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Nokia phone review, first phone ever
April 28, 2017

I bought nokia in 2002 was my first phone, small cute, to call and receive call which is enough for me, this nokia is just a basic phone with low resolution  I guess was 0.4 megapixels cam. The voice is good and ring tone great from this phone was really satisfactory but its sound recorder more than phone it was able to record bout 20 seconds feature but I no internet ability that time , it had 3.5 MB memory, nokia phone did have a Bluetooth that time. Nokia phone supported a limited number of games that time. The screen was really small ready background were limited


It was also cheap its price is 300 dollars. It did not support Wireless LAN or even 3G, there was also radio. Its built in

I was fascinated with its feature for the game . The battery life was so long, nokia made a phone with battery that sustain for 6 days or week maybe even. The keypad comes with backlit with white light for each button and were big enough to press comfortably. but never use browser service since that needs net. However, the I loved the design, its was orange and blue and pink in color, the keypad were strong and do not stuck like todays phones and resistant to wear. It did sustain lots of drops

Nokia is my favorite brand myabe because its my first phone, or maybe its true best brand ever, but now i prefer other phone only due to the net, other features are best in nokia, but the net serving is not something that i tried there with nokia, i have to say nokia prices are competitive and last long with kids mostly

It is great brand and i like it even if I use ohter phone for other features.

Nokia phone review, first phone ever

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LG smartphone gift review unlike nokia
April 4, 2017

LG smartphone gift review, here is a review for a phone that it is my first time to try or see.

Though im nokia phone fans, two days ago friend brought me a smartphone gift, it was golden LG smartphone, a brand I heard of but never try.  I really wss not happy at first, im loyal, it has a touch screens just like other phones

It was hard to open it, then was hard to find what option I want. it’s different than Nokia and it I lost, how to use it.


The good think when using lg a great battery life, though its not a top phone to me it is nice.

I like the removable battery it is practical in this way, just charge another battery and put it in the place of the old one an no have to hold more



5 inch screen

1.5GB ram

The internal storage is 16

The processr is octa

Phone is little thick, which is a feature I do not like even in nokia phone that I have, so why to use a phone that im not good in using if it has the thick size.

LG smartphone gift review

I heard its good phone but it has some complicated features and you need to search a lot to find the browsing, but for nokia all is fine and clear and simple even for kid to use it, I like the phone, but going go give it a a gift to family member in near occasion that is it the end of lg and back to nokai

Nokia was the frist time I used fones, in between I tried Samsung and though liked it I went back to my old phone and also tried iPhone and though looked nice, I was not feeling comfy using it and its processor, not sure if its old or just new complicated slow technolog.

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Revival of Nokia 3310 with mega upgrade 41MP PureView camera

Nokia 3310 was dubbed as the most successful phone of all time which sold more than 125 million units. thanks to a group of Nokia fanatics this handset are brought back from the ashes.

Staying near-true to the original design, the Nokia 3310 with PureView will add a 41MP PureView camera with Zeiss optics and Xenon flash, and will run a modified version of Windows Phone 8 to fit the unique ‘ClearDiamond’ three-inch touch screen.

To power the next-gen operating system and class-leading camera, Nokia engineers have achieved the unthinkable, scaling down a dual-core processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB of on-board storage into a case that mimics the original size (113 x 48 x 22mm) and weight (133g).

A side-mounted MicroSD card slot offers additional storage expansion. The first devices will rollout with 3G connectivity while LTE-equipped devices will follow later in the year.

With a nostalgic nod to yesteryear, the Nokia 3310 with PureView comes pre-loaded with four games – Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact and Bantumi -, a currency converter and original monophonic ringtones.



Height: 113 mm
Width: 48 mm
Thickness: 22 mm
Weight: 133 g

Display and User Interface

Display size: 3-inch ‘ClearDiamond’
Display resolution: WXGA (1280 x 768)
Display features: Brightness control, Nokia Glance screen, Refresh rate 60 Hz, Sunlight readability enhancements, Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, PureMotion HD+, Sculpted glass, Wide viewing angle
Display colors: TrueColor (24-bit/16M)
Touch screen technology: Super sensitive touch
Sensors: Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Barometer,
Gyroscope, Magnetometer

Keys and Input Methods

User Input: Touch + Softkey
Operating keys: Volume keys, Camera key, Power/Lock key, Microsoft Home, Navigation keys.


SIM card type: Micro SIM
Charging connectors: Micro-USB
AV connectors: 3.5 mm audio connector
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi: WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
Network: 3G


Battery capacity: 1430 mAh
Battery voltage: 3.7 V
Removable battery: Yes
Wireless charging: No


Processor type: Dual-core 1.5 GHz


User data storage: In device
Mass memory3: 32 GB
Free cloud storage: 7 GB


Primary camera sensor size: 41 MP, PureView
Camera Focus Type: Auto focus
ZEISS optics: Yes
Sensor size: 1/1.5 inch
Main camera f-number/aperture: f/2.2
Camera focal length: 26 mm
Camera minimum focus range: 15 cm
Camera image formats: JPEG
Camera Flash Type: Xenon flash
Flash operating range: 4.0 m
Flash modes: Off, Automatic, On

Image capturing

Capture modes: Video, Still
Scene modes: Automatic, Sports, Night
White balance modes: Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Daylight, Automatic
Light sensitivity: Automatic, ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, ISO 1600, ISO 3200


Camera video resolution: 1080p (Full HD, 1920 x 1080)
Camera video frame rate: 30 fps
Camera video zoom: 6 x
Video playback frame rate: 30 fps

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