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Social media menace in our generation.

The social media is like a plague in our country right now. Everyone seems to be on one platform or the other. We have accounts like Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Facebook, Blackberry, Whatsaap, Viber etc. I am on quite a few, but I must confess I can hardly keep up. In the social media world, you can always keep in touch with people, in fact there is hardly any excuse of not being able to reach people even if you do not have their phone numbers. It seems interesting and good to communicate with family and friends.

However, one thing gets me on social media. The thought of you changing your dp just to celebrate someone. I have never been in that line, I can wish you well, but will not change my dp, but friends have made it clear to me that since I do not do it, then do not expect it from us. I was forced to join the band wagon at some point, but to be honest with you, I really do not care.

I will commend facebook  and instagram for the likes they have on their accounts for people who cannot comment, we just hit the like button. That to me relays as much message as a greeting, but to some, it’s not enough. I have tried to make people understand that I do not really have the time for such, but they have failed to listen. They have failed to understand that I cannot possibly keep up with everybody on their birthdays. There is always a birthday on each day and you must wish them well. I must commend fb again because they remind you of birthdays of family and friends. As soon as I see it, I wish them well with a very short message.

I’m grateful to social media for everything, from clothes shopping to solving problems, but we must learn to curb it a bit. I am of the opinion that we limit our use of social media to just keeping up with friends and all, after all it’s cheaper than making calls, but my only downside will be that people hardly see one another anymore. Our use of social media has reduced that for most. The only people I visit are my parents, the aged ones who cannot use social media.

This menace has also brought fame for some while it has made some rich overnight.  We are happy with the advantages but should also be weary of the harm or damages it has brought to some. My only worry with sites like whatsaap will be having all the artisans on your contact list sending you very friendly messages of which I do not condone. Just recently, my meat seller, mechanic and guard sent me one of such messages, but thank God for the block option. I have such people on instagram following me so closely it’s unbelievable. As soon as I post a picture, they like immediately even though I have the option to restrict followers by making my account private. I have personally decided to leave mine open for reasons best known to me.

Thank you social media for the good, bad and the ugly.


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    1. in general I hate it, but yes they do some benefit for the good business , but i belive that most of their work is to fool us more than to help us and that is why is their work realy about, to sell not to really give you the truth, but yea very rearly the do help in spreading truth things

    2. I only have one social media and that is Facebook.

      That’s because it’s what my daughter and husband only uses too. One social media is enough for us to connect to each other since our daughter lives and works in a far city. So, FB chat is of big use to us. At least, we can also keep track of what our daughter is up to at FB.

      I rarely post, so does my daughter and my husband , rarely too.

      Though, we love seeing the post of my friends and relatives.


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