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Organic makeup false or real
March 21, 2017

do you trust makep and skin products that says that they organic or says sometimes we made products from natural or organic food?


i guess all the companies and human also want to make money so these companies why to bother and waste few money on items that will make them lose money while there are cheaper items when they use it they will gai mmore money, that is questin, yea i kmow that some companies do use real good organic ingreidents but i gues th the formula is not fully organice, means what? read this article to understand the tricks that some companies do when they do the ads to make you like them and buy from them alot and everything in stores

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when you read the ingredients or the logo of somme companies they write to you that this product has, see the word has, it has naturals items or sometimes they say; it is made from organic items or ingredients, such as green aloe vera, grean tea, neem, olive, almond, ayurveda, honey, sugar, jasmine, mango,roses, fruits added to this formula. where is the trick; they say has in it, or added to it or made from, but they never said its fully organice products or its 100% natural makeup or no added artificial this or that thing, that is the trick that they used to fool us and make us buy things that we think its good and organic and will be good more on our skin but the truth is not.

Do not buy things unless it says its hundred percent organic, or no added artificial colors, artificial ingredients.

also if its really good brand it will be known to the people, but do not used unknown brand just because its cheaper, there are good brands with good price at the same time, never go for too cheap brands as it will make you wonder whats inside products


also do not make the high price fool you, some sees that if they give the products high prices then we will buy thinking its better since it is pricey, they are fooling you as clients


    1. I guess its facke, no real thing will work or stay if not artificial, that is for sure, and I do not like makeup in gneeral but we have to get it sometimes, do you agree? though still I hate it

    2. thanks im happy you enjoyed reading the post and hope to see your post too, thank you again and have a good day for you

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