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Appreciation is The Key to Lasting Relationship

Have you ever found yourself bored in life? It is like the things you were doing from the past no longer put a smile on your face. You noticed the cycle in your life. You don’t feel like doing the job you are doing daily. You became obviously demotivated. Do you know what is happening to you?


When I was working in my previous company, I was very passionate. I was strictly organized because I want to do every single responsibility I have at work. I was like that daily. I have this notebook. I list all the things I need to done in a day and crossed out those who I already finished. I swept it all. Doing that is never easy. It requires a determination to finish a task and meeting the deadline. I always meet mine. Then suddenly, the feeling drops and I don’t know the reason.

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I kept doing it. It is not because I am earning money. I know this is not only for the money. I want to be the person that is perfect for the job responsibility. I want to help my team. I want to be the person that they can lean on when it comes to the problem. I told myself that I need to be part of the solution instead of the problem. I did. I know I did. Then one day, I felt I can’t really go on. I don’t want to move anymore. I became tired of what I was doing. I just let things happen. I was tired and demotivated. I am not happy anymore.


After a soulful prayer in the adoration chapel, I cried. I think God told me that the reason why I am not happy is because I am not appreciated. I started to think about the times that I did well at work. It happened a lot of times and I never thought that I was not appreciated. I realized that life without appreciation will lead to something bad. It can ruin a relationship. It can ruin the faith you have in yourself. It leads you to think you are not valuable.


It does not happen at work too. I know a friend and she is a mother. Mother is a superwoman but they are only human, they get tired also. My friend does everything for her family. She even forgets about her career at work just to be able to take care of her children. She has a lot of children and a stay home mom. At first, she is happy, yet the day came when she no longer feels that she matters.


At home, her husband always blames her for financial problem. She gets tired but she can’t complain because her husband will get offended because he is the one that is working for the family. She told her husband that she will look for a job, but he doesn’t want it since there will be no one that will take care of their children. She does not know now where she will be heading. The arguments at home became regular. It is not funny anymore for it is getting serious. She decided to call it quits, get her kids and went to the province. She is looking for a job.


Appreciation is the key to a lasting relationship. I hope people think that every person has a reason in your life. Regardless of what your role in a certain place, community, work or at home, people around you have the reason why they existed. I do believe that every person performed to the best of their ability, whether in a relationship or professional relationship. If they get tired of doing something the reason might be because they are unhappy. One sure reason of being unhappy is because they are less appreciated, to make it worst, never appreciated.


Appreciation, even the things they do are too simple for you, means you value them. You value their brains, talents, and skills. They are not a puppet. They have feelings too. Even dogs will get tired of their owner if they will just be on a leash or put in the cage for so long. A simple thank you for doing something for you puts a smile on their face. They will feel they matter. They will even work harder because they know you value what they do. Thanking them for being awesome, tell them they did a good job, it will surely uplift their spirits.


Appreciation is a form of gratitude. You just bring back what they did to you. It could be in any form, by message or by a simple gift as a reward. Those people you appreciate will never forget how you make them feel. It can make a day. You can even change a life for doing it. This is the easiest to do and yet why others don’t bother to start doing it.


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    1. @Grecy Garcia

      What happened to you is understandable. You keep doing good for the team yet no one would appreciate your effort at all. No wonder, you suddenly don’t have the motivation anymore.

      I agree. When one’s effort is not even given a simple appreciation like thank you or even just a simple “the food is delicious” , you will feel like not doing it good anymore the next time around.

      I actually feel that way at home. My parents-in-law are passive persons and so is my husband. They never would voice out their appreciation, but would just keep eating what I cooked on Saturdays I am at home. Good thing, the auntie from the US who is already staying with us for good is so appreciative of things I do and foods I cook. And when she does that, I would say, “good for you auntie because you at least knows how to say your appreciation, it wipes out my tiredness of cooking that”. And my in-laws would say “yes, it’s delicious.” I snob them when they say that. he he he

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