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Success comes only when we work in planned way
April 16, 2017

As a marketing professional I know that we cannot succeed unless we work as a team. We work, plan and achieve our desired goals working on suggestions coming from group members irrespective of his role in the project. But in some cases we forget the importance of cooperation and that defeats the purpose of teamwork and it mostly happens in case when someone feels jealous or his ego comes in the way.

As a marketing professional one must set his strategy in an overall way and should set his goals in a long term manner, therefore it is different from a marketing plan that you take in a rapid-fire way in case you are out for gaining quick results and you have no long term gain in your mind.

In fact, sales and marketing are two different areas and as a marketing professional your marketing strategy should be developed for a long term, while your sales plan is different which is achieve immediate result but as we all know that sales and marketing are two different departments.

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But one must make sure that all his strategies whether long term or short term should be practical and achievable. As a marketing professional your strategy should not be changed every year, but revised when your strategies have been achieved or your marketing goals have been met. Also, you will have to change your marketing strategies if your prospective market changes due to any reason.

I remember a quote from Rabindranath Tagore that says “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” In fact, our best chance comes when others praise us and follow us and the worst time comes when our own followers begin to have doubts in our policies. I suggest you should target your market and chalk out a strategy with a long term goal.

In other words we can understand and reach to a conclusion easily but the problem begins when the time comes to implement that in practical. I believe we all have a limit for working in a perfect manner and once we cross out limit or go beyond the capacity we begin committing mistakes. Therefore, it has always been advised to work as a team because that provides us a chance to keep watch on mistakes more effectively.

Have you ever thought when everything is going smoothly suddenly something stops us from moving in the right direction? Have you ever tried to analyze why we become confused or what stopped us from doing what we were doing without any problem? In my views when we haven’t set our priorities right or working without a plan or debited from our original plan the things begin going wrong.

Actually, every work culture is clear in its concept that motivates us doing thing in a planned way in perfect collaboration which in other words is a simple process of people in an  organizations working together  to achieve their goals. There is no alternative of doing things in a planned team work.

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    1. Don’t worry, nobody is perfect, or works perfectly.. You know how they say, too much good is not good. Sometimes we must stop on our way up, make some mistakes and then turn back to look at those mistakes and do better next time. That’s life for you.

      Working in a team makes the job easier in my opinion. Especially if that team components consist of: friendship and commitment.

    2. Indeed success only come if we worked according to plan but life is unpredictable.There are times that a person become successful all of a sudden and this result are not even in that person plans.But still being organized and following can most probably leads on to success.

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