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Certainly Most Certainly not Everyone’s Vision
December 12, 2017

Some persons simply do not understand that they’re not invited on a path to “purpose.” My purpose isn’t every person’s purpose. What was and is designed for a person doesn’t belong to all persons. No matter how many times such information is explained there are some who simply don’t understand. There may be a shout, “Not Invited,” meaning if there isn’t an invitation then stop trying to tag along. No person should want to tag along on a persons journey. We’re given talents of our own and gifts so why should we keep trying to come along on a journey which isn’t ours?

What is designed for one may not be designed for another. Persons continuously trying to sabotage growth and productivity will find that they’ll be blocked from all areas pertaining to a journey. Some just won’t understand or refuse to understand. There are some individuals who really don’t need to be anywhere near the path. It can be difficult to proceed when there’s so many keep trying to engage in off limit areas. Despite what’s said or done we should continue and if we’re suppose to cease then that’s what will occur. It’s pretty difficult to try to tear down what God has ordained.

Some aren’t even thinking clearly. They’r thoughts are towards trying to make sure that there are less pathways. Of course if we’re determined enough then we’ll be able to conquer whatever is set in our way. We’ll find out whose qualified to proceed along the path and the ones who think they’re qualified to come along could be mistaken. The Creativity was Given and my Creativity Isn’t all Persons Creativity.” (Tanikka Paulk).So many individuals continue to place more weight on a person or person trying to rise up! We’ll keep butting heads if there’s no understanding.

It’s amazing how so many refuse to think confidently. If they’re confident then they’ll stop trying to drag others down and live their own dreams. Some may claim to be inspired but are trying to disconnect one from the dreams, vision, and ideas. “Fairness is when we stop invading on a journey.” (Tanikka Paulk) There should be a decision to move in our own directions. To think that every person has traveled along side individuals while on their journey simply isn’t logical thinking. We’re unable to come along with every person and we shouldn’t even want to to. We should try to live our own dreams and stop being pull downs.

If they’re unwilling to understand that not all our welcome then they’ll find that there will be many adversities. It’s no different than the ‘Do not Disturb” sign. Allowing persons to get ahead will ensure that we’ll experience more prosperity. Due to so many not understanding we’ll notice a decline within their success. Moving away from what isn’t their path is a better choice. Keep trying to enter in areas in which there is no calling can result in persons being disconnected from what could have been glorious.

“The Journey is Similar to the Musical Notes Played on a Piano.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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How to Deal With Constantly Being Challenged
November 6, 2017

There are a lot of individuals who have faced or continue to face challenges. What a pain in the rear when there are loads of folks who continue to challenge certain individuals. Not even like the normal challenges. Some of the most outrageous challenges ever. Most of the challenges stem from trying to make sure that I’m not headed “somewhere.” No matter how many come up against a person, any person who believes that they’re in a position to achieve, and who are extremely determined can get to their designated destination. Of course some will try to prevent the movements from occurring. What shall be will be anyway. Despite what some may think. There is a reason why some are on the journey they’re on.

The Best Ways to Deal With the Challenges

Try to remain clam.. Unfortunately there are a lot of individuals who would love to see certain individuals fall on their faces. Think about happy moments. Don’t become consumed when the dramatics occur. Some would like to see just how so many would react. Of course it’s difficult to remain calm when there’s so many attacks all at once. The ones who are on attack aren’t very stable. Take time out of the environment which can cause a meltdown. In fact that’s what so many may want to see. Not all will enjoy hearing or “witnessing” persons climbing higher.

Engage in healthy activities. There may be some days when it appears as if the mob will never let up! Mob meaning a group of angry People. Unfortunately there are some who gain their thrills by trying to sabotage others. Not wanting to see advancement occur. Some set out to try and cause harm because they’re simply unable to compete. For some there could be some dramatic experiences they’re dealing with and are unable to channel their emotions. No matter what they’ve perceived. Their efforts will be proven to be a waste of time. “Never Stop Living a Dream Just Because so Many are in Disagreement. To Determined to go Up!” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Of course having to deal with so many who believe “that” if they try hard enough that they’ll succeed in causing a person to stop their vision. Some have way too much courage in order to cease what they’re trying to accomplish. There should be focus on trying to create more stability. If they have to work hard at trying to stop a person from achieving then that’s an indication just where a person is headed. For some trying to reach a certain level can be quite difficult. There are some who seem to never let up when it comes to “advancement.” Some may feel bad about their own accomplishments and may not want to see others accomplish.

If they’re use to a person being at a certain level then they may believe that pulling down will result in the person not achieving or at least very little. The key is to keep going despite what the hecklers will yell out. Most are just trying to cause a disruption so that the person or persons become discouraged. It’s not easy of course trying to live a dream, make adjustments, put together a vision. There will be a lot of folks who seem as if they’re mere haters. Perhaps they could be disappointed with their own “progress.” There are some who continue to stay motivated despite what they’ve heard or seen.

‘I’m Certainly Headed Somewhere Despite What They’ve Said.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). All the ones who tried to knock me=(Tanikka Paulk) aren’t worth my time. Meaning that I (Tanikka Paulk) refuse to waste my time trying to convince the individuals that I’m worthy. I’ve been through many challenges and yes there are some who just continue to supply more and more challenges. Some unwilling to accept that I’ve been chosen, selected, called etc. There are some who have challenged because they’re trying to get my attention. The will is within and I’m using my will power to get ahead.

“Light is Somewhere.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Remember the Movie & Song Lean on me??

How many can we depend on? It seems as though the very ones we may expect to depend on aren’t very dependable at all. Of course we shouldn’t be dependent upon individuals but when times are tough there should be at least one person we’re able to turn to. For some it may “appear” as if they’re all alone. Every person needs a good friend, a comforter, a person who’s willing to listen. Not all will take the time to be a good friend. There are some who will have conditions on their friendship.

To be able to lean on a person is a blessing. For so many they’ve been betrayed and no longer trust any individuals to be a friend or more. We should all trust at least one person and although it may be difficult to do due to past “experiences.” There has to be a point of trust. Not all are willing to put their trust in any person but after awhile we’ll find that there will be at least one willing to build a friendship. Some have lost so many friends along the way. Losing a good friend is difficult. Some friends are relatives as well.

What a reminder of a special cousin who was shot and killed. Of course he was considered more than a friend, cousin, he was like a brother. No sibling so the bond we “developed” was unbreakable. Just thinking about the smile he projected and how giving he was. So sad that his life was cut so short. It’s difficult to think that his presence here will never be again. The good memories are what keeps my days brighter. “To ask God why Such a Young Life was Taken so Soon Isn’t What God Would Want to Hear but I’ve Questioned Before.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Trying to hold back tears is one of the most difficult things to do. The lost seems to be as if it was yesterday. So that’s why we should cherish good friends and the ones who are near and dear. There are some of course who will betray and then we’ll want to just run away from their presence. My cousin was one I (Tanikka Paulk) could never turn away. “At least his memory will live on.” So many have left the same way my dear cousin left. So many relatives shot and killed but for what?

Cherishing every spoken word to the one’s we love is so important. Some nights are filled with thoughts it’s as if the tragedy happened recently. I’m still seeing his lifeless body laying in the casket as I (Tanikka Paulk) sat next to the casket unwilling to move. Not understanding how any can take a life and especially one so young. Some may say that time heals the wounds but there will be times when the emotions run deep. Perhaps some memory pops into our “memory” banks and then the tears roll down.

Some may never find a true earthly friend but at least there’s always God and His son Jesus Christ. When the troubles roll in there is hope, a time of in depth “prayer,” moments of silence. So many have spoken words in which can never be taken back and yes we’ll regret what was and may in the future be said but the important is taking the time to ask for forgiveness. Some have lost friendships because of misunderstandings and instilled ways. The good ones should be cherished.

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Poetic Expressions by: Tiki (Tanikka Paulk)

The Journey Continues

My journey certainly isn’t for everyone

There are some who simply shouldn’t come

Some aren’t welcomed because of their ways

There are some who just don’t understand exactly where Tiki is coming from

Too many try to be like me=(Tanikka Paulk)

Why can’t my gifts be shown freely?

No need to try and cause a cease

Too blessed to be released from the position that was given by God

Oh how so many can’t stand to see “growth”

For some they’ll just never know


No Time for Childish Games

No, no, no! Not going to give in to their childish ways

Trying to go where I’m going just won’t do

We all are given our own gifts to pursue

Why choose to do what I’m doing?

There should be joy surrounded by the elevation

For some they’ll continue to face adversities because they keep trying to attack me=(Tanikka Paulk)


Moving on Ahead With Peacefulness Within

So I’m continuing to move along and continuing to be oh so strong

Oh yes the challenges will come

No amount of adversities will cause that visionary to cease

There’s way too many who can’t handle having to follow

Even the Greats will have to follow at some point

There are the ones who can Lead and some who aren’t too pleased with their “Leadership.”

For some they’ll never gain the knowledge to be on top because of their cocky ways

Believe (Tanikka Paulk) will and that’s what I’m doing today.


Poet/Author’s Notes: Do not become discouraged when so many try to sabotage the journey. Unfortunately there’s so many who aren’t secure enough to just follow their own dreams. Too many end up tagging along on journey’s they shouldn’t be on. So many end up losing their inspiration because of what so many will do and have done. “be Determined and Continue to Incur the Blessings. Rises Should Occur.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

“Poetry at It’s Best” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially



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My Most Unforgettable Experiences in Rearing My Babies.

I have five children. The second are twins.I have four girls and the youngest is my only son. My husband was working abroad when they were babies.He stays two months with us but two years abroad.
When my oldest daughter was born, I decided to quit my job and became a full time mother and wife. She was only 5 months old when I got pregnant again to our second baby who happened to be twins. So when she was 7 months old,and my husband left again for work abroad, I decided to go to our hometown and lived with my parents.
Rearing children is not a joke. For me, it is the hardest job that a woman could have.I have many experiences in rearing them and there are some which I really cannot forget.
1. I prepare the twin’s milk while cuddling them in my both arms. I am right handed but I learned to cuddle a baby in my left arm when I had the twins.The nanny that I got stays during daytime, go home at five and is for the eldest only. So I was the one taking care of the twins. My parents were always out. They said they do not want to stay at home hearing the babies cry almost at the same time.
2. I sleep many nights while sitting or slumping on the floor with one of the twins sleeping on my lap. The twins always had high fever when they were babies. They became sickly when they were 2 months old until they reached the age of one year and two months.In times that they were sick, I can’t put them to bed because they will surely be awakened.My mother takes care of the other twins at night.
3. During times of brownouts or no electricity especially at night, I don’t sleep. I just sit on bed with my back leaning on the wall and endlessly fanning my children. They cannot sleep without the electric fan on.I cannot open the windows because it is dark outside and all you can see are trees around.
4.If they are awakened in wee hours, I have to cuddle them, dance them to sleep while my eyes close. I am too sleepy as well.I don’t want them to cry at night. I am afraid that bad spirits might hear them.
5. I cook and clean the house with the baby on my chest. Sometimes I use one hand in doing things. sometimes I use a baby carrier.

Now that they are grown – ups, I cannot imagine how I did those things.
I think I have sacrificed a lot to make them grow.
But now, I am happy seeing them as professionals and earning something for their future.

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Expressiveness Written on Digital Paper
February 9, 2017

Thoughts of Summer Rains

The rain pours down and the sounds aren’t often found

When the rains appear there’s great appreciation

Blessed to have rain in the summertime to cool and ease my mind

Oh what joy to hear the rain tapping against my window pane

The sensations all throughout

That’s what “Summer” rain is all about

Aren’t we all blessed to experience the sweet melodies from the rain?

Indeed we all are

Disappointment comes when the rain ceases

Another day the rain shall come

There’s the awaiting


Love my Skin

Love my skin God gave it to me

So grateful for the tone

Blessed to be me!

God created That skin

Feel good within

Some days the skin is smooth to the touch

Some days not so much

Either way I’m loving my skin

As there’s glances in the mirror

‘There’s a smile” because of what God has given me

Shouldn’t we love the skin God has given each one of us?

Loving, love, and embrace my skin


There’s Greater Ahead Just Hold on

Hold on, Hold on, Hold on Please Hear me

Just be patient and we’ll all see

There’s good even when it appears darkness has made its way in

Hold on and wait for greater

May come soon or may come later

Don’t fret and “don’t lose hope”

In time what shall be will be

Being able to wait is a gift in itself

No despair because greater awaits there

Moving along and “getting closer” and closer to a higher level

So just hold on and the good will surely come


(All Poetic Pieces Written by Tanikka Paulk)

Life can sometimes produce the unexpected. There’s a lot to deal with but nothing absolutely nothing experienced is too much to bare. Some may have patience and others may need to learn how to be patient. What we need we’ll receive the wants we’ll have to “work towards.” The good awaits. There won’t be all troubles but there will certainly be some troubling times. No need to be riddled with worry because the troubling times will pass.

Hope should always be in the mind we should surrounded by hope. Although it may be difficult to feel cheerful when there’s so much weighs upon our shoulders. Allow the experiences to just pass on through. Whether good or bad. The experiences can also help with achieving greatness. “Just enjoy what’s present and in the future there will be more, better, greater.”

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

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