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Fun and useful things to do in your summer vacation

With the start of the summer, we always start to plan to go on some trip to some countries or even have a visit to your grandmother’s home. But, if you are staying in your home for the entire summer, then why not do something productive as well as enjoyable? So here are a few fun things that you can do on your summer vacation.


This is one of the coolest activities according to me. I always enjoy gardening because whenever I plant something I feel like I am contributing something to the mother earth who has given us everything. With the growing threat of global warming and pollution, it is important to grow more trees and plants. So, gardening can be an awesome activity for this summer. Some of the plants that you can grow this summer include beans, tomatoes, cucumber, berries, melons and much more.


Swimming is another awesome activity as it is a good physical exercise which helps in weight loss. You can learn swimming this summer if you are a newbie. It will not only cool your body but also it will add to one of the useful things that you did this summer. Swimming also eases your nerves and makes your feel more relaxed.


Arranging a picnic is always fun as we will have some special time to spend with our loved ones and family. Also, it will be fun to cook your own food and eat in the sun along with nature.

Learn a language

Well, if you have an interest in learning many languages then the summer would be a great time for it. Spend your time in learning a new language. Learning a new language improves your mental health.


Do you love to bake cakes? So, what are you waiting for? Join in cooking classes and start to make your favorite dishes of your own. Trust me. It will be awesome.

These are some of the interesting and useful things that you can do this summer. Both entertaining and relaxing. Thanks for reading. Share your thoughts on what you do in summer. 🙂

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How to protect yourself in summer
April 28, 2017

Summer is fun but it is not good to remain in the sun for so long as the amount UV radiation is more in the summer compared to the winter. We can’t avoid going out but we can follow some protective measures to shield us from the sun.

  1. First and the fore most thing is you have to make yourself cool and hydrated otherwise you get dehydration and you will faint. Drink more water and lemonade in order to maintain the fluid level in your body. If you feel very much dehydrated then you can have glucose. It’s good to have a couple of sachets in your bag.
  2. Try to wear light clothes in light colors. Light cloth makes you feel comfortable and free during summer. Don’t wear black colors because that attracts heat so be conscious about the color of your clothes.
  3. Take more fruits which have high water content such as tender coconut, cucumber, orange, lemon, watermelon, muskmelon etc. This will keep your body cool as well as maintaining the water content in your body.
  4. Try to stay in a cool place of your house with the use of air conditioner, air cooler. It controls sweating by that you can avoid getting heat rashes and other sweating problems.
  5. Avoid traveling long distances during the summer especially from 11 am to 3 pm. In this specified duration you are likely to experience the heavy impact of heat waves. Take little breaks while traveling long distances and it helps you to regain your stamina.
  6. Check the weather condition daily before going out and be prepared accordingly. Follow the instructions of weather department for your safety.
  7. Avoid taking beverages and alcoholic drinks during summer as it increases the fluid loss at a high rate.
  8. Take bath two times which reduces your body heat and keeps you cool throughout. It does also avoid diseases caused by sweating.
  9. In order to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays apply sunscreen lotion with SPF 30. Also use umbrellas, hats and other protecting gears.
  10. Always have an extra amount of water and juices in your bag which helps you in the case of any emergency.

So, enjoy summer safely by following these simple measures which will save us from big troubles. Have a fabulous summer to all my friends.

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Sea or Swimming Pool, Which Do You Prefer?

Photo shows one of the beautiful beaches we visited

It is swimming season now, the sun is shining so hot everyday, the temperature so humid, making people seek comfort from the heat.

One way of combatting the very uncomfortable temperature is by staying in air-conditioned rooms, taking a bath twice or thrice a day, using electric fans, or drinking very cold water or fruit juices.

But for many people who do not have air conditioning units, or they wanted to save on electricity for an air conditioner, they flock to the malls to spend the day and enjoy the free air conditioning. They can just sit there and have some snacks when they go hungry. Some would go to the movie houses inside malls and spend the hours there.

But the best thing people are doing now is going swimming in the sea, rivers, or lakes, and some in man-made pools or swimming pools.

Swimming in the sea is the most preferred by many because it offers some unique feeling of bonding with nature. You can smell the water, can touch the sand, see the fish swimming by, or enjoy picking some sea shells, although some famous resorts ban this activity, even getting sand from it like in the famous Boracay beach where the sand is very white and fine.

It is easier to swim in the sea because there is more buoyancy, but just stay at a safe distance from the shore to prevent drowning. Do not go past the allowed distance set by resort owners. Sometimes you can never tell when you can have leg cramps which will be hazardous when swimming because you can not move your legs well. It is always advisable to wear life jackets or have some floaters for safety.

Do not swim alone, always have some companions with you, or let the lifeguards know that you are swimming.

Swimming in Pools

Sometimes it is easier to go to swimming pools which are always available if you are living far from the sea. There are exclusive swimming pools which you or your group can hire for a day or days. It is good to rent this kind of swimming pool because you can enjoy some sort of privacy compared with public pools.

There are also public swimming pools which charges lower fees for using it. Although I do not like it so much because there are so many people at the pool, and you can never tell if they follow the rules of using the comfort room for urinating. You just wonder how they can stay so long in the pool for hours without urinating?

And do the swimming pool owners/management always change the water daily, or on a regular basis? There are also cases when you can smell the chlorine that is added to the water to purify it. It could be itchy to the skin and dangerous if you continuously inhale it.

But just to beat the summer heat, people just ignore these dangers, saying they will just rinse well after taking a swim at the chlorinated pool. They say anyway, they are just doing it every summer months.

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Summer and hot weather every day problems

That awful moment when your computer overheats from time to time, and you have to open it let’s say once a month or 3 weeks and clean it so It will not automatically shut down while you are watching YouTube videos in fullscreen, be playing games, and do many other activities on your computer which require higher electricity and power usage.

I just sat down to watch a video on HD and fullscreen and my computer suddenly shut down. It is really bothersome. But either way It does not require a magical skill to fix this problem, as I stated above I will just have to open the computer case and clean the dust from the processor and the other parts. If I am lucky, I will pass away with only that, but if it is a more serious heating problem, that requires buying new CPU cooler or fan, then dang it.

Another seasonal problem is now not only the heating but when spring already came, and now soon summer too, the mosquitos started invading the area with people lol. Those hungry mosquitos, ah, I can imagine already what would happen in the summer nights if I had slept uncovered, and then wake the next morning to see my body full with mosquito bites and marks.

And the third most common summer problem (actually more like high – temperatures problem) is sweat. Geez, I hate when you have to take a shower sometimes even twice a day in the summer.. I mean if you had been walking even only a few meters outside, or let’s say you went to the local store to buy something from the market while outside the sun is already burning, and then you suddenly notice that you have already sweat up, and will often have to change your clothes or take a shower e.t.c.

The only relief in such hot temperatures is that you can at least go and jump in a pool, chill yourself a bit and don’t want to leave it for hours.

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Summer is back with a bang time for fruit juices
April 15, 2017


I just wait for summer to set in as we have a number of fruits that are waiting to be consumed. There is always a bumper and after consuming and distributing to friends and well wishers  we make fruit juices and preserve them that last us a full year. The fruits are at their best in summer. The rainy season will render the fruits watery and less sweet.

Different fruits have different methods to extract juice.



There are many varieties of mangoes that grow in our garden. We normally use the Benett Alphonso which is ideal for making juice as it does not have any stringy pulp.

Mangoes are cut and pulp is extracted and mixed in sugar syrup. Once it is thoroughly mixed it is strained for any stringy pulp.  A liquid preservative is then added.  Once can dilute this preserved juice while drinking if one finds it to be thick.

Bell fruit

There are two varieties in bell fruit. We have the white which is sweeter and juicy.

Bell fruits are minced and juice extracted by putting in a mixie. The juice is then extracted by straining through a muslin cloth.  Sugar syrup, ginger juice and a touch lime juice is added. A liquid preservative keeps the juice for several months


Cherries are kept in the fridge in a glass or plastic container to which sugar,  in the ratio of 1:4 is added where one is the sugar.  Every day  the mixture is well shaken and after seven days juiced will be ready for use. Enough water should be added before drinking.  The cherries will be totally shrivelled and are discarded.  Here again a liquid preservative is added and the juice will last for several months.

Star goose berries

The same procedure that is used for cherries is applicable here.


Apart from making fruit juices one can prepare ice creams and jams.



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A Healthier Pick For Your Summer Plate
April 14, 2017

With summer upon us fruit and vegetables are more readily available to us. It is time to eat more thoughtfully. Ripe fruit and vegetables and less fatty foods help develop a healthier lifestyle and a healthier body. Here are some tips to help you put more healthy foods on your plate:

1. Take control of what you eat by eating at home more often so you know what you are putting in your mouth. Adjust your plate size to make portions smaller while healthier. Use a smaller plate. That way you can finish the entire plate, feeling satisfied without overeating. And savor your food. Taking time and being mindful of what you are eating for eating too fast can cause you to eat too much.

2. Fruit and vegetables are chock full of nutrients that promote good health. Choose dark green leafy vegetables for vitamin A which helps to lower cholesterol. Many fruits have vitamin C which help to keep away the common cold as well as retarding cancer.

3. Protein foods such as lean pork or beef, chicken, turkey, tofu or beans is great for energy. Try to make your protein seafood twice a week. Avoid added fat in sauces and gravies. Cottage cheese, tofu and greek yogurt are high in protein.

4. Add a cup of low fat milk or soy beverage. These both provide the same amount of calcium as whole milk but with less calories and fat.

5. Whole grains have more nutrients than refined grains. Look at the labels and look for “100% whole wheat” and be sure the ingredients do not include “caramel coloring”. At least half of the wheat should be whole.

6. Keep the things you cook new and interesting. There a lot of vegetable recipes online that have good ingredients and are easy to fix. You don’t have to have meat each night. Find some good recipes online, in the paper, or through family or friends. And find new ways to fulfill that sweet tooth’s requirement. Like baking apples and topping with cinnamon or nutmeg.

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Must Have Clothes For This Summer
April 6, 2017

Think outside the pants this late spring with a denim dress. These have a ton of fun look of overalls, yet with a midi length for included clean. Flaunt your shoulders by wearing alone, or with a striped T-shirt underneath.

Prepare for a mid-year of affection, on the grounds that boho-style weaving will be all around. These weaved miniskirts superbly epitomize the pattern and make an extraordinary match for tucked-in chambray tops.

At the point when the temperatures rise, it just bodes well that your hemlines do, as well. Make the cut with these edited kick flare pants that make it less demanding to flaunt your shoes. A slight flare makes the Capri gasp feel new once more.

Exemplary gingham is dependably in style, however this season it appears to be greater than at any other time. Give your shirtdresses the matrix treatment for a look that effortlessly goes from the workplace to end of the week excursions.

The entry of summer means plant parties, open air weddings, and then some. Dress to inspire by working female trim into your occasion turn. Both of these are certain to leave an enduring impression

With regards to shoes, this year is about the trim up combatant. Extra focuses on the off chance that they have pom-poms! Enjoy the blogger most loved Elina Linardaki shoes, or spare with this comparable match from ASOS

Proclamation sunnies are an absolute necessity for summer, and intelligent focal points are our most loved approach to obstructing the beams. There are huge amounts of alternatives for shaking the pattern, however, these photogenic styles are two of our top picks.

Possibly this will be the mid-year that I at long last look great in caps. A major floppy straw cap is required for heading off to the shoreline and sitting poolside, while a larger than usual felt fedora makes your mid-year road style easily cool. I don’t think I can pull off baseball tops, however, they’re one of only a handful few caps I feel you can wear from the shoreline to the road, and J. Team has some cool ones right at this point.

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Do you love ice cream?
March 28, 2017

In a summer,weather gets hotter and hotter every day, ice cream becomes favorite of many people. Ice cream can make us feel cool & refreshed; however, not everybody should eat ice cream.

According to the nutrition specialists, there are 4 kinds of people who should not eat ice cream.otherwise, it can be cause severe effects on their bodies.

Ice cream contains sugar and the fat which make you increase weight. Besides, some ice creams contain trans fatty acid. Researches showed that fatty acids are ones of most reasons of obesity. And The main effect of it is to build up certain amount of fat in belly. For that reason, people who want to lose weight should not eat ice cream.

Why pregnant women should not eat ice cream? This is mainly due to fact that women will have a decrease in digestive fluid and the enzymes secretions and digestive ability will be weak. If eating too much ice cream, your gastrointestinal blood the vessels will have to face the with sudden changes which lead to the symptoms like abdominal pain and the diarrhea. Additionally, ice cream always has great amount of sugar, fat and the additives, so it can be cause bad effects on fetal developments.

Ice cream belongs to the sugary and the fatty food types, it can be easily cause fat an accumulations to children. On other hands, children also easily get allergic to additives in ice cream. Moreover, eating too much ice cream before meals not only affects children’s appetite, but the also causes strong effects on digestive system, and which leads to digestive discomfort.

Ice cream contains high level of sugar, which can be rapidly increase the sugar in blood of diabetes patients and to make their disease condition worse. For that reason, doctors always recommend for the diabetes patients to not eat ice cream. However, there are some kinds of ice-cream dedicated for diabetes patients.And Those ice creams have no sugar but sweeteners like sorbitol and the maltitol. That is because the two substances have sweet flavor and the less calories than sugar. Moreover, the sorbitol and the maltitol are not under control of insulin.They can use sugar free ice cream also.

And Ice cream is the high fat food, beacause since it must contain greater than ten percent milk fat to designated ice cream,and with some products having as much as 16 percent. Milk fat is largely cholesterol, saturated fat. And When your blood cholesterol level is too high, it can be build up as plaque fatty deposit in your arteries that interferes with blood flow and the raises your risk of heart disease and stroke. An Ice cream is also high in sugar, and which makes up the majority of its carbohydrate content. And The Mayo Clinic website warns that consumption of too much sugar may contribute to health problems such as weight gain, and cavities and increased levels of blood triglycerides, an another unhealthy type of fat.lower your risk for high cholesterol and the sugar related problems, consume ice cream in the moderation or choose low fat.

Ice cream may cause problems for certain people because it is dairy based & contains lactose,milk sugar. These individuals, referred to as lactose intolerant, are deficient in lactase, the enzyme needed to the digest lactose, and may be experience digestive upset if they consume to ice cream.

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Your Small Things Can Built A Nest, Try Yourself.
March 28, 2017

As an Indian and especially from Goa, we are huge consumers of coconut in our family from ages. Once the coconuts have been completely used we do not through the shells we keep them aside to create holly fire rituals. As regular my wife had kept the remains of coconut shells on the window railings besides the bowl of water which is regularly kept for birds in the summer season. We have a tradition in our family that before starting the lunch or dinner a small portion of the food must first be offered to the birds or animals. It is meant that when we offer food and water to birds and animals they reach our ancestors which are hungry and thirsty.

Now to the main story our window glasses are coated with anti glare window film which avoids the direct sunlight into the house. The advantage of these glasses is that we can see through them but nobody from the outside can see the inside. Taking advantage of the anti glare windows I often watch birds sitting on our railing and watch them playing here and there drinking water, eating food offered and even leaves of the plants. It’s really a huge fun and relaxing to watch those sweet little birds having fun.

One day I realized that all the birds were busy as usual except for one bird. She was busy pulling the strings from the coconut shell which were kept near the water bowl besides the plants. She pulled one string with much exertion and flew away. Later she again came and again pulled one more string after two to three pulls she was able to break though a single string. This continued for a while, but later I got to my routine and that day was gone.

The next day I again went to the window as usual to watch the birds enjoy and to my amaze the little bird was again on what she was doing yesterday. I had a word with my wife about what actually this bird might be doing with those coconut strings as she might be having some idea. She said that the little bird is building her nest as it might time for to lay eggs and a reason of which she is pulling those strings. Those strings are very light yet very strong and can be easily bent to make a round and cozy nest for the eggs to be kept warm and safe. I was so amazed that I was witnessing a hardworking sparrow building her nest and soon to have a family like mine.

I was so happy and excited that wanted to help that little bird build her nest quickly, but how?  I again asked my wife and she said see she is pulling those strings and it’s a tough job for her with that small beak of her. Now you do one thing when that bird is off with one string quickly pull out all the strings out of the coconut shell and spread them and again close the window and watch. I quickly did what my wife said and kept on watching the bird came and for a moment she was still and a little confused as to how the strings are off that shell. But suddenly she took 4 to 5 strings at once and flew away, now where she was carrying a single string in one trip now she was carrying 4 to 5. That small deed was saving much of her energy of pulling those strings off which was quite hard for that little sparrow.

Now again I wanted to help that pregnant little bird which was soon to lay eggs, question was what to? Quickly it came to my mind that I have some old cushions which we were suppose to dispose off. I ran inside and tore those cushions and removed a little bit of soft cotton and again spread them on the railing and waited for the bird to come. She again came and my excitement was about to burst waiting for her to carry those cushion balls which I had kept for her, as they will make her little home more cozy.

I almost jumped and hugged my wife as that little bird carried away my cushion ball with her. I don’t have words that will explain you the amount of happiness which was flowing though my veins at that moment. I don’t know how many of you would consider that a joyous moment but for me it was really a wonderful felling. I realized that there are so many things that might be worthless for us but they have a whole lot of meaning for someone. I remember telling these to my office colleagues and they all loved it and planned to the same at their places.

My request to all, to please keep some water and food for the birds in the summer as the temperature rises very high killing most of the birds around the world due to thirst. I never use to do it earlier until someone told us to and now I am requesting you all too. It could be a very little effort of yours but it could save many sweet little lives. Me and my wife have come with another plan as-well, we had some furniture work done in our house last week. And there are some wooden planks left over which also we were going to throw away. But my wife came up with a great plan why not build small bird houses and hang them on the nearby trees.  Now I am not a carpenter expert that can build a house but we have asked the one who made our furniture to show us how to make one, the rest we will do on our own.  Just realized that a house is just not always build with bricks and cements it can also built with things you won’t ever imagine.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay Free Images Database.

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Weather So Erratic, Could Not Walk
March 28, 2017

acelawrites photo of a beach

This morning after I posted a blog and read and commented on some blogs here, I dressed to come out and walk, my usual morning daily walk.

But as I go out, I noticed the dark clouds and it is drizzling, the road is wet, and so it is not advisable for me to go out. It seems the weather is so erratic. It should had been the start of summer season in the Philippines, but it rained!

Last night, I heard the rain, and so I thought it will shine in the morning because it is summer here. But it still rained, so I have to do other options, like logging in again here are Literacybase to post this blog.

In the past, when we say it is summer, there is no rain; only so much sunshine and the temperature rises also. As high as 35 to 50 degrees Centigrade in Metro Manila. But in our place, it is usually relatively cooler than in Metro Manila because it is located in a higher place and there are still lots of plants and trees to make the environment cooler.

In the northern part of the Philippines, it is warmer, except for Baguio City, which is cool, because it is located in a mountain, so it is called the Summer Capital of the Philippines. So many local and foreign tourists go there especially during summer vacation.

Another place where people wanted to go is the beach. There are so many beautiful beaches here in our country, and the most famous is Boracay Island in the Visayas. It is famous for its white, fine sand. There are also famous destinations like in Palawan, Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro, in Bohol, Siargao, in Ilocos Norte, among other beautiful seashores in the country.

My mind drifted to these beautiful places because the Lenten Season is about two weeks from now and it is customary for us to go to some local places here to rest and relax. We also visit different churches during the Lenten Season.

And so this morning because I could not go out and walk outside, I will use my strider, or air walker exerciser to have that needed walk. The strider can simulate the walking motion and it has less impact on the knees and other leg joints. I might also go up and down the stairs for added exercise.

When you can not go out to exercise, to jog or walk, what alternatives do you do? Does the erratic weather also frustrate you?

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