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Style rules for the true ladies.
April 12, 2017

Often the elegant women capture eyes of surrounding. It seems nothing special – just elegant dress and shoes. But in fact, behind the elegant ladies image lies the ability to combine what is modern and what is the time-tested.

It is said that the classic clothes always are fashionable, but it’s not quite true. Like other styles, the classic is also changing: from fashion withdraw certain cuts, fittings, fabrics or even clothing harmonization techniques. You may have noticed that some women look very stylish, but not boring, while others – like according to the rules, but dismally. The first choose a modern classic, but modern classic, architectural forms of clothing, luxury-looking fabrics, and original cuts. The dismally women are still hung to the classic stuff without character or even old-fashioned.

If you want to look like a modern lady, do not miss the trends, but know how to select them and customize to the elegant image. Pay attention to the clothes’ tighter lines, minimalism, do not be afraid of interesting sculptural accessories – all of this give the luxury for the image.

True ladies image is always seamless, no matter what the styles outfit she wears. If the clothes and accessories are of different styles, try to maintain a coherent color gamut – a few shades of one color. If you wear different printed clothing, one pattern should dominate and the other is more delicate. At the same time, combine no more than 3-4 different colored clothes. In your outfit combine two neutral design objects and one that would highlight, for example, a white knitted shirt, classic jacket and fashionable jeans with embroidered colored applications. For the patterned fabrics create counterweight plain clothes or accessories. Choose neutral colors: beige, camel coat, powders, gray, brown, dark blue, deep red, black, bleached coffee, khaki, etc.

If you wear a dress with highlighted waist or diverging skirt and adherent blouse combination, you will instantly become an elegant lady. Such outfit will create an hourglass silhouette, and this looks very smartly, emphasizes femininity. In the party, celebration or dating to this outfit most suitable are elegant high heels, and if you choose hourglass outfit for the day time, boldly wear shoes without high heels.

The vulgarity is like an alien planet for the ladies – never show too much. In order to look sexy they choose only one intriguing detail, for example, a dress with closed front, but naked back, or shortened blouse, but midi-length skirt. A true lady never combine shiny mini dress with deep neckline and flat heels, never at the same time denude bust and legs, as well as never make up like Barbie doll. There is valid a rule – the less is the more and priority is given to subtle, tasteful temptation.

It is believed that there is nothing more elegant than a black and white combination. But is it really? It may be noted that no less elegant look those that prefer pastel colors, bright fabrics and discreet printing. The approaching of the summer requires to renew your wardrobe with a soft pink, blue, mint tones, the courage to wear white or other bright colored clothes. Your clothes will look feminine, romantic and refreshing.


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    1. You are correct. Even the classic clothes have some changes already , conforming to the modern times.

      Although, being an office girl, one cannot go wrong in having the shades of gray, white , black , beige in our wardrobe. Be sure that your have blouses of solid colors and skirts and pants too. Then you can interchange them , to make it appear new to the eyes of the people who sees you.

      Shoes should also be in colors of black , gray and beige. These 3 basic colors of clothes, bag and shoes should be in your wardrobe. They are easy to pair with one another that’s why.

      Besides, a solid color indeed has a class look than the printed ones.

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