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Produce and Create Despite What’s Said or Done
February 23, 2017

No matter what we decide to do there will always be the naysayers. Just because there’s some who refuse to accept that there will be all sorts of creative individuals who absolutely have to nurture their “gifts.” There will be some who will continue to try to distract others away from their vision or dreams. Any person who’s determined will keep going no matter what’s being said. There will always be the opinionated ones. Offering non constructive advice trying to choose whether a person can pursue their dreams.

Then there’s the ones who work so hard to try and invade in a person’s career choice. Try to claim and own their works. Trying to keep what’s produced is necessary. If fighting is necessary so be it. Not physically but in an advocating manner. “Standing up” for the accomplishments is important. Well that’s if one wants to keep their accomplishments because there’s some who will work harder to try and take the accomplishments away. Be observant.

It’s pretty sad others are unwilling to use their own creativity. Some very prominent individuals had to fight in court for their work. Making sure there’s “proof of the ownership” is a plus. Otherwise some will dig right in. Not even concerned about “lawsuits” just trying to claim something they know isn’t something they’ve created. The competition one reason why some try to discourage others. Not wanting to compete with certain individuals.

Some just give up because so many make it so difficult to progress in some way. Always trying something to make a person give up. Some writers are aware of how difficult it is keeping their work. Placing all sorts of information on their work to indicate they’re the owners. It feels good to produce self work not anyone else’s. Some may become fatigued just trying to cause problems for the “visionaries.”

Just think about putting in a lot of work to have the work stolen. Pretty disappointing to say the least. Some aren’t concerned how a person feels they’re just being selfish. It’s amazing all many people are willing to risk losing a lot just to go the lazy route. Some have received awards for their work and then later have the rewards taken away. At least until an investigation is performed to find out if the owner is truly the owner.

No visionary should have to go through a battle to keep what they’ve produced. No one actually. A lot of dreams vanish because of what others try to do to dreamers. “Finding creative ways to keep the work is quite helpful.” Not everyone will refrain from being deceptive. Some may try and are called out because they’ve tried to claim work they knew they didn’t create.

For some, they’ve lost their accomplishments, but the actions of the ones who decide to do these things to others will come back. We’re all given a gift and why would we want to use another person’s gifts. Being creative isn’t difficult. There’s so many ways to be creative. Some simply choose not to do so. For the brave ones. They’re doing “right” by trying to do better, elevate, and continue achieving.

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    1. I think it;s hard to ignore difficult people if they are more rich than you. You can’t avoid them because they have some social and financial power over you.

    2. I have a lovely story to tell about my son. His caricatures have gone all over the world now. He is a sought after artist. At art school, a tramp asked him to do a caricature and tore it up saying he was hopeless. Instead of taking this as defeat as even a tramp thought his work was rubbish he determined to become a brilliant caricaturist and he has and a brilliant artist as well.

      When we listen to others opinions we are often hyper critical of ourselves so we hear even the smallest criticism as a huge negative. The only way forward is to get on and do what you enjoy for your own sake.

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