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cat litter normal or silicon best
April 12, 2017

Who has a cat , it you do have then you know that they are awesome but the part where you have to clean after them is th ugly part, tried the grocery store for cats litter but I found one brand and its silicon, tried before the plastic but this no, though it was relatively high price, I had to take it since they have no other. So I decided to took home . I hoped since it is silicon it will hold nicely but clump together nicely no this clumping action what I have issue with long time

But on the other hand the normal cat waste was hard really since it usually breaks when you scoop it to get rid of it


Since this was expensive and made of silicon, hoped really its gong to solve that problem, will it did, worked perfectly fine and was happy that no more messy area and no breaking wasts. But another issue appeared here, the odor

Since that is silicon it mix with waste and gave a bad smell, so I have more of chore since I need refresher or so

Pros:easy scooping, safe for little kittens even safer than beach sand , light in weight, dust free, quick clumping though not strong clumping, cons is the price is too high and not all the cats will like it, some find it not easy to set at and some find it abnormal.

this one was for 10 dollars and was small, so if one last a month now much you will need regularly, its kinda expensive, I do not agree taht silicon is the solution but until then its what I have this month for kitten

If you have more solutions please tell us to learn from you, thanks a lot to all those who share their exprence


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    1. I have no cat but I see people around me say it does need lots of care, I only guess how trouble it does since the new ones like kids

    2. oh they are adorable , but sure if you have kids no need to have kittens, its too much responsibility, take my advice pick one but never both


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