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Not for all to Know That’s Right
February 25, 2017

When trying to accomplish tasks, goals, and projects there will need to be some privacy. There’s a lot of competition out there and they’re always looking for ways to get their competition down. Working behind the scenes and not letting the outsiders know what’s “going on is important.” If working with a team there will need to be communications where others are unable to figure out what’s going on. Not everyone needs to know what’s going on. In order to keep the works together there will need to be some strategies set in place.

“So much information” is leaked and can be leaked. Sometimes the information is leaked through the persons on a team. It’s very difficult to find the right individuals to work with when the trust levels are low. That’s why so many choose to work alone. Working alone can produce a lot of productivity. Not everyone can work on a team. Some have found out that their team isn’t what they’ve expected.

“The competition can be annoying.” The need to compete is the reason why a lot of the projects have to be kept under wrap. Trying to produce anything at all is complex when there’s so many eyes. There’s also a lot of hears waiting to hear what the next move will be. While trying to complete tasks there will be a lot of distractions. Consulting with the right people is very important. Allowing the wrong people in and all of the world can go down under.

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Some work may be revealed to the public but once the head realized that there’s a lot of people wanting to tear down what’s being produced then there needs to be another plan. The plan should include trying to figure out how to keep the projects and other tasks a secret. It’s pretty difficult to communicate with others when there’s so many watching every move. “There’s always a way” to get around the complexities. There will be times where avoiding some people are necessary.

There has to be at least one trusted person who is in on the production. Figuring out who is who may be difficult. Some may display the “right” characteristics at first and then all of a sudden there’s a change. The ones who have made mistakes should not be passed over because of their backgrounds. Some of the best workers are ones who have made mistakes. They’ve learned and are ready to continue to be more productive.

Imagine so many people watching every step moved. Not the best situation to be in, especially when trying to work on projects which can help a lot of people, other groups may want to disconnect what’s taking place, if there’s a lot of people wanting to seek out what’s going on behind the scenes then perhaps shutting anything down which can compromise the work is necessary.

So many have been disappointed because so many wanted to tear apart a vision. Anything through technology can be compromised. Work produced on a computer can be obtained by hackers and the competitors. The competitors can create a lot of disturbances. Sometimes getting “lawyers involved” is a way to help keep the matters in check.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s so true to get the right person to be trusted. And, get the right information, always not easy in this modern world even though all the information are online.

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