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The Ability to Think Effectively

There are some without thinking meaning that they’re unable to think positively. Every person won’t always think positively but there are some rarely “thinking on a positive level.” It’s better to be surrounded by visionaries then to be surrounded by persons always starting trouble. In order to rejuvenate the mind one will have to decide to spend time in solitude. There should be periods where there are thoughts of positivity. To think on a level where there can be elevation occurring is such a joy. no matter how many continue to try to disrupt my mind, I’m continuing because God already declared, it appears as though so many are upset. Oh!

Perhaps there will be more joy experienced by others when they start to think properly. To be surrounded by persons continuing to think that their actions will cause a person to become dismantled isn’t positive thinking. Their actions could land the individuals in places they’re not prepared to go. “I’m continuing because my continuation is allowed by God. Amen!” By: Tanikka Paulk. Although I’m being victimized. I’m not allowing what’s being said or done to cause a cease and neither is God. My purpose continues to shine. How many are pleased? It may appear as thought not too many are.

There are many reasons why I’m moving forward. I’ve though, I’m thinking, there will be thoughts of completeness. There should be focus on what truly matters. To be able to elevate in any manner is a blessing. Some are too afraid to put fourth their vision or ideas because of the critics. Yes, there will be so many wanting to criticize, they’ll even lie in order to try and break a person down. What is perceived is very important. My goal is to continue to make a difference. I’ve already “made a difference” and soon enough there will be many differences made.

I’m time and time continues to proceed. God already knew what my path would incur. The adversities can build strength. The ones continuing to try to create discouragement are probably intimidated by the gifts in which God has given me=Tanikka Paulk. “Some continue to try to invade in on my journey and the persons didn’t receive an invitation.” (Tanikka Paulk). What I’m thinking right now can change my life completely. Oh yes and I’m life. The words could either cause disturbances or create further growth. I’m choosing to take in the words which will add value to my journey and my purpose. I’m full of joyfulness because I’m aware of what God has in store.

When they claim that there won’t be any “growth.” I’m claiming the abundance. When they’ve posted less, I’m going to post the abundance, the positive words will outweigh the negative words. What the thoughts are are extremely important. The negatives are pushed to the side and the positives are allowed in. My mindfulness hasn’t been altered. They may want my thoughts to become altered so that there is a takeover. No! No person can overpower God. God is the Father of Jesus Christ and God and Jesus project the love.

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