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Do You Know About Santosha Beds? Does it Attract Positivity?


A good friend whom I met online in one of the Facebook’s Freelance Writer’s group introduced to me the Santosha beads. I got interested when I read about it in her blog. She said her Santosha necklace is composed of 108 mala beads which is meant to be used by the wearer to say gratitude for 108 good things he received each day.

I just can’t imagine if I can reach 108 good things to thank for each day! But she said it is easy because there are really so many good things a person receives each day; example is saying thanks for waking up alive; feeling healthy and strong, and the result is being happy for your good state of health.

Saying 108 Thank You’s A Day Could be a Challenge

And so, though I am naive on the use of mala beads or Santosha beads, I asked her to make one for me. She said she makes the “garland” based on the requester’s intentions. She also said she could sense even from afar the character of the person who requests for the Santosha beads.

I will challenge myself if I can make use of the Santosha beads effectively.

Before I came to know about Santosha beads, I got interested in it during my student days. Usually we rode passenger jeepneys inside the campus to go from one building to another depending on the subject. While I was on board, I met students wearing orange robes and their fingers were busy feeling each bead in their side pockets. A portion of the “garland” showed, and I saw it was composed of brownish-blackish beads, bigger than corn kernels.

While they were touching each bead, I noticed some sense of calmness in their faces. Maybe they were also silently uttering some mantras or prayers for each bead.

Now that image of those students became vivid in my mind. If they were able to concentrate and say their mantras while riding the jeepney, I think I can do it also even when I have my morning walks or while riding my trike.

It is easy to think of 108 good things/graces when you focus on things/people around you.

Excited to Receive my Santosha Beads

My friend sent me a message saying she had my Santosha garland sent through a courier, and now I am just waiting for it to be delivered to me. I hope I can also help in her advocacy to spread goodness by patiently making the Santosha beads, and for the wearer to also spread goodness to others.

Do you also wear something that attracts positivity? I would be glad to read about it in your post. Thanks for reading.

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