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Of Comparing People

We can’t help but compare people and how we feel about them.

It is normal to reflect on these matters. To look back is a good thing as we do make our decisions based on experience.

Yet, we may have fears based on our past experiences. These fears are sound and yet, is it right to deal with another person based on our experience with others?

Comparing is totally normal.

Now that I  faced with matters that are important, I take the time to reflect.

Looking back opens up a treasure chest full of memories, wonderful and not. I see what I did wrong as when it comes to relationships, one cannot place all the blame on the other person. I also see what made me decide to be with someone. Comparing, then to note that there is nothing that can compare to what is happening now.

Feelings are just that and though I try to stop myself, it has come to a point that there is harmony, and that is a good thing. Comparing brings about expectations that might not be met by the other person.

Comparing is a good thing as the positive things are noted. Trying to make the brain rule the heart fails in making things work out right, right away, but then even if the heart knows that there is no comparison, it is to convince the mind. Looking around and seeing many people in relationships, it is not surprising to note that the ones that do last have made more than a studied decision, more than a decision based on feelings, but a decision based on tomorrow and always.

As we go through life, though we try not to compare, we might, yet, if there is nothing that can compare, then the reflections do help in making a relationship become better.

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    1. I have experienced one thing in life and that is we have a tendency to put people in grooves and they stay there forever. We need to keep a vigil as people change for better of for worse.

    2. Sometimes we are prejudiced and tend to make wrong judgments.

    3. I just adore and look up to people. It serves an inspiration. I think it is fine to compare oneself to others. It is a part of having an inspiration to be somebody like them.


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