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Once a Week vs Every Other Day Shopping
January 6, 2017
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I used to have a motorcycle  which I rode to and from work.  Every day, almost, on my way home from work, I’d stop at a particular crummy supermarket and buy what I felt like.  I didn’t know what I’d eat for dinner until I reached the supermarket and looked around.

After my accident, when I had to depend on a taxi or a friend to take me shopping, shopping became once a week.  I’d have to make a list and check it twice, to be sure I didn’t leave anything out for I might not get another chance to shop.

I began to make and store meals, just in case, for emergencies.

Since I’ve gotten back the motorcycle and can ride as I choose, I tend to shop every other day.   It has become a kind of ‘outing’.   Where I do often carry a list, I also keep an open mind.  However, as I can’t buy a lot, since I carry it on the bag at the back of the bike, the two things match; frequent small shopping and a limited amount of space.

I like the freedom to shop often.

Being limited to once a week means that you miss a lot of things.  The one day bargains, or the special small quantities of fruits/vegetables.

Shopping often I get to know about the bargains, and sometimes I see something I didn’t expect, like blueberries or strawberries, and grab them.    I used to miss these fruits because there is a limited amount and they are snapped up.

Due to my frequency I’m well known to the staff, from the bagger to the manager, and get good treatment, so I’m faithful to the supermarket.

Although the fear might be overspending the fact is, I’ll get around to eating the items.  Maybe the canned stuff will see the plate next month, the other stuff, this week.    Overshopping is prevented by the size of the bag.  I can squeeze in a decent amount but nothing I can’t carry on my own.

I like frequent shopping, it keeps me current, alert to various things, i.e. the Basa Fish, for example, (which comes from Vietnam, Not Jamaica) and it’s kind of relaxing.


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    1. Regular shopping is good for not to miss anything that comes in the form of offers, deals, and fresh stock. But, it needs a lot of patience also. It is actually a test for patience. Coming all the way from a bike and parking it in the appropriate place means it is a challenge. Can you park every day in the Cellar meant for the two wheelers? Is it not a test for your patience? But one has to develop this activity to improve one’s personal relationships with others in the society we live in. This is a good habit.
      The other benefits are monetary but the developing inter-personal relationship is more than that.

      • I park right at the front of the store, in the handicap parking…(I do have a pin in my leg). I do have a lot of good relationships with all the people around the market, as I take my venture like a social engagement. So it does enhance that relationship as you mentioned.

    2. My mother would not agree to shop every other day.It would be more convenient on a weekly basis.I also don’t go for online shopping.It is far better to see the actual items before availing it.For some reason, it is also nice to buy in the public market compared to shopping malls.I am referring to fruits and veggies.They are more fresh to consume than in shopping malls.

      • I used to think once a week was good, but I prefer being able to run in when I want and not have to make that many plans. When it comes to vegetables, I always pick those that look a little handicapped or like they suffered to avoid GM.

    3. I am no fan of shopping. Believe me. I don’t like it one bit. But it is something that needs to be done. Shopping daily is just ridiculous. Shopping once a week is better. I am actually looking into shopping for groceries online now. There are many services that we can do that now.

    4. If you have your own transpeed and you pass the supermarket each day…?


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