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The media as a business.
April 12, 2017

There is prevailing negative attitude of most people about the media. People tend to say that the media is too negative, yellow and distorting reality. The claim is obvious that media in the first place puts the world of entertainment, political dissatisfaction or football topics. Even more information is wrapped into sensational headlines and trying to lay out the facts in a way that would cause the greatest series of emotions. If generally speaking, the largest added value of article is achieved when it gives the greatest emotions to the reader. True, usually negative, since it is easier accessible and leads to a greater effect than the positive.

The biggest mistake and misunderstanding is to try to blame the publisher or television that there is going the consistent human nonsense. It is worth to understand the basis on which works the media. First of all, it’s business. TV or press earns not when publish expensive experts opinions and statements. Much more and more often media earns from the tabloid news. The secret is simple – pop news is much more popular among readers and watchers than analytical. This brings higher returns. The representatives of media business in the most visible headings and covers will sure add scandalous event descriptions. It is the most attractive for the purchaser and most profitable for the seller. Finally, everything is based on the reader.

The media is simply a reflection of the readers’ interests. At the moment when the masses feel the need for more qualitative journalism, publishers undoubtedly will adjust. Otherwise, it would become unprofitable. However, there is also elite or in other words a high quality and reliable press. It partly fills the niche of media publishing, which is requiring the intelligent reader. On the other hand, this market is much smaller and less profitable, and the reader often has to pay the relatively high price for a publication.

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