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NOTHING Is Nothing In A Critical Case
March 19, 2017

NOTHING Is Nothing

Sometimes one can hear another say there is nothing in this thing you are doing. Another will say I see nothing in that which you are doing that is what doing at all. One at another place will be curious to know if what he is doing will let him get what is nothing. I am just asking; what is nothing in a sense? What is actually this nothing?  Because it seems no one has ever revealed what is nothing. Where is it found? Where can one actually find it? Should someone know where nothing is staying such an one should tell me. I am waiting to know this nothing. And when I get to see nothing hope it will be worth the work of getting to find it?

Nothing is what you make it to be. Hope you are not confused with my write-up? I am trying to see nothing from another perspective different from what I was told nothing is. I just said I was told what nothing is, no I was not told what it is but rather I was told what it is not. Can I then know what it is by knowing what it is not? The answer to that is partially a big No. I believe nothing is actually what it is. It does not exist but it can be considered as a part of what exists.

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To me nothing is something that is actually nothing on it on. It can be in something which when in it can make the thing become more noticeable. Something cannot be in nothing but nothing can be in something. Make something out of nothing by seeing different aspect of the nothingness of a thing and you will know how to combine the different part of a thing which is nothing to produce a something which cannot be considered as nothing was made to become that thing people want.

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