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May 18, 2017

Well iv been taking sleeping pills for about 2 years. Just the over the counter pain pill with sleep aid . started out sleeping more but  feeling tired and loss of energy during the day. It went on and i began getting stomach aches. then my muscles were tired and sore. I dont smoke and i drink little. I did not know what to do because i could not sleep. So it was either not sleep or take these pills . Well after a while the 1 pill wasn’t working so i upped it to 2 pills slept a little more but felt a little worse . I am a inner inspired person i find a dime where there is only a penny. but i was feeling depressed and weak and tired during the day. I also have psoriasis arthritis so i live with pain anyway .Docs tell me and i quote . “live with it” they obviously dont know the pain and problems it causes and they dont care . Anyways back to the sleeping pills . They would put me in a trance like sleeping mode. half asleep . that was crazy annoying. I was feeling so tired, depressed, confused and memory loss. So i went to the doctor they gave me a brain scan and said i was fine. ok when you cant remember your own address or your phone number or your last name . something is not right . but needed sleep so upped the pills to 3 a night . Very tired depressed confused fatigued . more loss of memory . and still the half asleep problem. these pills are clearly not the way to go. but where do you go ? well down to 1 pill a night again. not good sleep. tried banana seemed to work a little. Going to research some natural products but not with chemicals in them. all natural . We are being poisoned and all so people can get rich off these med. My advice is to not get started on these things. Eat healthy , Stretch daily . Talk to yourself and be happy.

    1. Dina said on May 19, 2017

      I always experience not getting sleepy at 10:00 despite me being so sleepy. I would eventually get sleep at past midnight. I get stressed by that because I will still be waking up at 5:00 a.m. the next day because I have to get ready to report to work.

      But I never resorted to getting a sleeping pill because I know that once It take that my sleep would further be wrecked more.

      I am sorry that happened to you. I cannot say you shouldn’t have taken it , because you know its not good to be on the pill.

      I hope you can get over the habit of taking the sleeping pill and return to getting sleeping normally. May you be free from the pill one of these days.

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