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The Transformations and Newness are Coming
January 10, 2019

Soon there will be the many changes there’s many reasons why the changes should occur. Change is what some aren’t thrilled about. To have to adjust to a transformed environment can cause some to behave oddly. All persons won’t understand why the changes need to occur but change is and has already occurred. The disagreements about why a change occurred could ether be explained or declined to explain. It’s better that individuals attempt to adjust to “transformations.”

Acceptance is so difficult for mankind. Some aren’t able to understand because they’re unwilling to. There are many individuals having difficulties because of what they felt should have occurred. Some disagree because of positioning perhaps they’ve wanted to move in a different direction. “Transformations are welcoming to be apart of newness and to explore the many options available.” (Tanikka Paulk). Just attempting to speak about the difference can cause some to think they’re railroaded.

The many explanations supplied seems to still incur the misinformed notions. Listening to what’s said and understanding will develop the finalizing. Some are unwilling to listen to reasoning. Time continues to move forward there’s progress and determination to reach the “destination” which will offer greater. Allowing the transformations is quite helpful. Progressive measures are and shall continue to be effective. There’s working whether seen or unseen.

Headed in what direction? The right direction is where some have decided to move towards. Yes there’s the downwards and upwards. No matter how many times I’ve explained what I’ve felt needed attention some haven’t understood. Their actions demonstrate they’re unwilling to allow, accept, incur. Progress is made when there’s a decision to allow progress. The actions will produce abundance or decreases. Changing one area to another area.

Inside motions and outside motions. The movements are occurring some of the moves should occur without persons being able to view the moves. Privately producing actions transforming from one set to the next. Gathering of the necessary “information” so that the projects are completed. So many have tried to interrupt but there’s still the advancements. Conquering, reaching, accomplishing despite what has occurred. “Somewhere is where I am now and with the continuous motions there will be the finalization.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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God has Provided the Knowledge Within the Good Book
December 13, 2018

The words provided in the Bible are to be read and studied. God has instructed that spiritual leaders read and study the word. Persons wanting to be spiritually connected should read to see what God has said and expects. Although some have chosen to omit what the Bible has provided God continues “to love” His Children. What occurs today and yesterday has already been spoken about in the Bible. “To read and to understand will lower the worldly risks.” (Tanikka Paulk). God has spoken and what God has said is.

Mankind seems to continue to try to overpower God. Satan was punished because Satan tried to rule over God. Satan wanted to become more powerful than God. Impossible. No man nor woman can become God or Jesus Christ. Mankind can’t create the Universe. The ability to understand some decided to twist God’s words around. They’ve tried to overpower the said to be “powerful.” There are many Biblical stories and God entails what He wants His Children to know. “Knowledge is in the word.” By: Tanikka Paulk

What is perceived is believed and believing is faith. To believe that God will do what He said He would do. There are many tools provided to each and every person. There has to be the desire to want to learn to grow spiritually. “My faith is within thee no matter what occurs I’m refusing to allow my faith to leave me=Tanikka Paulk.” Knowledge is power. The word is is very important. In the Alpha the word is implies that it is and it is so. Concrete and although mankind will place if God has already said that it is so. Spoken.

If we’re expected to receive the abundance then there has to be the decision to become more spiritually connected. To forget about what the world has to say meaning the worldly words the dysfunctional actions and to receive the words spoken by the Almighty God Lord. The challenges can be conquered by love, understanding, and seeking spiritual knowledge. “To be declared anointed is to be just be automatically.” BY: Tanikka Paulk. Mankind seems to believe that their actions will cause a person to turn away from God. The actions could and has caused closeness a closer bond with the Almighty.

So many have misjudged they’ve mocked the words addressed. There are the movements in which will provide the necessities God’s words are valuable and Jesus words are very important. Note that the words are written in red. Red symbolizes the blood, Jesus’s blood, the words are true and of truth. The worldly thoughts has caused the disrespectful  words projected by mankind. “My words are valued and it is valuable God has said.” (T. Paulk) Look inside Genesis and see what is inside.

I’ve been said to be different and will read and understand differently. There seems to be a lot of spiritual competition but my focus is on the words in which God has provided to thee (Daughter). The disruptions in which mankind tried to project has caused more focusing on the word. They’ve tried to shake me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to break me=Tanikka Paulk. I’ve weeped but I’ve remained whole. Isn’t that what Jesus said about daughter? Whole and to go in peace meaning to be at peace.

The challenges in which mankind continues to throw my way aren’t going to cause my patience to leave me=Tanikka Paulk. There seems to be so many unwilling to accept that my positions which include being chosen by mankind and God. Amen! They’ve tried to remove my presence but I’m still continuing because God has allowed me to do so. So it is written and it is said to be. Why have they tried to force the words spoken by the Almighty out? Perhaps they’re intimidated. There is the rise and there will be the continuing of the rises. too focused on what I’m suppose to accomplish and won’t fret because I’m aware of what God expects.

My journey isn’t complete. Read and see what is expected but there is choice and some have decided that they would rather remove words the valuable words. God’s words. God isn’t to be a spirit which mankind should deny. It’s proven to be the Alpha has it, that, so. Light is good that is good. Reading has helped to lower stress and to incur more understanding. There are many advances when reading also scriptures are properly studied by writing. What God has said is written and was written on stone.

Without the white paper the words wouldn’t be in the Bible and all need the words. The words need to be heard and seen. My faith is within and no matter what’s said my faith will remain. There are the unbelievers they have tried to convince me that I’m  wasting my time by getting closer to the knowledge. God’s knowledge. “Seek and you shall find.” Found, founded, finding. “As they watch me write and watch me post my writings they’ve witnessed what God has provided to me which is thee.” BY: Tanikka Paulk.

There are many reasons why I’m continuing. There are the invaders they shouldn’t disrupt my journey. There is no invitation to the sabotagers. They’ve tried to disconnect my spiritual connected and I’m refusing to accept what they’ve had to say. The tools provided to me (Tanikka Paulk) are worn everyday. “The Full Armor of God.” Read and see the description of Daughter daughter which are the same and no matter how they’ve tried to deny my titles they’re so. The Alpha and the Omega. Front and Back. Up and down. Side to side. Beginning to the ending.

What I’ve gained some wouldn’t consider to be much. I’ve received abundantly because I’m still here. I’ve angered some folks and I’m in no way remorseful about their feelings. You are powerful, you are valuable, YOU are said to be great. I’ve supplied what God has instructed and God said to recognize others. How many have? Read and see what “God said about helping others and recognizing others” “Provided.” My purpose has been declared and although there are some who’ve tried to omit what God has already ordained they’ve observed that their actions have caused upwards motions.

I’ve been lowered but I am rising. My place is already set and I’ve read the how. If is printed on my documentation but God said it is so. Meaning  it is concrete. God provides the protection for daughter. Mankind tries to shake daughter but God said in Hos own words that He won’t forsake. Jesus won’t forsake mankind challenges because they’re afraid. No matter how the words are directed I’m the chosen. Although some won’t admit to so it is. To be, to being. to become and God said to transform the mind. Think differently.

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There are the Many Reasons Why

I’m here because God has allowed and although mankind seems to have many difficulties “accepting” the what is. God has chosen and some of mankind has chosen. Yes there are so many wanting to be accepted but there is a lot said when so many are desiring to be what a person has already become. My proceeding should occur no matter how many have said and continue to state their opinions my journey should continue further. “There are decisions to be made and there appears to be too many either refusing to accept the decisions made or afraid to make the decisions.” by: Tanikka Paulk.

My purpose was designed before my arrival. The insecurities are what hold so many down. They’ve allowed their thoughts to control their actions. There should be “goodness” and there is goodness right here. If a person wasn’t so intimidating then there wouldn’t be so many disruptions. There would just be progression there should be movements and more should want to see the excelling. Building is what should occur but there seems to be too many refusing to allow the building oh wait although they’re trying to disrupt there is the continuation of that=Tanikka Paulk.

The Journey 

There seems to be some persons against what I’ve created and perhaps their envious of my movement. I’m seeking and have sought to obtain what is necessary in order to reach certain heights. There isn’t the approval that I’ve hoped for but I’m under no strain because individuals refuse to accept what has been decided. God knows exactly what to do. “Looking towards the many avenues in which I Tanikka Paulk shall travel. God is always with thee and so is Jesus Christ.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There’s the process and there’s the performing as well as the forming of. There I’ve stood and time continues to make it’s presence known. They’ve said a lot and I’ve demonstrated a lot. Yes I’ve became frustrated at times but have overcame the frustrations so that there could be more and more progress. There was the removals of what they’ve perceived to be plentiful the subtracting of areas but there is also the addition of what is called “abundance.” Preventing a person from moving ahead doesn’t mean that they won’t. There are some determined enough to move from here to there.

Movements. Do they desire to be thee? It seems so. Too many are in tuned with watching my every move when they should be focused on their own dreams and their own aspirations. I’m thankful that I’ve been chosen to proceed I’ve been chosen for the set position. In fact there are positions and there are the many reasons why I’ve been chosen to “be.” Mankind is having difficulties accepting the what is. There will continue to be the closeness to “The Word of God.” Smiling because I’m aware of how far God has carried me=Tanikka Paulk

“They Desire to Watch me=Tanikka Paulk to be you=Tanikka Paulk obviously.” by: Tanikka Paulk

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Why do They Want me=Tanikka Paulk to Become Another Person?

There are so many thinking oddly they’re in depth with trying to make me=Tanikka Paulk become another person. Identities are important and it seems as though some are willing to deal an identity. There are many ways to identify a person. I Tanikka Paulk have no interest “becoming” another person however my interest is in renewing the mind. To become aware of what’s occurring here and elsewhere. The challenges to keep my identity safe is unbelievable. There should be caution when dealing with certain individuals pertaining to the identity of one. What are they wanting from me=Tanikka Paulk?

There is a battle to keep my name, my identity, my character. “Every person must face the adversities and there’s ability to secure what is rightfully mine.” (Tanikka Paulk). My identity has been compromised. They’ve tried to make me=Tanikka Paulk become another and I’m unwilling  to allow such things to occur. Every person should fight to keep their identity. There’s a mission here. There’s the continuous progress to create the many changes which should occur. No matter how hard the persons try to cause insecurities there will be some willing to take the necessary stances.

Some are disagreeing about my position and that’s alright. All won’t agree but no matter how many disagree there will be continued actions towards making the changes. “Identities should be held highly every person should work towards keeping their identity safe.” BY: Tanikka Paulk. The movements continue there are many crimes committed and there has to be consequences. Identity theft occurs often and yes trying to recover could take long. There are responsibilities and the law must act and the citizens should be proactive. Standing up is what I’m going to do.

What I’m facing so many have faced. Most identities are stolen by persons the victim knows. There are some appearing to be brainless because of their actions. Law enforcement may appear to be focused elsewhere but Law enforcement is hired to solve crimes and enforce laws. “Enforcement is necessary but how many believe in the laws of the land?” (Tanikka Paulk). There are some committing crimes and thinking that there are no laws. Citizens should be aware of what’s occurring. Identity theft could land the individuals in prison.

Imagine being a victim and also being harassed while the criminals continue on their spree to commit other crimes. They’ve committed the crimes “in front of” every law enforcement agency and what will happen later? There should be some tough consequences. Perhaps some aren’t prepared to face. Crimes could cost a country lots of revenue. There’s has to be thinking involved when dealing with the individuals. Perhaps they’re not concerned about their freedom or they’re desperate. Advocating is necessary and it’s time to advocate to stop the individuals.

“Think About What’s Occurring and see What the Changes are and Should be.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Good Prosperous Complete Moments Ahead

There is joyfulness when analyzing further and finding more than there was before. Even when it seems as though many storms have formed there will always be breakthroughs. There is hope and there is the continuous motions. Prosperity can occur at any “moment.” It’s time and so many are awaiting their abundance. Prayers for abundance continue to occur. I’m a firm believer in hopefulness and transformation. It may appear as though there’s less but God is preparing more. That’s what the abundance represents. Even if there are 10 pennies there will be silver coins or gold.

Goodness is on the Right Path

There is goodness in this home here. I’ve faced many challenges but I’m still blessed. Oh yes there have been many tying to project their discouragement but there is glorious moments ahead. Amen! Sometimes there are thoughts of when the abundance will arrive but patience is necessary. “The sunshine continues to brighten the area here and God has many plans and victories.” (Tanikka Paulk). How many are actually grateful for their wealth? Yes there are many less fortunate but feel blessed because they’re alive.

To be Prosperous is to Live by Faith

To live faithfully meaning to believe the words spoken by God and Jesus Christ. “Oh yes indeed I’m alive and I’m grateful to be able to still smell the roses.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There should be smiles because God is awesome and He will do what He said He will do. Today there could be a half plate full and tomorrow there could be the abundantly achieved. Prayer continues and I’m aware of just how God has favored Tiki=Tanikka Paulk.

My time is now and I’m so thankful that there are some supportive of my journey. Yes it may appear as though many have turned their backs but no matter how many turn away God and Jesus Christ will never forsake. The battle continues where there are some trying to overpower me=Tanikka Paulk but God has intervened. To allow the growth will help others but how many think on such a level? Movements are occurring there is steadiness. Transformations continue to occur there is gladness. My place is still there. “To think of moving ahead is such a joy.” (Tanikka Paulk).

I’m getting closer and closer. There will be a place where there is complete peace. God wants His children to be at peace and especially His anointed. The rumbles have tried to interrupt the progress but there is still accomplishments. There should be confident and there so be “good” thoughts because there will certainly be abundance. God can intervene in areas where there is chaos. “My purpose was designed by God and I’ve achieved so therefore I’m confident that there will be more achievements.” By: Tanikka Paulk. What’s the next step? Have to wait and see.

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Keep reading as long as you keep living
muscari-562110_1280 field_We Fight our Battles Through FaithIt’s important that we do not lose hope no matter what we go through.

Reading is the way out of ignorance, and the road to achievement. Our mind needs nourishment, for it is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited (Puitarch). We must learn everything we can but be bold enough to think for ourselves. When we give our best selves and think for our selves we end up taking risks. When we have done our best, we also have to learn that we still need to rely on God. Our best-no matter how good-is incomplete if we leave God out of the picture. Negativeness is always lurking around waiting to take over. If we allow ourselves to dwell on negatives, on hurts, on mistreatments, we will be negative thinkers. To make the most out of life, all of us need to stop, think and analyze, and use the talents God has given us. People will always try to break us and tear us down. Therefore, it is important to remember that no one can make us feel inferior without our permission (Eleanor Roosevelt). Our place of abode, country our ethnicity will only hold us back if we let them. For it is not where we have come from but where we are going that counts. If we observe and reflect and commit ourselves to giving our best, we will come out on top.

Francis Bacon reminds us that knowledge is power. It enriches life itself and makes us better people. It broadens our grasp of the world around us, for it is the key that unlocks all doors. Our brain is the center of and for information. It works most effectively with consciously retained information. If we make every attempt to increase our knowledge in order to use it for human good, it will make a difference in us and in our world. Every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant, and interesting (Aldous Huxley). Reading activates and exercises the mind. It pushes us to use our imagination and make us more creatively inclined. If we develop in-depth knowledge, it will enable us to give our best to others and help to make a better world. It does not matter where we come from or what we look like. If we recognize our abilities, are willing to learn and to use what we know in helping others, we will always have a place in the world. God created us, loves us, and wants to help us to realize our potential so that we can be useful to others. When we rely on our relationship with God, it also makes us more capable individuals. We should do our best and let God do the rest. If we acknowledge our need for God, he will help us. We do not have to be victims of circumstance. If we give our best we cannot lose. We are still able to grow as long as we are alive. If we want a successful life-a life of inner peace and of contentment-we have to work for it. God expects us to do our best at everything. By thinking big we can transform our world.

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Oh Yes Indeed Many Have Misunderstood

The ability to understand is a wonderful thing. When there are folks refusing to understand then there could be confusion. How many are unwilling to refrain from the understanding? It appears as though there are so many thinking on levels which can cause breakdowns. There should be focusing on building but too many continue to believe that there should be overly competitiveness. To observe so many without understanding can be unsettling however there are ways to at least make attempts to create better understanding. When a person is trying to accomplish further goals and when there’s resistance there could be some frustration. “There will need to be focus on the areas which will incur what is necessary to become apart of greater productivity.” By: Tanikka Paulk

I’ve been challenged many times and it seems as though there are some choosing to be difficult. The journey won’t and hasn’t been easy. There are so many distractions but I’ve chosen to remove the distractions and remain focused on the upward motions. The ones continuing to believe that I’m incapable aren’t really seeing the whole picture. They’re continuously believing that pulling down will gain the result they’re after. There are many reasons why I’m continuing. I’m continuing to develop the “necessary abilities” in order to obtain the balanced results.

There are way too many People refusing the accept but what is for a person is for the person. Mankind will continue to be uncooperative. No matter what’s discussed there are some willing to think what isn’t actually so. It has been stated, declared, and applied. Yes, it is so, how many really know? I’ve discovered that there are some individuals believing that there should be decreases when in actuality there should be “increases.” They’ve tried to take away what is suppose to belong to (Tanikka Paulk) but God has intervened.

My purpose has already been destined. I’ve had to go through many battles and faced many trials. They’ve watched every move made and yet I’m still moving swiftly. God is allowing the growth to occur and what is it that mankind witness? They’ve chosen to project the resistance when they should consider the meaning of growth. There should be elevations because there will also be financial ability obtained. What line of thinking do they have? To move ahead even when there are so many refusing “to accept” is certainly proof that God is the most powerful. God the Creator of Mankind. Every word has been analyzed but have the words been analyzed properly? I’ve faced what others would be considered as reasons to cease the journey. My strength and determination has lead me=Tanikka Paulk to continue on the pathway.

To be chosen certainly means a lot. There have been setbacks but there has also been abundance unseen my their eyes. There will be continued focus on the dreams, ideas, and the vision. So many refuse to accept because of their thinking that they’re unable to accomplish certain set goals. If they choose to transform the mind then they’ll realize that their path will be more stabilized. Yes, there is thoughts of how so many are wasting their time in order to try and prevent what God declared, but there will be movements even when they think they’re aren’t any.

I’m smiling because I’m aware of how much God loves me=Tanikka Paulk and yes God loves all. There are some so determined to have their way that they refuse to allow the completeness to come together. They may want to include persons which aren’t considered to be equipped for the said mission. The ones chosen will be included and the ones they have perceived to be removed have not been removed. They’re busy minding my business instead of their own. The journey includes my family which includes my children. There are 5 sons belonging to Tanikka Paulk and they are with me=Tanikka Paulk now!

They’re too busy focusing on what isn’t their business. What I Tanikka Paulk choose to do is mine own business and what will come to me=Tanikka Paulk isn’t what they should be focused on. “It seems as though some either have no understanding or refuse to understand for whatever reason but there will be what God declared.” (Tanikka Paulk). The movements which so many want to take away should be hidden. There will should be joyfulness when there are elevations. I’m headed somewhere.

This is Tanikka Paulk That is Tanikka Paulk. Yes this that is Tanikka Paulk

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“Light Understands.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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Transformations Within the Mind in Time

The thoughts are so very important, what is thought of could cause increases, in some cases the thoughts could cause declines. That’s why it’s best that persons think on levels where there can be elevations. To think positively is better but how many will “think positively” on a daily basis? It’s best that there is positive thinking going on however no person will think positively every minuet. There are some rarely thinking on a positive level. It’s better to be surrounded by individuals choosing to be positive. Being surrounded by chaotic environments can cause fatigue. “I’ve chosen to replace the negative words with positive words and try to think more positive.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There is more focus now on the positives but there will be times when the negatives arrive. The good thing is that there are a lot of positive words to view and share. what a blessing! My eyes have viewed many words in which should have been left unsaid but once they’re out there there’s no taking the words back. At least there’s the ability to find the words which can add value to life. Smiling certainly helps to remove the negative thoughts and there’s “the ability” to think hopefully. How many are choosing to do so? It seems as though there are so many choosing to be negative but why?

Perhaps they too should decide to transform in someway. To be able to think at all is a blessing but when the positives enter then life will transform positively. Thank goodness. There is pleasure in knowing that there will be positively progressions occurring. Oh yes indeed. No matter what’s said I’ve chosen to insert the positive words where the negative words love to hang out. God has given me=Tanikka Paulk the ability to do so. “Yes there is still thoughts of moving forward toward further greatness.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’m continuing to work towards the highest level so that more can experience what I’m experiencing and “will continue” to experience.

The best thing to do is to continue moving with the important matters. To become more active in areas which will create more upward movements. There are so many continuing to believe that it’s best to try and prevent what should occur. What really needs to occur is “growth, progression, and revenue gain.” Yes, shouldn’t persons want to live better, shouldn’t persons want to receive abundance? It seems as though some aren’t so in tuned with developing better communities and a more stabilized economy. “The focus continues even when there are distractions occurring. I’m focused.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There are movements occurring right now. Perhaps some aren’t interested in producing more revenue so that there can be decreases with the homelessness rate. There should be more living comfortably. Some may try to prevent others from assisting with making society more connected. There will be the right connections in order to achieve what society needs. Every person is in need, meaning that every person needs some form of assistance, no matter how wealthy they are. There will be proper “movements” so that countries experience the growth which should be allowed.

The transformations could take some time. No need to worry because the mind continues to project the thoughts which can and will cause prospering to occur. That’s right. Some will want to come along so that they’ll experience the transformation. God has told each person that transformation of the mind needs to occur so that there is greater experienced. That’s why I’ve chosen to study the “Word of God” more. Persons having faith should study the word so that there’s a better connection with God the Father of Jesus Christ.

I’m so blessed that God has allowed the transformations to occur. Soon enough there will be movements in the right direction. Perhaps so many are wanting to know just where the mind is headed. God already declared my purpose and that’s what is on my mind because I’m believing that there should be prospering. How many are thinking in such a way? It appears as though there aren’t too many thinking properly. The actions are giving what they’re up to away. “My thoughts are my own and I’m continuing to remain hopeful so that there will be more and more growth occurring. Amen!

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Through Determination and seeking I’m Going to get There
July 18, 2017

It really does take determination in order to get to one point to another. With all the adversity most would probably stop trying to pursue in anyway. I’m not through yet. There’s a lot to discover and although so many may not want to witness “transformation.” Oh well, they’ll have to get use to it, and if not then that’s their problem. Too determined to look back now. Not in the mood to be apart of a bunch of child play. There’s way too much to do. For some they may perceive my seeking as some form of unrealistic kind of thing but oh no.

If there’s a way then there’s a way. So no matter what others are saying and what they’ll try to do. I’m a mission to gain more than I’ve gained before. Been through too much and there’s no way that I’m going through all of the madness and not receive. But receive what? Receive the blessings that are deserved. Mankind can try to stop “breakthroughs” but can they really stop the breakthroughs? Not if they’re meant to be. Of course some will continue to try.

Some may think that I’ve moved too slow. Not knowing exactly why certain situations have occurred. “There has been progress and will continue to be progress.” The ones who have tried to slow my progress are ending up setting themselves up! By the beings not doing any good, they’re making lots of mistakes, in which they’ll later regret. It’s the determination that keeps the hopefulness alive. I’m still here for a reason and although some may not think that what’s to come is for me=Tanikka Paulk and I’m you, You, YOU. YOU!! you! So what I’ve discovered is, a lot of people aren’t really pleased with the progress of some, not sure how they’re line of thinking has brought the individuals these far.

I’m certainly on a mission to leave “a place” where I’m believing all of the work in that place is almost completed. There’s a lot of memories that can’t be denied. Although I’ve faced many battles. There’s a reason for me=Tanikka Paulk being here. If a person is truly serious about what they’re doing then they’ll continue all even when the crowd behaves foolishly. No amount of troubles should detour a person from trying to excel. Too many have already listened to the wrong people and ended up tossing out their dreams.

There are many plans and some may try to sabotage a plan in someway but when a person is headed in the right direction then no amount of antics will stop the movement from occurring. There has to be patience of course and it’s unfortunate that so many are without “patience.” Perhaps some are afraid of others getting ahead because it reminds the persons how they’ve wasted so much of their lives on areas which add no value. Too many are concerned about how others are living their lives and rarely focusing on their own lives.

Where I’m headed isn’t all concern

There is still a lot to learn

My progress will not be hindered by all

I’m still standing and for some I’ve appeared tall in Elementary

Chuckles as the memories pass by

I’m headed somewhere if they’re saying otherwise then there’s lies

Although so many have tried to stop the journey

I’m still here and there’s still that yearning

What is it that so many ask of me=Tanikka Paulk?

Some may think that I’m headed nowhere at all

Their line of thinking could be their downfall

There is progress still ya all see

Don’t count that out because I’m still on “my journey”

Poetic Piece Written by: Tanikka Paulk

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Transforming an individual is possible and can be
March 30, 2017

Transformational Counseling is about helping another to change his life. Changing ones life is not about evolving it. While life is much about doing any other way, the beginning of the change is about a man modifying or changing his conviction or considered who he supposes he is. We have a tendency to trust that our life is resolved or affected by individuals, places, things, circumstances and situation and that our identity is the insignificant aggregation of our past encounters however this is not really. Or maybe, it is our considerations and convictions that decide our encounters and life and furthermore that we are totally and exclusively in charge of their creation. What we think and accept, particularly about ourselves, decides our feelings and conduct on the planet and it is our conduct that only approves what we think and accept about ourselves. Besides, we accept or feel that we know our identity in life yet actually we really don’t. Quite a bit of our identity truly being we are just not present to. Quite a bit of our life is spent in misrepresentation and our identity truly being is escaped us.

Given that quite a bit of our life is lived in falsification, from the build of sense of self, getting to be noticeably present to what is covered up, to our identity being in life, is completely essential for change. It is in that which is fundamentally escaped us that one will find what is deciding ones life, alluded to here as ones self-constraining conviction. The principal segment of the transformational procedure is for one to end up plainly present to the concealed contemplations and convictions that have been constraining him in life and specifically to his self-restricting conviction. It is in the being of the self-restricting conviction that one will find the essential requirement or boundary to his life, to him carrying on with an existence that he adores and living it effectively. We live from who we think we are. Who we think we are structures the setting for our life. Having the mindfulness or qualification of the self-restricting conviction permits one the capacity to not be it, to not have his life be simply the likely practically certain future from the past. Without the refinement of the self-restricting conviction one will keep on creating his life from the setting of this ideational boundary and therefore life will seem much as it did before.

Getting to be plainly present to what has been covered up, to what has been genuinely deciding his being in life, permits one the chance to change his life. When one gets who he has been being in life, the second segment of transformative process is for the person to start to make his life as a plausibility. Once the qualification of the self-restricting conviction is gotten, the individual is currently ready to genuinely make another probability for himself and his life. Getting the self-restricting conviction makes the space or an opening for a plausibility or potential outcomes to be created not therefore or result of the obstruction or requirement however from or out of nothing. It is just from nothing that probability can genuinely be made. Similarly as with the self-restricting conviction, plausibility exists in dialect. When one gets the dialect that he has been being, that has characterized and constrained him through being his self-restricting conviction, it is now that he can start to reproduce himself through the energy of his oath. Our identity is our statement. In will be in ones dialect or word made out of nothing that one has admittance to probability and change.

The procedure depicted beneath is intended to help a person in getting to be noticeably present to his self-restricting conviction and in the process to make the space or opening for him to concoct a probability or potential outcomes for reproducing his life.

1. Locate an unwinding and agreeable space to sit in for roughly 60 minutes. Organize this space to be free of any diversions. Simply permit yourself to start to unwind. Turned out to be available to where and your identity. The utilization of restorative unwinding music can advance the improvement of an exceptionally significant feeling of unwinding to upgrade this experience.

2. Take a note pad and start to record everything that you accept depicts or characterizes your identity. Give your mind a chance to meander and don’t attempt to sift or hinder through anything. Simply let whatever comes up about yourself, how you feel and what you consider yourself, to be composed down. Who you think you are or that which bests depicts you may show up in single words or short expressions. On the off chance that in a gathering, impart your depiction of yourself to others. Moreover, make two records as there will give off an impression of being both positives and negatives viewpoints about who you think you are.

3. Sit your scratch pad down, close your eyes and start to unwind profoundly once more. Once more, the utilization of remedial unwinding music will help you during the time spent making a profound condition of unwinding. As you move into a profound condition of unwinding permit yourself to start to float back through time, back through your life, back through your adulthood, youthfulness and into your adolescence. Permit yourself to wind up plainly present to how you were being, encounters, musings and sentiments, through the different stages or phases of your life. Simply wind up plainly present to or see what shows up for you.

4. Open your eyes and profit to work for your scratch pad. Investigate what you have composed and include anything that you wound up plainly present to about yourself amid the previously mentioned unwinding exercise. Once more, don’t sift through anything besides only permit whatever there is to rise to the top, both the positive and negative words that best portrays who you think and feel you are or were.

5. When you have gone to a fulfillment of making the rundowns, both positive and negative, consider that the positives of who you think yourself to be frame the misrepresentation of your life and that their plan or capacity is to settle the negatives of who you think you are.

6. Permit yourself to end up noticeably present to the negatives you have recorded. See which one of the negatives best depicts your identity, what you usually accept and feel about yourself, what you have encountered in your brain in the past and even at this point. Announce the negative viewpoint that is natural to you to be your self-constraining conviction.

7. Put your scratch pad in your lap. Permit yourself to wind up plainly completely present to the way that what you have composed is you, is who you trust yourself to be. Turned out to be available to an inauthentic method for being, the positive as misrepresentation and the negatives as that which we avoid ourselves and the world.

8. Put the note pad into your past. On the off chance that you are correct given place your journal to one side. On the off chance that you are left given place your note pad on your right side. Put the journal roughly three feet from you.

9. When you put your note pad into your past permit yourself to wind up plainly present to where your scratch pad is in connection to your body, on your right side or left. Permit yourself to again end up plainly present to what you have written in your journal is who you trust you are and that it exists to either your privilege or left.

10. When you wind up noticeably present to who you trust yourself to be, to the depiction of yourself as you have composed, permit yourself to end up plainly present to what now lies before you. Given that who you think you are is either to one side or right, wind up noticeably present to what exists before you is nothing, an opening from which everything and anything is conceivable and can be made.

11. Inside the nothing that shows up before you, concoct a plausibility or potential outcomes for yourself and your life. Proclaim your probability in dialect or word, of who you will go up against being in life, for yourself. Besides, this statement turns into your own certification of who you will be in and for the world.

12. Rehash this activity ordinary. Rehashing this activity every day will permit one to keep on staying present to his self constraining conviction in order to not be it and furthermore to the likelihood or potential outcomes that he has made and created for himself and his life. Proceeding with this activity will likewise permit the further conceivable disclosing of the self-restricting conviction. The self-constraining conviction that one at first ends up noticeably present to may uncover much more profound importance for one’s identity or has been being.

The activity laid out above is about the work of the initial two parts of Transformational Counseling and one starting the procedure of change. When one gets the refinement of his self-restricting conviction and makes a probability or potential outcomes for himself and his life, the third segment of change includes taking during the time spent enlistment. Enlistment is an intense strategy for permitting one to remain living into his plausibility and out of his self-constraining conviction. The fourth part of change is about making a day by day arrange. The every day arrange permits one the chance to keep on living into or create his plausibility in his life once a day. The fifth part of change includes a pledge to remain in the discussion of change. It is in remaining in the discussion that one encounters the nonlinear way of change in this manner keeping the procedure alive in his life.

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