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Organization and Time Management for My Work at LiteracyBase
October 27, 2016
to-do-list-Organization and Time Management for My Work at LiteracyBase

Many of you may already know that I’m working on several work-at-home projects, just like most of you. Effective organization and time management skills are “key” if you multitask.



Slightly off point, as this post is not about multitasking, but want to mention this. Sharing links to 3 articles (below) that say multitasking is not good for your brain. Oh really??! Well who I am to argue with the experts? But I wish they would have told my old bosses that a long time ago. No wonder my brain is fried! (O.o)



Anyway … back on point.



When I worked outside the home, most of my employers usually evaluated me on this for my performance appraisals.  I was given good marks (most of the time).  Even though I work for myself and work from home, it is still necessary to employ these skills.  When I evaluate myself, sometimes it’s not too good. But it’s OK. Because I won’t fire myself! 🙂  I’ll just try to do better.  🙂



When I signed up for Literacy Base, it turns out that the system in place at this site, helps me not waste my time! Each day when I open my eMail there are notifications of all new posts, posts that I have commented on, friendship requests, responses and comments in groups, etc.



I love that!
Thanks Literacy Base!

What I did was create a label for the incoming eMails and set it to Skip Inbox and Archive, so that when I sign in to my eMail account, all I have to do is click on the messages with that specific label and VOILA! There is a complete list of Literacy Base correspondences requiring my attention. I just quickly go through the list and can be finished with my activity in about an hour. This can be done about twice a day (morning and afternoon).



Also, I set aside a certain amount of time for social media sharing, to circulate the posts of fellow bloggers here. My goal is to do this at least once a week although sometimes I don’t accomplish my aim.



What about you? Do you have any neat tips and tricks for online work that helps you perform tasks on your “To Do List” more efficiently?


* * *
crazy feetWHAT??!! Multitasking is a bad thing?? No wonder I’m bonkers!!  (O.o)

12 Reasons to Stop Multitasking Now! (health.com)

Think You’re Multitasking? Think Again (npr.org)

Multitasking Is Killing Your Brain (inc.com)



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    1. i do not know how I missed this blog. Well written. Multi tasking is fine provided one does it without getting flustered.


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