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LG smartphone gift review unlike nokia
April 4, 2017

LG smartphone gift review, here is a review for a phone that it is my first time to try or see.

Though im nokia phone fans, two days ago friend brought me a smartphone gift, it was golden LG smartphone, a brand I heard of but never try.  I really wss not happy at first, im loyal, it has a touch screens just like other phones

It was hard to open it, then was hard to find what option I want. it’s different than Nokia and it I lost, how to use it.


The good think when using lg a great battery life, though its not a top phone to me it is nice.

I like the removable battery it is practical in this way, just charge another battery and put it in the place of the old one an no have to hold more



5 inch screen

1.5GB ram

The internal storage is 16

The processr is octa

Phone is little thick, which is a feature I do not like even in nokia phone that I have, so why to use a phone that im not good in using if it has the thick size.

LG smartphone gift review

I heard its good phone but it has some complicated features and you need to search a lot to find the browsing, but for nokia all is fine and clear and simple even for kid to use it, I like the phone, but going go give it a a gift to family member in near occasion that is it the end of lg and back to nokai

Nokia was the frist time I used fones, in between I tried Samsung and though liked it I went back to my old phone and also tried iPhone and though looked nice, I was not feeling comfy using it and its processor, not sure if its old or just new complicated slow technolog.

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