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Considerations in Choosing a Dog

Choosing a pet is for some a simple thing, while for others a more than a serious endeavor. Usually, the pick of the pet can be based on location, family situation, intent, are there children, or various other factors. Where it gets complicated, or intense, is when one has to take into consideration potential health issues. And one of the more relevant issues is the propensity for hip problems. Certain breeds are more likely to develop joint issues.

Probably the most simple question when looking at a new puppy is to ask ” Did the parents, or any other pups in any of their litters ever show signs of joint issues?”. And before I start, I would recommend talking to a vet about exercises to maintain mobility, activities to be avoided, and the need or recommendation of adding supplements to a dog’s diet.

Here is a list of 9 breeds that have been shown to have a predisposition to joint problems.

1. German Shepherds: It’s well known that Shepherds are predisposed to hip dysplasia and other joint issues.

2. Labrador Retrievers: With a propensity towards obesity, amplify stress on joints.

3. Dachshunds: With their long, low bodies, they can develop back problems, especially if they become overweight.

4. Rottweilers: Have a genetic propensity to develop hip and elbow dysplasia and even arthritis.

5. Newfoundland Retrievers: Like other big breed dogs, they can hip dysplasia /arthritis partially due to rapid growth rate.

6. Great Danes: Huge frames and rapid growth tends to lead to hip/elbow dysplasia and even arthritis.

7. Saint Bernards: Huge, fast growth can cause stress on the joints leading to hip issues.

8. Old English Sheep Dogs: Suffer the same fate as other large breeds.

9. Mastiffs: Also prone to hip/elbow dysplasia, as well as candidates for arthritis.

Don’t think I’m down on any of these breeds. I had a Black Lab for quite a while. He was my best hunting partner. He loved to be out goose hunting. He was always active. He never got overweight. He never had any of these issues. I think knowledge is the greatest tool in preventing or treating conditions as best we can.

Veterinarians sometimes recommend supplements with glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin when a dog is a young as one year, or at the time when they quit growing. This is something you, as the owner, and your veterinarian needs to talk out. After all, your dog deserves to live the best life possible. And my final advice is “Choose wisely, and enjoy your best buddy”

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Some people do not deserve respect
April 18, 2017

I am a great fan and lover of animals. I myself own a dog, I have a friend that owns 2 cats and 1 dog, and my lovely uncle also owns a dog. My favorite dog breed is the Golden Retriever. And my least favorite is the Chihuahua.  Okay, let me get back on topic. I am very close with all of these dogs, they are all somehow an important  part of my life.  So, the problem is that there are some cults and sects that value the pet’s life more than the one of a human. I understand to have a pet (whether is dog, cat,parrot, cow, rabbit e.t.c) and love it, but some people go so far, that they cross the line, which makes you feel to want to burn them on the city square.

I know a woman, that got 3000 euros as compensation to the damage for her killed cat, and in my country you would be the one paying damage, and soak in courts.

Anyways, let me get straight to the point for the retarded people about the animals. Autumn, Sunday night, me and one close friend of mine, got early to the term of the scheduled soccer, and we waited for the other friends to come inside the football field, the night of 11 October.

Suddenly, a middle-aged woman (50-55, maybe in her early 50’s) appears in the park walking her pet – a dog, which you could notice from a mile away that is not a stray dog, but a tamed and trained one.  But around the park, next to the woman’s dog, there were 2 bigger stray dogs running around and playing the tamed one, they were showing a friendly mood around the tamed dog (the woman’s dog).

Now the thing is my friend was drinking a thick juice from a can, he had remained little from the juice, and decided to give it to one of the stray dogs. He threw the juice-can on the grass, which had little remain of juice inside, to one of the stray dogs, so they can drink from it, what has been left.

The middle aged woman, burst out of anger, even though it was not her dog or HER involved in this situation. “Are you freaking out of your mind, you stupid jerk?! That dog is laying and sleeping there, well, why not you go and drink it, if not the dog?!”

WOW I was shocked.  Well, honestly, to this kind of people, I would tear apart their womb, and would let them die slowly and painfully. I mean that darned woman was so stupid and mental, she pissed us off so bad.

My friend of course firstly started explaining about how he meant no harm to the dog, but wanted to share the remaining drink with it, but the crazy woman wouldn’t listen and just kept  blabbering, heating up the situation. She ruined our evening man.

It’s tragic that this kind of people still exist in the modern era, even though we are 21st century. And basically, these kind of people are sharing that “cancer” around the animals, and that’s why there are many stereotypes on the normal people with the animals that are labeled as “sects, mindless owners” because of the example of that woman.

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Neighbor Bitten by Cat, “Kamuning” was a Suspect!
April 7, 2017

Photo shows my cat “Kamuning”

Yesterday, I heard kittens crying inside a grassy portion of the road near us, and because I love animals, like cats and dogs, I stopped to observe where the cries where coming from.

They were two newly-born cats, presumably mothered by a feral cat, because it gave birth among the grasses. One of the kittens crawled towards the road, and the sun was shining hot, so I got a big tree leaf I found there, wrapped the back part of the kitten and I transferred it to a shaded area.

My neighbor saw what I did, and she approached me. She said her son was scratched and bitten by a stray cat. She said her son shooed the stray cat away because it fought their pet cat. I thought maybe he kicked the stray cat that’s why he was injured at his feet.

Kamuning was a Suspect!

She asked her son if the one who attacked him was my cat, “Kamuning.” She asked him if the suspected cat had a blue collar, and the son said no. Kamuning had a blue collar, to tell that someone owns her. I felt sorry, because all along, she suspected that it was Kamuning who scratched and bit his son!

I saw Kamuning followed me while I was walking, she even pointed to Kamuning, to ask his son if he was the suspect. Good thing Kamuning was absolved, he is not guilty of biting and scratching the neighbor’s son. If ever Kamuning was the one, then I had to spend for the boy’s anti-rabies vaccination, though I had Kamuning vaccinated for rabies last September. It will expire this coming September, so I have to take him to the Veterinary Clinic to get the new shot again.

I told my neighbor that Kamuning has the anti-rabies shots. She said he took her son to the hospital to get the anti-tetanus shot, then to another animal bite clinic to get the anti- rabies shot. It will be for some three to six sessions (vaccinations), I think.

She said those kittens on the grass should be thrown away because when they grow, it will pose a danger also because of rabies. I pitied the stray cats, though I could not adopt them because I already have Kamuning. I told her the village helper usually takes away the feral cats he finds among the grasses. I didn’t know where he
“dumps” them. I hope someone would adopt them.

Cats are More Dangerous than Dogs

The son’s grandfather approached us when he saw us, and he said cats can be more dangerous than dogs. I said yes, because cats always lick their toes, their furs, and if it has rabies, it could easily infect those who will touched or be scratched by them!

The veterinarian who administered the anti-rabies vaccination on Kamuning told me this, saying cats should really be treated with anti rabies shot. Dogs also, but one cannot get rabies from an infected dog unless it bites him.

To be safe, cats and dogs should be given anti rabies shots yearly. Cat and dog owners should take note of this because rabies is a deadly virus.

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Benefits of Having Pets; Do You Own One?
March 2, 2017

My pet, oreo, a mixed shih-tzu breed.

My pet, Oreo, a mixed shih-tzu breed.

Photo above shows my naughty pet, Oreo. He took the sock and ran as fast as he could to avoid me. He declared the sock as his own toy to chew on. Maybe he loved it because it is so soft and had my “scent” on it. Do you also own pets?

Here are some of the benefits of having pets. You can add yours if you have a different experience with your pets.

1. They are stress-relievers.

When you wake up in the morning, and you were greeted by a cold lick in your foot or in your hand, you became happy because someone who is so close to you is there to see you moving.

The little pup, a cat, a cuckoo or any pet you have can make you realize you have the responsibility other than caring for your own. Most of the time when you got their signal that they were hungry, you’ll rush going out of bed to feed them. People who do not have children or those who are single, can find the joy of having pets as companions.

It can make one active, prevent being sluggish, because someone like a cute pup can change one’s mood, brightening up his day!

2. Pets are Good “Entertainers”

Pets usually show antics that can make the owner laugh. It is good if you have a camera ready to record on video the event. You can show it to friends when they visit you and it becomes a lively conversation topic. Everyone who can see such funny videos will surely be entertained. You can submit it on some sites and even earn from it.

Pets liked to be coddled.So your guests specially children would have a great time feeling the soft, shiny fur of a dog, or a cat. If you own big pets like horses, they too are great for bonding activities. Children would always cherish the experience of a first horse-back ride, of course, with the adults or parents as their guide to prevent accidents.

3. Pets as Therapy

There we

My pet, oreo, a mixed shih-tzu breed.

My pet, oreo, a mixed shih-tzu breed.

re clinical studies on how pets can help a sick person be happy. As a result, when happy hormones are produced by the body, it would result in improving a sick person’s condition.

Nowadays, there are nursing homes who allow patients to have their pets near them. Or their guests can bring along their trained dogs or cats or birds to bring joy to a patient; both for young and adult persons.

They allow the patient to touch the pet, coddle them, and most pets who are well-trained will reciprocate the gesture, showing how happy it is with the interaction.

Truly, there are so many advantages of keeping pets. But or course the owner should be responsible enough to meet its needs. It is just a two-way process, a mutual relationship between the human and the pet.

Do you also have pets? You can share your thoughts on this. Thanks for reading.

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How To Create An Ideal Home For Happy Pets
February 6, 2017

Colette, a French novelist, had once famously remarked, “Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet!” Ask any pet lover and they will invariably tell you how true this is. We have all heard of stories of how pets are an extended part of the family, a part of everyday routines and indeed a part of daily lives.

With the growth in the number of pet lovers, it’s relevant that beyond love, care and affection, pets are also provided with a safe environment that is hazard and injury-free. Though most of us generally learn to handle pets through trial and error, preferring to shuffle the furniture, the flowerpots and generally most movable house-hold items as per needs, there exists a growing requirement to convert our residences into pet-friendly homes.

So here is a checklist for keeping your pets happy and your lives joyous and cheerful –

Happy pets live in hazard-free homes:

Most of us have a bruised knee or a cut elbow, thanks to sharp edges jutting out, shelves that are not fully closed or nails that are not completely hammered in. So there’s always the need to inspect and eliminate pointed or sharp objects that might scratch your pet when they scamper around the house. More often than not, door stoppers that are only halfway closed or sharp handles of dressing-table drawers can cause injury to pets. Besides, dog love to tug at wires. Hence it’s essential to look for open wires and get them sealed or have them wedged onto the floor surface. As an added caution, it’s important to also ensure that ladders are folded and deposited back into their designated place after use. Also, there might be that one spot in the house where your pet loves to return to for a snooze. Make sure that this spot is trouble-free. You can also ‘enrich’ this corner with a mattress and a feeding bowl to make your pet more comfortable. Besides, pet toys should be such that they cannot be swallowed or broken easily, thus preventing injury. You can also carve out a small shaft in your door with an easy flap for the pet to pass through when the door is closed shut.

Also, there is this one seemingly innocuous item at home that your pet often considers being their best friend but is actually enemy number one. Dustbins with foot pedals! Pets find it amusing to press this pedal and chew the rubber lining of the bin. You need to ensure that the bin is placed such that it cannot be easily accessed by the pet. Maybe you can consider placing it in a kitchen cupboard or outside the house. Moreover, your pets rummaging through garbage can turn out to be quite toxic and hazardous at the same time. Also, when you are toilet-training your pet, ensure that you teach them to not go around the pot in the bathroom. It’s also equally important that you consult a veterinary surgeon on the plants you keep at home; some may be poisonous. For instance, jasmine is poisonous for dogs.

If you have rabbits as pets, you have to keep in mind that your home is airy. Rabbits love to hide in dark and damp nooks. If it chooses to go under the bed, you will have to swipe the area clean for it to stay comfortable. Again, wiring needs to be taken care of for the rabbit to not get entangled.

Tip: Always keep medicines in a closed container. If a tablet accidentally falls on the floor and goes unnoticed, the pet can swallow it. Even liquid cleaners and washing powder should be secured, keeping them out of reach.

Happy pets live on happy floors:

Comfortable flooring enhances pet comfort. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that leather mats or rugs (you can add a dash of fun by choosing their color similar to that of your pet dog or cat) adequately cover a slippery floor. These rugs should also be easily washable. In this context, it’s important to mention that a material like linen can get scratched quite easily. For this reason, velvet is a far better option and is also easy to clean. It’s also important to scrub floors with clean water (a pet-friendly measure especially when one considers that dogs and cats like to lick floors).

Happy pets are always chirpy:

Though birds are more social than most pets, they cherish their privacy too. Keeping this in mind, you have to choose that one ideal spot for your birds which they find comfortable and secure. For example, if you keep the cage near a window, birds will feel invariably disturbed as they remain on the edge while keeping a watchful eye out for bigger birds or neighboring pets. At the same time, they can also get exposed to direct sunlight for long hours, and this can eventually prove quite harmful. Also, the cage’s meshes must have adequate gap in between so that your bird can grip them properly.

Happy pets do swimmingly well:

Yes, fishes! Keeping fish at home is a tricky proposition. You will have to clean the bowl at regular intervals, maintain proper chemical composition of the water (pH level) and feed your fishes at consistent periods every day with food measured in the right quantity. It’s also essential to consult a vet before keeping fish, inquiring about their feeding habits and the right method to clean the water. Remember, giving more food than the required amount will result in it bobbing on the surface, which will lead to less supply of oxygen, a potentially dangerous situation for the fish. Also, if you plan to add more fish into the tank, consult a vet again. Some fish are aggressive and may even eat the smaller ones. For your fishes to feel at home, do add some water plants and gravel in the tank.

In conclusion, it’s absolutely important to understand that a pet’s needs have to be anticipated. As the old adage goes, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’, it’s so very essential to be proactive in creating a pet-friendly environment to ensure that home is where your pet is!

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Do You Know Where Dogs Came From?
January 2, 2017

there’s no incongruity inside the idea that within the very earliest duration of guy’s habitation of this global he made a chum and companion of some kind of aboriginal consultant of our present day canine, and that in go back for its resource in defensive him from wilder animals, and in guarding his sheep and goats, he gave it a percentage of his meals, a nook in his residing, and grew to trust it and take care of it. possibly the animal changed into at the start little else than an surprisingly mild jackal, or an unwell wolf driven via its partners from the wild marauding percent to seek safe haven in alien surroundings. you will properly conceive the opportunity of the partnership starting within the circumstance of some helpless whelps being added domestic by means of the early hunters to be tended and reared via the girls and youngsters. dogs added into the house as playthings for the kids would grow to regard themselves, and be regarded, as contributors of the circle of relatives

In almost all elements of the arena strains of an indigenous canine family are determined, the most effective exceptions being the West Indian Islands, Madagascar, the eastern islands of the Malayan Archipelago, New Zealand, and the Polynesian Islands, in which there may be no signal that any dog, wolf, or fox has existed as a real aboriginal animal. within the ancient Oriental lands, and generally a number of the early Mongolians, the dog remained savage and omitted for centuries, prowling in packs, gaunt and wolf-like, because it prowls nowadays thru the streets and underneath the partitions of each jap metropolis. No try become made to charm it into human companionship or to enhance it into docility. It isn’t until we come to have a look at the information of the higher civilisations of Assyria and Egypt that we find out any wonderful forms of canine shape.

The canine changed into not significantly liked in Palestine, and in both the antique and New Testaments it’s miles commonly spoken of with scorn and contempt as an “unclean beast.” Even the familiar reference to the Sheepdog within the e book of job “however now they that are more youthful than i have me in derision, whose fathers i’d have disdained to set with the puppies of my flock” isn’t without a proposal of contempt, and it’s miles significant that the simplest biblical allusion to the dog as a recognized accomplice of man occurs in the apocryphal e-book of Tobit (v. 16), “so they went forth both, and the younger man’s canine with them.”

The great multitude of various breeds of the canine and the giant variations of their length, factors, and widespread appearance are facts which make it hard to trust that they could have had a commonplace ancestry. One thinks of the distinction between the Mastiff and the japanese Spaniel, the Deerhound and the trendy Pomeranian, the St. Bernard and the Miniature Black and Tan Terrier, and is puzzled in taking into consideration the possibility in their having descended from a not unusual progenitor. yet the disparity isn’t any more than that among the Shire horse and the Shetland pony, the Shorthorn and the Kerry cattle, or the Patagonian and the Pygmy; and all dog breeders recognize how easy it’s miles to produce a selection in kind and size by studied choice.

so as properly to apprehend this query it’s far important first to take into account the identity of shape in the wolf and the dog. This identification of structure can also quality be studied in a assessment of the osseous device, or skeletons, of the 2 animals, which so intently resemble each other that their transposition could no longer without difficulty be detected.

The backbone of the dog consists of seven vertebrae in the neck, 13 in the lower back, seven within the loins, 3 sacral vertebrae, and twenty to twenty- within the tail. In each the dog and the wolf there are thirteen pairs of ribs, nine true and four fake. every has 40- tooth. They both have five the front and four hind feet, at the same time as outwardly the not unusual wolf has a lot the appearance of a large, bare-boned canine, that a popular description of the one could serve for the opposite.

Nor are their conduct one of a kind. The wolf’s natural voice is a loud howl, but whilst restrained with dogs he’s going to learn how to bark. even though he’s carnivorous, he’s going to additionally eat veggies, and when sickly he will nibble grass. in the chase, a p.c. of wolves will divide into parties, one following the trail of the quarry, the alternative endeavouring to intercept its retreat, exercising a considerable amount of approach, a trait that is exhibited by using a lot of our carrying dogs and terriers whilst searching in teams.

A further critical point of resemblance among the Canis lupus and the Canis familiaris lies in the fact that the duration of gestation in both species is sixty-three days. There are from 3 to nine cubs in a wolf’s clutter, and those are blind for twenty-one days. they may be suckled for 2 months, but on the give up of that point they’re able to consume 1/2-digested flesh disgorged for them via their dam or even their sire.

The local dogs of all regions approximate closely in size, colour, form, and dependancy to the local wolf of these regions. Of this maximum essential condition there are a long way too many instances to allow of its being appeared upon as a trifling twist of fate. Sir John Richardson, writing in 1829, found that “the resemblance among the North American wolves and the home dog of the Indians is so wonderful that the size and electricity of the wolf seems to be the only distinction.

it has been counseled that the one incontrovertible argument in opposition to the lupine dating of the canine is the truth that each one home puppies bark, whilst all wild Canidae specific their emotions most effective by way of howls. but the difficulty here is not so wonderful as it appears, when you consider that we recognize that jackals, wild dogs, and wolf puppies reared by bitches easily gather the habit. alternatively, home dogs allowed to run wild neglect the way to bark, at the same time as there are a few that have not yet found out so that you could express themselves.

The presence or absence of the dependancy of barking cannot, then, be seemed as an argument in finding out the query concerning the beginning of the dog. This stumbling block therefore disappears, leaving us inside the position of agreeing with Darwin, whose very last speculation changed into that “it’s far incredibly possibly that the home puppies of the world have descended from two exact species of wolf (C. lupus and C. latrans), and from two or three other doubtful species of wolves namely, the european, Indian, and North African forms; from at the least one or two South American dog species; from several races or species of jackal; and possibly from one or greater extinct species”; and that the blood of these, in a few instances mingled collectively, flows within the veins of our domestic breeds.

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A Well Brought up Pet is a Source of Joy
November 26, 2016
vlcsnap_A Well Brought up Pet is a Source of Joy

Preiti came in our life when we least expected it. We had decided to give ourselves a respite for a while after we had lost our pets at different times but in walks Preiti on her own. She was tiny, may be just a month or two old but she already knew house breaking.  She did give us a bit of a trying time when she was a puppy though.

But now, enough is not enough when praising Preiti who has grown into a well behaved,  dignified lady – a source of great joy.

She sometimes springs pleasant surprises too. As usual we both share our couch for our siesta. Yes. She too has a siesta after a meal. I am not quite comfortable with her squeezing herself there with me but I put up with it.  Yesterday I was too tired and I wanted to stretch myself. I requested her if she could go and sleep on her own bed. She hesitated for a while but I could not believe my eyes when she actually listened to me and got off the couch to sleep on her bed which is in our bedroom.

I sometimes wonder if we are underestimating our pets in that do they see everything around them just as we do but because they are mute they cannot express?

Preiti does have more human tendencies. She will not sleep on a dirty bed sheet. Here is a video link that shows that. She would not get to bed until the sheet was changed

She will start eating her food either after we have finished eating or while we are eating. She never begs but will sit at the foot of our dining table. We have not taught her any of this. This is her own discipline. She does not like to take medicines and is fully aware when I approach her with it. That is the only time I have to deal with her.

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