy about.  Everything is working, everyone in your circle is great.

You usually realise this when it is gone.  That is because while things are wonderful, you are too busy enjoying them to think about not having them.

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Most people have many downs and a few ups in their lives.  Sometimes it seems the world is against you.  Every time you hang up your clothes in the sun, it starts to rain.  Every time you are in a good mood, someone spoils it.    You look around and think; I hate every body.

This is the moment when you teach yourself how to keep your spirits high.

First thing you do, smile.   There’s a funny thing about smiling.  You fool yourself into thinking your are happy.  So smile.  Then tell yourself that things are fine.  Sure, you are lying.  But tell yourself anyway and believe it.

Look at the small happy moments.  Tiny things like eating breakfast, or going to market.   Talking to a stranger.  Keep yourself happy.   No matter what you have to imagine or think of, keep yourself happy.  When you are happy, you feel better.  It isn’t a joke, it isn’t a fantasy, you do feel better.

Don’t let people take down your spirit.  There are miserable people out there; whether inconsiderate, whether bone deep ugly, they exist to spread misery.  They don’t like happy people.  They will do or say what they can to bring you down.

And they will succeed unless you put your self above them.

Don’t let any one interfere in your positive vibe.  No matter what it is, being cheerful and hopeful makes it better.  Bad things happen, sure, but if you keep your spirit up, good things follow.  Good things can come out of bad.

Many times, if you let others take down your spirit you behave badly.  You do the wrong thing.  You make your path harder.  If you keep your spirit up, if you grab the happiness in you, then you will behave in a positive manner.

You’ll make a joke or a lightness out of a setback.   You’ll take joy in tiny things.   You’ll see a bird or a butterfly or a flower, a shining sun or moon, maybe a planet, and you’ll let yourself be infused with happiness.  And you’ll carry that happiness with you.  You’ll hold it long after the bird flies off, the sun goes behind the clouds, the moon sets,  and the memory will keep your spirit up.

If you don’t believe me, go out today and pretend you are happy.  Act happy, be happy, and you’ll see the difference it makes to you, to others.  And you will soon be happy.

Always keep your spirit up.

    1. Smile is contagious, as it is proven by myself. Even if I am not smiling wide, but my lips are pursed into a semi-smile and my eyes looks happy, I always get to see a smile too to the person I meet along the way and even on the jeepney I ride to work each morning.

      When I also get smiles, I feel happy because I was able to make them smile, as they too made me happy and positive to face the day.

      A smile can make an achy heart smile too. It helps them to at least be happy even for that very moment they smile, even if their heart is achy.

      If only all the people will smile when they meet people on the streets, this world will be a happy place to live.

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