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Neighbor Bitten by Cat, “Kamuning” was a Suspect!
April 7, 2017

Photo shows my cat “Kamuning”

Yesterday, I heard kittens crying inside a grassy portion of the road near us, and because I love animals, like cats and dogs, I stopped to observe where the cries where coming from.

They were two newly-born cats, presumably mothered by a feral cat, because it gave birth among the grasses. One of the kittens crawled towards the road, and the sun was shining hot, so I got a big tree leaf I found there, wrapped the back part of the kitten and I transferred it to a shaded area.

My neighbor saw what I did, and she approached me. She said her son was scratched and bitten by a stray cat. She said her son shooed the stray cat away because it fought their pet cat. I thought maybe he kicked the stray cat that’s why he was injured at his feet.

Kamuning was a Suspect!

She asked her son if the one who attacked him was my cat, “Kamuning.” She asked him if the suspected cat had a blue collar, and the son said no. Kamuning had a blue collar, to tell that someone owns her. I felt sorry, because all along, she suspected that it was Kamuning who scratched and bit his son!

I saw Kamuning followed me while I was walking, she even pointed to Kamuning, to ask his son if he was the suspect. Good thing Kamuning was absolved, he is not guilty of biting and scratching the neighbor’s son. If ever Kamuning was the one, then I had to spend for the boy’s anti-rabies vaccination, though I had Kamuning vaccinated for rabies last September. It will expire this coming September, so I have to take him to the Veterinary Clinic to get the new shot again.

I told my neighbor that Kamuning has the anti-rabies shots. She said he took her son to the hospital to get the anti-tetanus shot, then to another animal bite clinic to get the anti- rabies shot. It will be for some three to six sessions (vaccinations), I think.

She said those kittens on the grass should be thrown away because when they grow, it will pose a danger also because of rabies. I pitied the stray cats, though I could not adopt them because I already have Kamuning. I told her the village helper usually takes away the feral cats he finds among the grasses. I didn’t know where he
“dumps” them. I hope someone would adopt them.

Cats are More Dangerous than Dogs

The son’s grandfather approached us when he saw us, and he said cats can be more dangerous than dogs. I said yes, because cats always lick their toes, their furs, and if it has rabies, it could easily infect those who will touched or be scratched by them!

The veterinarian who administered the anti-rabies vaccination on Kamuning told me this, saying cats should really be treated with anti rabies shot. Dogs also, but one cannot get rabies from an infected dog unless it bites him.

To be safe, cats and dogs should be given anti rabies shots yearly. Cat and dog owners should take note of this because rabies is a deadly virus.

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    1. They better see a doctor to be prescribed with the right anti-biotic. Maybe the cat was hurt that was why she fought back. My nephew kid was bitten by our neighboring cat and he was brought to the doctor.There was no rabies, thankful . Doctor said that a cat is seldom having a rabies because they bite hard bones and rabies stock to the bones.

      • Sorry, I just replied now; after a week of some self-imposed hiatus. It is good to know cats are not always infected with rabies. Thanks for this information.

    2. Good thing, the mother had her son injected with anti-rabies. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

      And it is also nice to know that your cat, Kamuning wasn’t the one who scratched the son of your neighbor.

      Poor little kitten! They will die if not given the proper care. Stray kittens can indeed multiply rapidly.

      Most people don’t like cats though. That’s because their litter are so foul smelling and would litter anywhere.

      • Yes, I am so thankful it’s not Kamuning who bit him. I don’t like kittens because of the smell of its waste! (Sorry I just replied now. I was on self-imposed “break” from here).


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