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December 21, 2017


Earn Money by Solving Captchas/Recaptchas at 2captcha.com

This is my number 1 pick aside from other Captcha to Pay Website because this website has a great customer service, they are answering their customers and workers questions in their Facebook page immediately, other than that, you can feel that they are really trying their best to improve their software for the workers to solve Captchas faster

This is how you can start working with 2captcha.com:

1.Register an account using this link https://2captcha.com/?from=4849302
2.After you registered, click the START WORK at the options above
3.Clear or finish the tutorial or test to start working and GET PAID!
4.For the payment click the Payout button above and choose your mode of payment (webmoney, Payza, Perfect Money, BITCOIN, advcash) they will inform you of when are you going receive the payment for your service.

Note: if you have any problems regarding their website, software or your payment please ask them in this Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/2captcha/

 The other websites are Kolatibablo and Protypers/Megatypers.com
Same with the process in working with 2captcha.com you need to register an account and do their tutorial to start working .Click these websites to start working on the other 3 websites that I have said:

Kolatibablo: https://kolotibablo.com/main/home

Protypers/Megatypers: http://www.megatypers.com/

The reason I still said those two websites is for you to have other options aside from 2captcha.com in case something bad happened to the service of 2captcha.com



Now lets go to another way in earning money online, are you having fun or addicted in lottery? do you want to get some tickets without investing your money to win in a lottery? here are some websites that really pays real money using your paypal account.

Earn Money by watching YouTube Videos (Registration is FREE/use your Facebook account to log in)

You can earn money online in many ways like, solving captcha, providing services as a freelancer, answering some surveys and many more, now I’m going to teach you how to earn money online by watching YouTube Videos the name of the website or app is Snuckls and Baymack.

These are the steps on how to earn through Snuckls/Baymack

1.Go to their website using this links:
For Snuckls: https://www.snuckls.com/axel297
For Baymack: https://www.baymack.com/axel189
Then Click OK.

2.Find the option above and click on sign in with Facebook.

3.After those steps you can finally work on it! Go to the homepage of the site and click Enter Draw, it is like a lottery, more entry more chances of winning.

4.To transfer your earned money to your PayPal Account you need at least two referrals with only at least 1 entry on the draw each. You can persuade your relatives to join and help them earn also. 2 referrals is not that hard  and by that referrals you can also earn up to 50% of their earnings using the website.

Note: The transaction of money from the website to your account will take 1-3 days, just be patient it will pay you I guarantee. Thank you, Happy Earning everyone.

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