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The Following Veggies Are Proven Best Protectors Against Breast Cancer
April 16, 2017

Breast cancer is number one enemy in the world. It occurs both male and female, young and old cannot escape this deadly enemy. Every now and then we feel afraid for this big C just attack without notice or symptoms. There are victims of this so suddenly feeling desperate and dismal when diagnose by doctor and just declare the patient only has few months to live or cancer already on stage 3 or 4 which will be so cruel to know and hard to accept by family and the person himself/ herself. This sickness could be avoided through changing the life styles. Our mouth does not refuse what to eat but body parts complain, thus at the extreme abuse, something malignant will eventually grow and sooner or later in copious number. Body resistance may decline and the entire force of the body system comes into play to complicate which is worse, yet real and unavoidable.

It seems doctors are the one creating this sickness. Why is this so because there are doctors that require immediate chemotherapy and the patient may put to shock and won’t anymore be happy to this kind of malpractice treatment of the doctors? Sometimes I can say that it’s the doctor that is killer not the cancer for instead of helping the patient reduce the cancer cells in the blood vessels they end to make that sickness threatening. The best way is to urgently change the patient’s diet and the best foods to eat to reduce the growth of cancer cells in the blood vessels are those rich of luteolin. It was learned by expert medics, scientists and Nutrionists that luteolin is a great protector against breast tumors. This is one way to avoid sudden deaths of patients instead of cure death and the cause is medic error; there are dangerous drugs that may not suit to the patient. Our neighbor just died after taking the pills to reduce her thyroid goiter. Before she left her home, she was well. She just went to doctor to ask some diagnosis as to the best medicine to take to stop the growth of her goiter. Then, it was so tragic for after she took the pill her heart stopped breathing, she was gasping and died after two hours.

It was found out from the autopsy result from other medic that the pill prescribed to our neighbor was not suitable for her goiter. The doctor was sued and until this time he is serving his crime in jail for life plus license revoked. My teacher friend woke up one day with something roundular growth below her breast. It was so stiff yet she felt no pain, but her husband wanted her to see their family doctor. It was learned that she was having stage 3, breast cancer. She had noticed that growth and ignored it for she did not feel anything painful until one day she confessed to her husband about the growth and she was brought by her husband to the doctor. After she was diagnosed, she was scheduled on chemo therapy, then her doctor advised her to remove her breast two months after undergoing a chemo, so it won’t affect the other breast. Because she wanted to live, so she conspired the doctor’s suggestion. Operation was done, but so sad, after three days, worms came out from her breast. My teacher friend died the next day due to pain of the injury from the removed breast, and then she died the next day. The doctor was sued and charged of malpractice and landed in prison. He has to serve his term for 35 years for the crime he had committed, malpractice finally justice served to the victim and her family.
Women specifically the most mature have natural benign growths in their breasts tissue which are non- harmful and they would only be triggered if the breast tissues be fed with foods that trigger those benign growths to form tumors maliciously that also attract the blood vessels. This is so critical for older women for body metabolism declines and easy for those cancerous tumors to travel through the blood vessels directing to the breast. There are also doctors that prescribe deadly medicine to the patient that may affect her health like stroke, blood clots in veins and lungs of the cancer patient. That is why many consider doctors as killer to cancer patient instead of offering something to them to have a second chance to live as cancer-free.

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These are the following foods best source for luteolin to protect us all from breast cancer. These foods are proven very powerful antioxidants foods. These foods are also best body protectors against leukemia, colon, prostate cancer, thyroid, and leukemia. It is best to eat any of them at least one serving each meal.

These are the following vegetables : Celery, Celery seed, Dried oregano, Juniper berries, Olive oil, Mint, Fresh thyme, Radicchio, Parsley, Broccoli, Lemons, Peppermint, Artichokes, Peppers, Celeriac, Spinach, Beets, Basil, Rutabagas, Kohlrabi, kale, Brussels sprouts, Rosemary, Sage.

Our body is so sensitive that if eat something it dislikes; it reacts. Medicine is also getting higher unless covered with health insurance like in other countries there is health insurance for every resident , in Philippines only those covered with Phil health can avail of health services discount not big enough to cover the entire cost during hospital confinement. Plus, senior citizens having no work in their lives find hard to consult a doctor and to confine in case necessary for they are not covered with free hospitalization services as senior citizens unlike other countries like United Sates and New Zealand wherein senior citizens are free both medicine and consultation. Therefore, it is very important to protect the body against malicious and deadly sicknesses through foods, but the question is, can the poor afford these foods presented in this blog? I may research locally about foods local rich of luteolin so I can help my country people. This time in Ph, there are so many sick of breast cancer. I have five teacher friends died due to breast cancer. So good news, I have a co-teacher this time, cancer free. Her answer when I asked her how she made it, she just replied that she changed the foods she eat. Foods we eat matter a lot to be safe from deadly diseases and a way to live too long.

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    1. Foods we eat matter most in terms of health. We own our body therefore why harm it? Body abuse goes back to the owner self in destructive forms.It will be better to eat of follow the advise from this post. Tanks for reading boys and girls.

    2. It is one of the reasons why I do not always follow doctor’s prescriptions at once; I usually research first on the drug’s components, it’s good and bad effects. If there are lots of negative reviews; I do not take it. I just take the alternatives like natural foods; like the ones you mentioned.My concern now is blood sugar though it is not so high; just above 105; so we go on restricted diet; mostly green leafy vegetables. We have malunggay (horse radish) which is very cheap and you can also ask from a neighbor who have it; or alugbati,or camote tops, radish, etc. which are cheap. They are good food which help us stay healthy; also unpolished rice, or whole grains. Along with exercise just like walking for a kilometer a day will make us fit and fine.

    3. Do not eat alugbati and camote tops they are bad for high blood pressures. I have here blogs very strong foods that reduce blood sugar. Tye to eat just small amount of bitter melon, eat raw.Just thoroughly wash it before slicing.Just a portion and your blood sugar goes down to its natural level. I hope you can drop by to my previous blogs that relate about blood sugar and blood pressure.Nice to see you back my friend.

    4. @acelawrites, that is true, doctors are so fast in their recommendation because whatevery happens to the patient they never care, what they care is their fee as doctor.There is one doctor that I quarreled because he just prick the stomach of my father to know if he still reacts and my father felt the pain so I shouted the doctor and I was about to kick the male doctor. he complained to my cousin who was working there as a nutritionist, but I told my cousin that I will sue that doctor to law and file police blotter for patient abuse, Ha, the doctor was afraid and file leave without pay. There are rude and stupid doctors face looks like money.

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