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Parents, not only a word

Parents not only give us birth but they give us a life. Nothing is worth their value. We exist because of them. But is that it? Not only a life but they give us a reason for our life, a goal. No one is nothing without their parents. Everyone needs them all the time. We may not realize it but we are so much dependent on them that we forget their value. We start taking them for granted. And a time comes when they become a headache but still we do not realize that we need them the most.

Their advice is the best thing one could ever receive because it is a universal fact that they are always right. We are always ignorant in the beginning but eventually, we come running back to them. Not everyone is lucky enough to get the unconditional love of their parents but those who are should always be there for their parents. A lot of cases have come up recently about the abandoning of old people by their children. Abandoning those who gave them life, taught them how to eat, walk, learn and what not only to end up in some old age home. We can never match up to the sacrifices that they have made for us unless it is for our kids later.

Nothing can be compared to the pain suffered by our mothers of carrying us in her womb for nine months and finally giving birth, waking up all night just to look after after us when we are sick, always providing the last piece of food even if she is hungry or the hours of hard work by our father to provide enough for us, his family. We never notice the small bits of happiness they give us. Rather we are frustrated in our own many ways that we forget to keep them happy only to realize they still wish our best.

So it is our time now to repay for what they have done for us and to make their each sacrifice count. This does not mean buying expensive gifts or them but even spending a little time with them can surely make their day. Sharing your daily day details, asking theirs, taking them out is the least we could for them. Never neglect your parents and always be there for them because we owe a lot to them.


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