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Tech-blast (the growth and technology)
May 22, 2017

Tech-blast (the growth and technology)
Lives are getting upgraded. People are living in a new world surrounded by semiconductors and chipsets. ‘Electronics’ has brought a technology boom in human race. If you are not moving with technology you are account to be out-date or old-fashioned. The era belongs to smartphones, smart TVs, smart card etc. seems like people started realizing their smartness now only. From stable, hooked up to walls and stationary instruments now portable, pocket sized and integrated instruments are the upgrades. 100 years ago if you’d have talked about this in public you would surely be treated no different from a chronically mental disordered person. But now is the time of change. Technology is self-evolving.

What exists today may not be tomorrow‘ – this is explaining enough to present our growth rate.

Every new day brings new time. Every new time brings new idea and with every new Idea a new technology comes that eventually brings inventions. This is how science works.

Change:    Our communication is now easy and quick. Our connections are broad. Our network is spread all over the world today. We share ideas with people of our intelligence and interests living in another part of world without being known each other. This is the growth. This is the change. This is what development means. Science has always been supportive to man, at least it is supposed to be. Things are always born with two aspects. Science and technology also have another face and no secretly we are aware of this from the very start. We are in a world that is no more listening to reasons explanations to failure and growing radically and rapidly.
Overall Growth:    Growth has branches. We are developing in each direction. One new idea in some field can bring new invention and solution to completely different domain. We are willing to use less power doing more work. Greed is always the motivation. Thanks to god that we are naturally in it. We are reinventing technologies that are already invented back in time. We are reproducing ideas for better outcomes. We are becoming result oriented and successfully using our resources in order to luxury and easy life. There are records that show us how much we have avoided failures and incomplete things.

Few Steps:    Every new thing that technology brings to us is connected to Internet like things. Connectivity and communication has been playing the heart role in our development and growth. We do our jobs and sleep for almost one third of our lives but growth never stops. We are now in position that we can’t manage to tolerate loss of one third of our live so we have brought events constituting new stages in changing situations like supplements and they work for us. Automation and night workers patch up those 8 night hours in order to continue growing our growth rates. Growth is now a business and people involved in it are good at what they do. Technology has brought a blast in growth and it is worth, large and important enough to be noticed.

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