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May 22, 2017

In today’s networked world, the need for real time information has been increasingly important for most people and it is evident how social media was able to answer that.

If we backtrack over the past few years, we don’t actually have the luxury of getting important information on real time. But now, where do we get that news worthy stories? Where do we hear the entire buzz that is happening all over the world? The answer is in the conversations that we are having on Twitter, Facebook and all the other social clouds that we get into.

It is also prevalent in the business scene how Social Media is changing the world of internet marketing and how businesses are now looking into the concept of real time engagement. If we look into the old Internet Marketing standard, it used to be that the amount of attention you could generate depends on how big or small is your budget. The amount of exposure you could generate for your business was based on how much one could spend on ads. But today, the scale and media buying power is no longer an advantage for anyone in the new marketing scene. What’s so valuable for anyone in this new platform is how you can create a buzz over the web 2.0 space and how you instantly get involved with the conversations that are happening in real-time.

The concept of real time is that you have to be able to understand how instantly things are happening, how instantly news is breaking, how people are communicating and how you take advantage of the opportunity from those conversations. It is the idea that the quicker you are to react to something, the more likely it is beneficial to you.

Designate a dedicated team for your real time management

The first thing you need is a team of real time listeners and engagers. You can focus on Facebook and Twitter as a start. These people are the one who will carefully listen and track all the conversations that are happening in actual time. These people will provide a prompt response on any matter that has relation to your type of niche. Of course these are conversations that concern your business.

Develop real time guidelines

With your dedicated real time engagement team, you should be able to set your guidelines on how you are going to implement your strategy. It is essential to have some rules of engagement before you deploy your team to avoid difficulties and avoid some risks.

Implement real time systems

With a wide array of monitoring tools, you can implement an all-in-one system that allows you to monitor what is going on, analyse those data and be able to react instantly. Google Alerts and Social Mention, for example, are great tools that would help one and his team to get important information that would be needed by you specially those keywords that are significantly related to your brand.

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