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#MeToo Feminists Have Gone Rogue
February 19, 2018

Old-school feminists have begun echoing the voices of our male peers. Which is nothing strange, but cheering,  for  the conservative modern ear as the redemption of ‘men in the wilderness.’

Thank goodness! Our male friends are quite perplexed surrounding these #MeToo excitement.  We’ve seen it all before. We, of us who feel for our male allies. They’re worried, and are laughing at us at the same time, because they’re free of guilty and a lot of them demand that justice to knock right on their doorsteps. I agree and I throw a hug at them it need be anytime.

Bold. Louder. Relentless. Rather, the #MeToo  justice-challengers of the extremes have spelled out arguments calling out wrongful accusations on innocent men. The media buzzfeeds on mainstream rage demonizing the male counterpart continues.

Of course, we recognize this week’s outcry shouted out by Germaine Greer, U.K., challenging the delayed-reactionary #MeToo women who had undergone the horrifying leering sexual predators. The likes of Weistein should be punished and he shouldn’t get away with his evil deeds towards women who only wanted to further advance their careers in the showbiz–hoping, they wouldn’t have to “spread their legs and be nice to the Weinteins of Hollywood.” Annoying such  horrible human beings preying on women! Nevertheless, the likes of Bill Clinton while at the Oval Office, should be castrated and locked up for rape and use of his power.

The fight for the ‘Votes for Women. Chastity for Men’ dates back in the days of the 19th century suffragettes. They fought for political equality. And men knew better to control their sexual urges and be subject to women’s demand for respect and dignity. The good ‘ol days of genuine gentlemanliness and true femininnity with women!

She, Germaine Greer, bluntly told off women to directly and immediately do something by taking action at the time of caught-in-the-act of leering men, such as Harvey Weisntein and Bill Clinton– for the promises of million-dollar jobs in the movies and  or in politics.

So far, the ongoing #MeToo campaign has received applause in our society with increasing crowds of marchers, ‘blow-up- the-White-House’ sexually indifferent women. Protesting  that they speak for us, as sisters, telling us that victimhood is such a redemptive, safe place to be.  “Hang in there, gals! We have the money and power.”

But there are more women in need of standing up for– rallying for–such as women who aren’t as free and strong as these liberal feminists are. I remember the women who were gang-raped in Germany on New Years 2015-2016.  Shouldn’t we, sisters, be outraged for these real victims of sexual perpetrators and assault?

Let’s cut the BS crap that “all men are believed to be sexual jerks that lurk at every turn on women,” even among the morally decent men in our midst.

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