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Day Two and It’s Going Well

Two days and I think I’m getting the lay of the land. I’ve already found a few places to talk about anime. I’ll look for a manga station later. With the New Year so close I’m in crunch time trying to figure out budgets and business plans for 2018.

Along with LiteracyBase, which seems like a wicked cool social area, I also found Writers are paid per chapter for their short stories. They aren’t paid much per view but they do get paid for every read a chapter gets. It seems like it might be a good spot for short stories that don’t have a home. I’ve still got some digging to do, but it’s on the list.

There are also my nonfiction works. I’ve been playing around on Vocal.Media for the last few months and I believe it may be a paying market for passive earnings. I’m looking for other places to post articles for passive income, but it could be tricky. That seems to be a fading market and I hate Adsense share. It makes things overly complicated and I just can’t keep track of it along with everything else.

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My “little online earners” are in need of a shuffling around too. These are my easy survey sites and paid to sites. I even have a paid lock screen on my phone. Hey, anything to keep the ends tied. These sites don’t pay much. That’s why they’re “little online earners” and why I don’t focus a lot of time to them. My mom makes a good bit more extra from them than I do, but still it’s just enough to get her a few hundred dollars a year.

Anyway, once my daughter goes back to school I’ll be able to settle back into a schedule and get everything straightened out. I’ll also start posting more meaningful bits and pieces on here. Expect posts about anime, manga, writing, publishing, cover design, book reviews and just about anything else that might be wandering around my head.

Peace and Love!

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