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She is Snobbish; What Could be the Issue?

It is common for neighbors to smile, wave a hand, or say hello when they see or meet each other. But when a new neighbor did not do such friendly gestures, one will wonder what could be her agenda, what could be her issues for being a snob?

There is this woman who lives in a newly-built house some 200 meters from our home. She and her family are relatively new to our place. It is so unusual that she avoid having friendly gestures towards her neighbors. I found it queer since most of the homeowners in our place are so friendly. One would honk, or roll a window, wave and greet whoever they meet along the road. While jogging or walking, they would smile or wave a hand at neighbors they meet along the way.

One morning while I was biking, I saw her driving her car and we almost meet. But she did not roll the cars window nor made a beep to say hello. It was such an “unfriendly” gesture for me. Maybe she does not want to have friends here in the village, or she thinks she is of higher status than the other homeowners here. Or was she hiding something or just plain shy?

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We were wondering she also ignores the meeting for homeowners so they can be updated on certain issues or policy guidelines here, especially concerning security.

I was thinking, what if she and her family needed help from neighbors? They could not tell.Or they just do not need neighbors. Their house had a high fence and the above portion was covered with barbed wires, almost up to the roof level; plus cameras were installed around it.

It is their right to have all those security set-up; but what intrigues me was why she seemed to avoid “contact” with her neighbors. It is bad to be nosey about the affairs of the neighbors, but they can be friendly without being too close to neighbors to have some privacy.

We are living in a community where everyone respects each other’s privacy. We do not just go in each other’s homes unless invited; but we say “hi” or “hello” or honk the car whenever we meet people inside our village.

Do you have such an encounter with a very mysterious person.

    1. well people are free to act as they want or live how they like to , but yea sure we need to say hi and hlep each other and we need each other, there is no world if there is one person live sin teh world alone, its world due to we are many, so though I did not meat such a person but met some people that i did not understand so, I let them be who you are who want to be or do, its their live and i can not tell them how to behave or force also myself to know any problems that they have. its their business and life and family

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