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Benefits of Having Pets; Do You Own One?
March 2, 2017

My pet, oreo, a mixed shih-tzu breed.

My pet, Oreo, a mixed shih-tzu breed.

Photo above shows my naughty pet, Oreo. He took the sock and ran as fast as he could to avoid me. He declared the sock as his own toy to chew on. Maybe he loved it because it is so soft and had my “scent” on it. Do you also own pets?

Here are some of the benefits of having pets. You can add yours if you have a different experience with your pets.

1. They are stress-relievers.

When you wake up in the morning, and you were greeted by a cold lick in your foot or in your hand, you became happy because someone who is so close to you is there to see you moving.

The little pup, a cat, a cuckoo or any pet you have can make you realize you have the responsibility other than caring for your own. Most of the time when you got their signal that they were hungry, you’ll rush going out of bed to feed them. People who do not have children or those who are single, can find the joy of having pets as companions.

It can make one active, prevent being sluggish, because someone like a cute pup can change one’s mood, brightening up his day!

2. Pets are Good “Entertainers”

Pets usually show antics that can make the owner laugh. It is good if you have a camera ready to record on video the event. You can show it to friends when they visit you and it becomes a lively conversation topic. Everyone who can see such funny videos will surely be entertained. You can submit it on some sites and even earn from it.

Pets liked to be coddled.So your guests specially children would have a great time feeling the soft, shiny fur of a dog, or a cat. If you own big pets like horses, they too are great for bonding activities. Children would always cherish the experience of a first horse-back ride, of course, with the adults or parents as their guide to prevent accidents.

3. Pets as Therapy

There we

My pet, oreo, a mixed shih-tzu breed.

My pet, oreo, a mixed shih-tzu breed.

re clinical studies on how pets can help a sick person be happy. As a result, when happy hormones are produced by the body, it would result in improving a sick person’s condition.

Nowadays, there are nursing homes who allow patients to have their pets near them. Or their guests can bring along their trained dogs or cats or birds to bring joy to a patient; both for young and adult persons.

They allow the patient to touch the pet, coddle them, and most pets who are well-trained will reciprocate the gesture, showing how happy it is with the interaction.

Truly, there are so many advantages of keeping pets. But or course the owner should be responsible enough to meet its needs. It is just a two-way process, a mutual relationship between the human and the pet.

Do you also have pets? You can share your thoughts on this. Thanks for reading.

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    1. We have 3 local dogs at my in-laws’ house and 2 shih-tzus and a pug.

      They are actually my gay brother-in-law’s pet, but he barely take care of them at all. Though twice a month he would pay a niece to bath them. He even lets my mother-in-law just feed them with left-overs.

      I am not a pet lover, but I like seeing them meet me at the gate whenever I arrive home. And everytime they do that, I feel that my tiredness from having worked the whole day will be gone once, they do that to me.

      But pets are meant to be well taken cared of and I always remind my brother-in-law about it. I hope he just would give them to his friends who can take care of them well, because us at home also have no time nor interest to take care of them.

    2. Thanks Dina, I know all of you are so busy with your day jobs so you do not have much time to take care of pets. But I appreciate what you said that they are stress-relievers.


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