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My Most Unforgettable Experiences in Rearing My Babies.

I have five children. The second are twins.I have four girls and the youngest is my only son. My husband was working abroad when they were babies.He stays two months with us but two years abroad.
When my oldest daughter was born, I decided to quit my job and became a full time mother and wife. She was only 5 months old when I got pregnant again to our second baby who happened to be twins. So when she was 7 months old,and my husband left again for work abroad, I decided to go to our hometown and lived with my parents.
Rearing children is not a joke. For me, it is the hardest job that a woman could have.I have many experiences in rearing them and there are some which I really cannot forget.
1. I prepare the twin’s milk while cuddling them in my both arms. I am right handed but I learned to cuddle a baby in my left arm when I had the twins.The nanny that I got stays during daytime, go home at five and is for the eldest only. So I was the one taking care of the twins. My parents were always out. They said they do not want to stay at home hearing the babies cry almost at the same time.
2. I sleep many nights while sitting or slumping on the floor with one of the twins sleeping on my lap. The twins always had high fever when they were babies. They became sickly when they were 2 months old until they reached the age of one year and two months.In times that they were sick, I can’t put them to bed because they will surely be awakened.My mother takes care of the other twins at night.
3. During times of brownouts or no electricity especially at night, I don’t sleep. I just sit on bed with my back leaning on the wall and endlessly fanning my children. They cannot sleep without the electric fan on.I cannot open the windows because it is dark outside and all you can see are trees around.
4.If they are awakened in wee hours, I have to cuddle them, dance them to sleep while my eyes close. I am too sleepy as well.I don’t want them to cry at night. I am afraid that bad spirits might hear them.
5. I cook and clean the house with the baby on my chest. Sometimes I use one hand in doing things. sometimes I use a baby carrier.

Now that they are grown – ups, I cannot imagine how I did those things.
I think I have sacrificed a lot to make them grow.
But now, I am happy seeing them as professionals and earning something for their future.

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    1. hmm its very hard to stay alone especially with so many kids around us.

      • You are right Ajay.. It is really difficult to take care children if you are all by yourself. You need to have more patience, more hard work and perseverance.

    2. @Cristina You are an amazing woman. Imagine, doing those things in rearing your five children.

      Though I must admit that when our child was sick, hubby and I will take turns in taking care of our baby.

      When our baby was with colds, my hubby would suck the phlegm from her nose and spit it out. That way, the phlegm on the baby’s nose will not stuff her nose.

      I must say, I didn’t experience that much in rearing our baby because we only have one.

      You are so blessed because you have 5 children and you have a boy at least.

      • Thank you.. I’m sure I can’t really forget those experiences in rearing them.
        Yes, I am lucky to have them and I thank God I have brought them up as good children.

    3. @cristina, rearing the twin is a amazing job! Salute!
      Mother is the most busy person in the family, especially when the kids are sick.
      I breastfed my two kids, but the little one is five years-old now, so I have more free time,and can write some blogs after finishing my house chores.

      • Hello Tiada. I think nobody at home is busier than the mother. It is the mother who takes care of everything like cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and clothes, and most especially taking care of the children and even her husband. It is this job that has no holidays, no weekends and no salary.Mothers are only compensated by the love they are getting in return from their children and husband as well.

    4. Mothers are really like that; just like what you did @Cristina, it is epitome of “unconditional love.” Children should appreciate it when they grow up and be matured individuals.

      • Thanks friend. I just wish that my children could understand the sacrifices I have done for them.I just want their respect and love. I do not really expect that they will also take care of me in return, but at least to appreciate even in simple ways those things that I did and still doing for them.


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