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The Know how is What Will get you Further
October 30, 2018

To the get to the got and to the determined. There are many followers although they may not appear to be following on the surface but they are. I too follow because a leader has to be a follow. There is proof that there is following by supplying some of their work. I’m aware of what God has said. “Recognizing” others is what God wants, giving, helping is what God wants some never recognize others. My name is what they’ve tried to dismiss no matter what’s said it’s about the what is. What is so. So therefore the words projected aren’t adding any value unless what is said is of truth. “Know what to say when to say what needs to be said.” By: Tanikka Paulk

What is it that I know? I’ve been supplied with lots of information and reading helps to obtain more information. There isn’t any doubt that my journey will incur what some have witnessed and that includes having to handle the competition. Competitors will continue to try and discourage but a virtuous one will try to encourage. Encouragement is of great assistance. To remain confident, determined, and add the “positivity” will carry one further than projecting poisonous words. “Positive words is what so many really need.” by: Tanikka Paulk

I’m aware what can occur when trying to tear People down. There are so many tearing down because they’re miserable. I’ve stated before an example of the ones using you how my example reflects the individuals. There is only one and my oh my have they continuously proven such. My proof has been supplied and if I’m to continue on the set path then I’ll need to focus on the specific areas. Are they frustrated with my progress are they frustrated with my continuing? Perhaps. There are many reasons why there’s progression.

I’ve continued to be close to my Father the Father of Jesus Christ. I’m close to my Brother Jesus Christ. Haven’t we recognized that we’re spiritual brothers and sisters? Regconition is what come are looking for. Recognizing others is what I’ve “demonstrated” and perhaps some aren’t pleased about what occurs here or elsewhere. There is the movements although there are so many wanting to pull down I’m refusing to accept whatever it is that they want. Distractions is what they’ve tried to produce but a person can move forwardly confidently by blocking the noisemakers out.

To know, to discover, to uncover. What they’ve perceived they are wrong, I’ve recognized when I’ve been attacked there is proof of such. There are some trying to come out of their holes. The chasing of my dreams and their attitudes towards the levels in which need attention. I’m continuing to smile what’s said could cause declines but if one supplies positives then the person is able to move forward. “I’m here continuing to do what I’ve been called to do. Chosen is what has been proven.” (Tnaikka Paulk)

There isn’t a battle with the uncooperative ones. They’re called ones because they’re grouped together. I’m “one” called One. Meaning that the title was administered to you=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to fight but how successful are the persons? There is no time to battle with God’s Creations. I’ve have more tasks to complete and there are objectives to meet. There should be desires to advance and to help others advance. Leadership entails building others leaders but there doesn’t seem to be too many qualified. “Qualify.”

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The Ability to Think Effectively

There are some without thinking meaning that they’re unable to think positively. Every person won’t always think positively but there are some rarely “thinking on a positive level.” It’s better to be surrounded by visionaries then to be surrounded by persons always starting trouble. In order to rejuvenate the mind one will have to decide to spend time in solitude. There should be periods where there are thoughts of positivity. To think on a level where there can be elevation occurring is such a joy. no matter how many continue to try to disrupt my mind, I’m continuing because God already declared, it appears as though so many are upset. Oh!

Perhaps there will be more joy experienced by others when they start to think properly. To be surrounded by persons continuing to think that their actions will cause a person to become dismantled isn’t positive thinking. Their actions could land the individuals in places they’re not prepared to go. “I’m continuing because my continuation is allowed by God. Amen!” By: Tanikka Paulk. Although I’m being victimized. I’m not allowing what’s being said or done to cause a cease and neither is God. My purpose continues to shine. How many are pleased? It may appear as thought not too many are.

There are many reasons why I’m moving forward. I’ve though, I’m thinking, there will be thoughts of completeness. There should be focus on what truly matters. To be able to elevate in any manner is a blessing. Some are too afraid to put fourth their vision or ideas because of the critics. Yes, there will be so many wanting to criticize, they’ll even lie in order to try and break a person down. What is perceived is very important. My goal is to continue to make a difference. I’ve already “made a difference” and soon enough there will be many differences made.

I’m time and time continues to proceed. God already knew what my path would incur. The adversities can build strength. The ones continuing to try to create discouragement are probably intimidated by the gifts in which God has given me=Tanikka Paulk. “Some continue to try to invade in on my journey and the persons didn’t receive an invitation.” (Tanikka Paulk). What I’m thinking right now can change my life completely. Oh yes and I’m life. The words could either cause disturbances or create further growth. I’m choosing to take in the words which will add value to my journey and my purpose. I’m full of joyfulness because I’m aware of what God has in store.

When they claim that there won’t be any “growth.” I’m claiming the abundance. When they’ve posted less, I’m going to post the abundance, the positive words will outweigh the negative words. What the thoughts are are extremely important. The negatives are pushed to the side and the positives are allowed in. My mindfulness hasn’t been altered. They may want my thoughts to become altered so that there is a takeover. No! No person can overpower God. God is the Father of Jesus Christ and God and Jesus project the love.

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Winners never quit and quitters never win- Never give up
April 28, 2017

Never give up. Hearing this phrase what is the first thing that comes to your mind? This is the only phrase that keeps me going whenever I fall down.

Just remember this quote when you feel defeated next time, “If you don’t fight for what you want, then don’t cry for what you lost.” Do you agree with this quote? It is simple as it looks yet powerful.

In this simply amazing one, time life why not live with a purpose rather than being an ordinary human being. Dream something that it has not dreamed by anybody in this world. Do something that has not done by anyone in this world. Take risks. Obstacles do come to strike you down but remember life is not a bed of roses. You should be able to cope up with the thorns. It is in your hand to take the roses or the thorns.

In this one life why settle for less? The people who laugh at you will only be laughing at you. The people who said you can’t do anything will always make fun of you or try to advise you in the name of reality. Your family didn’t support you, so what? Never listen to them. Keep going forward without stopping. Be unstoppable. The people who are successful now have started with nothing but they had the confidence, the fire to succeed, and they put their 100% effort full heartedly. That is the reason they are successful today. Learn from your failures and apply it to achieve your goals but never give up. You can’t achieve everything in a day. Live each day as if you were born just now, with full energy and full potential. Just don’t give up. It is in your hands to swim or sink. Even if you are drowning just don’t give up. Just remember, “Before you quit think about why you held so long.”

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The many benefits of smiling
April 28, 2017

Smile is a good way of expressing the feeling of happiness. Apart from the feeling, it has more benefits both physically and mentally. When you smile it relaxes your cheek bones. Also when you smile it gives a good feeling and increases the positivity.  Even if you fake a smile it will do wonders in your body but not that much beneficial than the genuine one. So, why fake it? Say cheese 🙂

The many benefits of smiling includes

  • Smiling lowers heart rate. People who smile often are less prone to heart diseases as they have their mind fresh and free from stress. Also, it reduces the blood pressure.
  • Smiling is the best medicine for reducing stress. When you smile often, a lot of endorphins are produced which suppress the stressing hormones thereby making you free from stress.
  • Smiling is said to increase your productivity. That is why when you are beaten off and you are relaxing while watching some comedies or reading some jokes can help you work much better after a good laugh. Even if you cannot keep smiling even faking it will help increase productivity.
  • Smiling improves trust. Studies show that people who genuinely smile are often more trusted than the people who don’t. It is true that some relationships are built on true smiles. So beam a big smile to the world always.
  • Smiling and laughter both have been natural pain killers. So, when you are in pain just smile at the problem and say, “Is this what you can do for me?” Smiling through pain is one of the toughest things and if you do you are the real fighter then.
  • Smiling increases our attention. It is natural that people get attracted more when you smile as it will give a good feeling to the person that you are meeting. Also, they will be more readily be open in discussing things in a cool and casual manner thus creating a good environment in general.
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Start your day with a smile
March 22, 2017


It is not always so easy to smile – especially when it seems that everything in your life goes not so well, or maybe even wrong: the break up with a friend, loneliness, overwork and exhaustion, failure at work, guilt, fear, anger, lack of money or even worse things. And yet a cold winter which is making jokes with weather, long rainy autumn days also influences our mood. And really it can be not easy to smile.

But the words that have written my old friend in his email are very true. If we want to feel better in our hearts, first of all, we need to show to other people that we are at home, that they can come into our lives, that in our hearts, no matter how difficult we would not feel, still is love.

At first it may be not easy to smile, most often we forget to smile even when feel happy. I remember how in the school all my notebooks margins were full of drawn smiles from the tiny ones up to enough big. Often I got it hot from the teachers for messy notebooks, but now I understand that this habit never let me forget to smile; no matter whether it is raining or windy, I still smile.

Laughter frees human talents and brings people together. When you meet with strangers, smile on your face immediately report that you like these people. The more you smile, the more strangers to relax and open up to you – it’s fun to feel that someone like you. Not for nothing is said, that smile and eyes – one of the most important elements of seduction, so if you want to draw attention to yourself, occasionally smile to unfamiliar person and look him straight in the eye. Soon you will see that the things happen on its own without much effort.

A smile radiates good mood, gives vivacity, beauty and can soothe everyone. Smile – it is positivity emanating from inside us. It is said that it is even healthy to smile, so never forget to use your beautiful smile. If a day is bad I still paint the smiles on my day’s work list which immediately reminds me how I am happy and that I should do. I should smile J

A smile does not cost anything, but can do a lot – no one is so poor that could not afford to smile.


Picture by Pixabay.com

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Do You Know About Santosha Beds? Does it Attract Positivity?


A good friend whom I met online in one of the Facebook’s Freelance Writer’s group introduced to me the Santosha beads. I got interested when I read about it in her blog. She said her Santosha necklace is composed of 108 mala beads which is meant to be used by the wearer to say gratitude for 108 good things he received each day.

I just can’t imagine if I can reach 108 good things to thank for each day! But she said it is easy because there are really so many good things a person receives each day; example is saying thanks for waking up alive; feeling healthy and strong, and the result is being happy for your good state of health.

Saying 108 Thank You’s A Day Could be a Challenge

And so, though I am naive on the use of mala beads or Santosha beads, I asked her to make one for me. She said she makes the “garland” based on the requester’s intentions. She also said she could sense even from afar the character of the person who requests for the Santosha beads.

I will challenge myself if I can make use of the Santosha beads effectively.

Before I came to know about Santosha beads, I got interested in it during my student days. Usually we rode passenger jeepneys inside the campus to go from one building to another depending on the subject. While I was on board, I met students wearing orange robes and their fingers were busy feeling each bead in their side pockets. A portion of the “garland” showed, and I saw it was composed of brownish-blackish beads, bigger than corn kernels.

While they were touching each bead, I noticed some sense of calmness in their faces. Maybe they were also silently uttering some mantras or prayers for each bead.

Now that image of those students became vivid in my mind. If they were able to concentrate and say their mantras while riding the jeepney, I think I can do it also even when I have my morning walks or while riding my trike.

It is easy to think of 108 good things/graces when you focus on things/people around you.

Excited to Receive my Santosha Beads

My friend sent me a message saying she had my Santosha garland sent through a courier, and now I am just waiting for it to be delivered to me. I hope I can also help in her advocacy to spread goodness by patiently making the Santosha beads, and for the wearer to also spread goodness to others.

Do you also wear something that attracts positivity? I would be glad to read about it in your post. Thanks for reading.

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