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Summer is back with a bang time for fruit juices
April 15, 2017


I just wait for summer to set in as we have a number of fruits that are waiting to be consumed. There is always a bumper and after consuming and distributing to friends and well wishers  we make fruit juices and preserve them that last us a full year. The fruits are at their best in summer. The rainy season will render the fruits watery and less sweet.

Different fruits have different methods to extract juice.

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There are many varieties of mangoes that grow in our garden. We normally use the Benett Alphonso which is ideal for making juice as it does not have any stringy pulp.

Mangoes are cut and pulp is extracted and mixed in sugar syrup. Once it is thoroughly mixed it is strained for any stringy pulp.  A liquid preservative is then added.  Once can dilute this preserved juice while drinking if one finds it to be thick.

Bell fruit

There are two varieties in bell fruit. We have the white which is sweeter and juicy.

Bell fruits are minced and juice extracted by putting in a mixie. The juice is then extracted by straining through a muslin cloth.  Sugar syrup, ginger juice and a touch lime juice is added. A liquid preservative keeps the juice for several months


Cherries are kept in the fridge in a glass or plastic container to which sugar,  in the ratio of 1:4 is added where one is the sugar.  Every day  the mixture is well shaken and after seven days juiced will be ready for use. Enough water should be added before drinking.  The cherries will be totally shrivelled and are discarded.  Here again a liquid preservative is added and the juice will last for several months.

Star goose berries

The same procedure that is used for cherries is applicable here.


Apart from making fruit juices one can prepare ice creams and jams.



    1. Love fruit juice smoothies

    2. Yes summer is a great time to enjoy fruits- Watermelon, musk melon and mangoes being the favorites.

    3. There are a number of juices available nowadays. Recently when I visited the market I have seen a number of varieties. Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Grade, Blue Berry, Mango, Bel, and some juice the names of which I could never recollect. It was opened very recently and the owner was making a lot of money. He kept only 3 mixes exclusively for the preparation of juices.

      Mango juice is not preferred in summer as it causes heat in the body. It should be consumed as a fruit only to get the maximum benefits out of it. The best juice I prefer and suggest to others is Cane juice. It cools the temperature of the body and acts as a shield during the Summer season.

      • There are a few companies who market fresh fruit juices without adding any chemicals but the question is to know about them.

    4. I just read about a fruit called an “apple-mango”. It’s being grown in India. It has more mango meat, a smaller seed, and it is sort of shaped like an apple. I don’t like it when people tamper too much with nature, But that apple-mango sounds tasty! 🙂

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